Let’s get down & dirty! 😉 These Zan-Zan Bao And Strawberry 🍓 Teas are debuting today @sunmerryhappylemon so go snatch some of these delicious treats, and let’s get CHOCOLATE 🍫 WASTED!!!

📍: @sunmerryhappylemon | 500 N Atlantic Blvd, Ste 112, Monterey Park, CA 91754
🥐: Zan-Zan Bao (aka Dirty Buns) | crispy croissant filled with chocolate cream & dusted with cocoa powder
🥤: Choice of Green 💚 or Black 🖤 Tea w/ Fresh Strawberry 🍓 chunks & your choice of lychee jelly or sea salt cheese (the drinks that are shown in this picture are all with sea salt cheese, my personal fave!)

Thank you for hosting @sunmerryhappylemon & @misspiggieeats! 💕

Because 1 ice cream cone is never enough 🍦🍦

When your boyfriend doesn’t drink alcohol, but he’s a caffeine addict so he buys a coffee frappe @draisbeachclub...with our table service money 😂😂😂

When you need some spice in your life 🔥🔥🔥

📍: @drilldicecream
🍦: Hot Cheetos Ice Cream

Carne Asada FRIES-Day! 🍟

I always crave carne asada fries, and I think I found my go-to spot! Find this mountain ⛰ of fries @eagles.tacos! 🤗😋

📍: @eagles.tacos | 1930 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041
🍟: al pastor carne asada fries

“In a galaxy far far away...” 🖤🖤🖤

📍: @baelittletokyo
🍩: galaxy 🌌 donut

Yesterday’s post was all about chicken, so today’s post is all about duck. 🐤

📍: Savoy Kitchen | Alhambra
🍕: BBQ Smoked Duck Pizza
💭: Tastes exactly like a BBQ chicken pizza. 😋

@daveshotchicken has some bomb chicken sandwiches & chicken tenders 💣.

&& let me tell you, they are serious about their spices...especially their REAPER 💀 chicken tenders, I took one bite and it literally blew my mind 🔥🤯 eat that at your own risk ⚠️. Their chicken were super moist and flavorful as well as their sides, and I just love me some hot chicken! 😋

At Dave’s there are spicy levels starting at 0 - REAPER 🔥💀
My tray of food consists of:
- Kale Slaw
- Mac N’ Cheese
- Chicken Tenders
- Fries
- Chicken Sandwiches

If you’re like me and can’t do the rosé, then go to @cauldronicecream for some FROSÉS! 😉 🍧

You can get your FROSÉS from 4️⃣ different flavors:
- The Cauldron 🍯
- Sun ☀️ Stars ✨ & Moon 🌙
- Pine🍍apple Express
- Earl Grey Lavender 💜

Btw, if you like the watch ⌚️ I’m wearing...you can get yourself one from @KLASSE14. Use "eatingwithdiana" as the discount code when visiting @KLASSE14 website to get 12% off. Also with Mother’s Day right around the corner...purchase a watch for mother’s day and receive a coin bag as a promotion gift.
Use the discount code ”klasse14mothersday” and receive a mother’s day gift box.
#KLASSE14 #OrdinarilyUnique

Happy SATAYday! Hope everyone is having a great week, please STICK around and see what I’ll be eating next! 🤗

📍: @rinjani_la
🍢: chicken | lamb | tofu | tempeh
“Look at all that #PeanutSauce!”

Matcha 🍵 overload!!! Go check out @wheatshop in Pasadena for pastries & drinks! Thank you, for having me! 🤗

📍: @wheatshop
🍴: matcha croissant | matcha tiramisu | matcha shortbread cookies
💬: the CROISSANTS 🥐 are my personal fave! 😋

I don’t think you understand HUMMUS I love this. Just look at how gorgeous this plate is! It can’t get any BREAD-er than this! 😍

📍: @cafepinot
🌈: hummus & bread

I stumbled upon this aesthetically cute place, @eat.panasia, a few days ago and their desserts are 👌🏼.

📍: @eat.panasia
💜: organic taro coconut smoothie
🍚: mango sticky rice w/ coconut milk

It’s not Tuesday, but let’s TACO bout’ it and make it taco Thursday too! Cause you can never have enough tacos! 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

I got to check out @eagles.tacos and I think it’s gonna be my new go-to taco spot! 🤗

📍: @eagles.tacos | 1930 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041
🌮: al pastor | chicken | carnitas | carne asada

📍: @blueribbonfc | Las Vegas Strip
🥪: the blue ribbon | cheesy 🧀 supreme | the rancher
🥣: mac n’ cheese | cole slaw
💬: have you guys tried Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken before?

Thank you, @countryarcher for these amazing beef jerky snacks. During our travel to see Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend we had some minor bumps in the road and didn’t get a chance to eat and fuel ourselves before going sight seeing. We had these delicious flavored beef jerky to get us through our loooooong 8+ hour drive, and now I’m obsessed. 😋 🖤 #GrassFedIsBetter #CountryArcherJerky

When you go to @draisbeachclub, get bottle service, && orders their plate of nachos... #YOLO 🙌🏼

💬: But I’m not gonna lie, these are probably the best nachos ever! (not sure they’re the best cause we were drunk or cause they really are the best lol)

with love, from bae 🖤

I’d like you all to meet my #ManCrushMonday & #BAE. On the left we have activated charcoal pine🍍apple vanilla, & on the right we have earl grey fruity 🌈 pebbles. Get you a man that will never disappoint! 😍

Thank you, @baelittletokyo for having me! 💕

My favorite kind of puffs are cream puffs 😉 specifically from @sunmerryhappylemon.

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