Innovation is my rescuer
Boiled these black eyed beans after soaking them overnight.
Added whatsoever was available at work
No salt added no fat added.. Happy go lucky salad but was so filling that I skipped lunch... Yayyyyy
And read it somewhere.. You gotta eat spicy to mess with your metabolism to speed it up
N I love the spice
Counting calories was not easier than this
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Happy & healthy morning to all of you 😍 have all the nutrients don't starve eat more vegetables if you can't dn atleast avoid junk food & fizzy drinks as these days this is what I m doing as with daily chores & toddler to look after I hardly get time to prepare separate meals for myself but I try to avoid junk food & fizzy drinks only homemade food but but of cheating 😎 but InshAllah i will be back on track so guys keep motivating each others toward healthy life style #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthymeal #healthystart #instaweightlossinfluncer #vegetablelover #instafitmama #eatinmoderation #pakistaniweightlossblogger #protein #sabskworld #healthysnacks #loveyourself #weightlossmotivation #notofizzydrinks #homemadefood #treatyourselfwithrightfood #stayhealthy

Day 21-
Even tho it isn’t Flex 💪🏻 Friday I had to flex in this picture with my Chase Elliot T-shirt on before heading to the race tonight. Plus I had to make sure that I still had my guns 💪🏻 and I do. Can’t wait to get back home and finally get back to the gym and finish #transphormation challenge and finish it strong.
I think I’ve been eating pretty good on this trip ate a lot of veggies and had some chicken 🍗 as well. So can’t complain keeping it in moderation is key 🔑 to be honest with ya. You have to have fun when your on vacation and eat good food as well. So have fun and don’t have any worries and live in the moment loves and get back to the gym and eating healthier when you get back, love you 😘 my SugarPlums
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If we could tell you what all Cashews do, you’d be surprised! With all these benefits, start cashing up on cashews. Variety available on www.wonderlandfoods.in
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Want to lose Weight?
Stop the Diet now!

Dieting prevents us from trusting the inherent wisdom of our body.
By randomly and artificially limiting our intake of food, going 'hungry', or eating only select foods - we ignore our body's most basic signals - #hunger, #craving and #fullness

The body interprets chronic low-calorie dieting as starvation and slows down the #metabolism. - isn't this the exact opposite of what you set out to achieve?

Food restriction triggers intense food cravings and when we go off the diet, our bodies retain more fat for the next starvation phase - so basically your fat percentage keeps going up.

Constantly restricting your food intake is sure to lead to a #binge, sooner or later.

Studies show that yo-yo dieting leads to an increased risk of #heartdisease and diets lower than 800 calories can lead to #gallstones.

Show yourself and your body some love - get off your diet wagon FOREVER and eat everything - sensibly and in moderation

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43 years in the making (on the eve of my bday🎂🎉)...found these old pictures of me from 2002 and I am thrilled to say, 16.5 years later (and 2 kids), I’m more proud of my body than I was then (26). 💪🏼(swipe left)💪🏼
My body is a product of daily movement, eating in moderation and quick, simple exercises (lunges, running/walking, push-ups, sit-ups and Coach Tim’s 11-Min routine Coach Tim Adams).
Nothing I do is groundbreaking, nor does it require a lot of time or a gym...just constant care and effort when no one is watching.

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I don’t label my food choices, because labeling is what started my eating disorder back when I was a teenager.
Honestly, I have tried a bazillion different diets.
You name it, I tried it.
In my personal experience, calling a restrictive way of eating a “lifestyle” was an excuse for me to continue my disordered behaviours with food.
All diets or “lifestyles” led to the same outcome for me:
My body got very very thin for a while, I was OBSESSED with food and with keeping my weight off and I secretly struggled with binge eating.
Then I’d put some weight back on, freak out and go on another “lifestyle diet”, hoping that this one would finally heal me... It never did.
I stay away from any labels when it comes to food.
I eat food that feels good in my body and I don’t care which diet somebody is on.
I used to feel triggered when diet talk happened around me.
I’d think: “ooh, maybe I should try this intermittent fasting thing/this keto thing/this paleo thing/this sugar detox thing!” Spoiler alert: I tried it all, it was never right for my body and it only perpetuated the cycle of disordered eating.
Everyone’s body is different and what works for aunt Meredith or Susan from work might not work for you. 🙈
Also, chances are that 5 years from now, aunt Meredith and Susan from work won’t be on this “lifestyle diet” anymore either, because there will be some new miracle lifestyle diet out there 😆 .
PS: I’ve posted a similar photo like this a few months back without my handle in it and I’ve seen it reposted and floating around on Insta multiple times, so I wanted to re-post it because it’s so near and dear to my heart ❤️ feel free to repost and share if it resonates with you and tag me in it so I can see it and say hi 🤗
Lastly, I know that some people HAVE to be on a restrictive diet due to health reasons and that is why “eating what feels good in our bodies” applies to everyone in my opinion 😊 happy Monday!! .
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Feeling like your days race by and you are always rushing from one thing to the next?⠀
Maybe you've started building a business or are managing a big team, and with a million things to get done in a day, the last thing you are wanting to do is "waste" time sitting down to eat.⠀
But if you're wanting to improve your eating habits, that's exactly what you need to be doing!⠀
One of the first things I get women to work on when it comes to their nutrition is EATING SLOWLY. ⠀
Slowing down and eliminating distractions (ahem, put that cell phone down) to actually smell and taste your food is so so important!⠀
It's almost impossible to know what your body is trying to tell you (is it hungry, full or somewhere in between) if you're eating at lightning speed and never taking the time to actually check-in with your body.⠀
So try one of these tips at your next meal to help yourself slow down:⠀

1⃣ Put your utensils down between bites⠀
2⃣ Take a sip of water after every few bites or⠀
3⃣ Use a timer, and work to increase the length of your meals⠀
Learn and practice how to eat slowly, and watch yourself feel more satisfied with your meals, snacking less and more in tune with your body.⠀
Which tip will you be trying you today?!⠀
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It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes delicious!!!! 🤤🤤🤤😋😍😍😍 I’m not over exaggerating this is really good!!! Sooooooo good!!!! I hope you all have an incredible day today 💛#veganlife🌱#veganlifestyle#veganbody#veganbodybuilder#veganhealthandfitness#eatinghealthytolivelonger#eatwhatyoulove#strengthwithinme#strengthisbeauty#sweetpotatoesarelife🍠#eatinmoderation

made birthday brekky for my dad (and mum) the other day ❤️

Day 19-
Good morning babes, Had an amazing sleep last night, at this beautiful KOA which had a pool and EVERYTHING, make sure your subscribed so you can see what I’m talking about loves. But we had to leave and now we are finally on the road to Bristol Tennessee. First race tonight at 8:30pm which is the Trucks
So should be another Fun day and hopefully get actual food 🍇🍉 into my system. Going to drink my Greens on the way to Bristol already have them made and put in the Fridge to stay cold and also have my @vitalproteins in it as well to get added protein in today. So I’m all set and prepared to have some good drinks and good food all in moderations
Just get your greens in 🥑🥝🥒🍉 and eat right and not over do it you will be fine and just enjoy the vacation and the time away from your jobs and normal life’s. Take chances and live to the fullest, promise you will love life better it’s all about balance loves.

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