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I have a pretty fond relationship with nutella and fruit. Love it with my bananas and strawberries. Well recently I discovered eating it with granny Smith apples! Oh how my world has changed. Sure there might be a little too much nutella on my plate according to some, but it's better then the chips that my husband and kiddo were craving!
What's your favorite thing to pair with nutella?
#14weeksprego #eatingsmarter #dueinjuly #nutella #lovemynutella

What a brilliant idea from @mealpreponfleek. Starbucks bistro boxes are ~$6, but if you make your own, it comes out to about $2 per box!

Lunch prep!! It might not be perfect to Mom's recipe... But it's a damn good attempt at multi Shepard Pies!! Nom nom. #gayscancook #foodprep #eatingsmarter #momsrecipe

Zee meal prep for days! Shrimp stir fry with peppers, asparagus and carrots. Some chicken with green beans. Sweet potaters in the mix and of course my greek yogurt mixture of yumminess. And a large salad that still needs chicken ontop. #failtopreparepreparetofail #eatingsmarter #healthy #cleaneats #teamnewman

Post workout lunch at my desk. It was so very yummy! Pumpkin, chicken, chickpeas and quinoa what more could you want? #250kchallenge #transformation #healthyfood #healthyfoodporn #eatingsmarter @bodybuildingcom

Flora's food facts: Eat more veggies every day for a healthier body and more #CrackedCandy for a happier you! #sugarfree #diabeticcandy #eatingsmarter http://ow.ly/GBbw307vv0K

It's a fajita salad kind of night! #nochips 😳 #fajitasalad #eatingsmarter 🌶🍴

I love having a personal chef!! 🍤🍴Orange ginger shrimp, garlic seasoned asparagus and fresh blueberries!! #itswhatsforlunch #myhubbyisjoboptional #eatingsmarter

Love this alternative to white spaghetti! Tastes so much better too!
#babysteps #eatingsmarter #healthieroptions #veganoptions


What a brilliant idea from @mealpreponfleek. Starbucks bistro boxes are ~$6, but if you make your own, it comes out to about $2 per box!

Double tap if you did some meal prep over the weekend! 😍 Repost from @mad_about_food.

Chef Thomas of @gobbleinc and the production team from @newrevmedia strategizing their shoot for the day. They booked our space via @peerspace .
Gobble prepares farm fresh 15-minute gourmet dinner kits with 3-step instructions ... It's fresh meals with minimal time and minimal cleanup!.
#healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthyeats #preparedmeals #eatingsmart #eatingsmarter #onepanmeal #goodeats #madeinpeerspace

Choked on a carrot in real life today, so that was fun.
#healthyeatingwillliterallykillme #babycarrotofdeath

Truly humbled to have won Mr Sleek 2017 last night! 2 stone down now, with more to go.... #slimmingworld #mrsleek2017 #awards #weightloss #feelingbetter #notdieting #eatingsmarter #photography #photographer #photographersoninstagram

My work has a great little market to purchase snacks, treats, and food from.
Today I stood in there, staring at the candy. I even picked up some Reese's cups.
I stood there a little longer, just staring at the candy in my hand. I set it back and grabbed a small container of Mandarin Oranges and cottage cheese.
Small victories. ✊🏻🍊

SMOOTHIE OBSESSED 💚😜 I’m always on the run, needing something I can make and eat in less then five minutes or take with me to eat in the car or on the train. These have been perfect and pack a serious punch for your breaky! Full of fruit and veg, these usually keep me running happily until about 11:30-12 and I drink them at 6:30am. Can ya go wrong?

THE FOOD BITS: (For standard green smoothie, I have different ones most days)
- Frozen smoothie cubes (blended kale, spinach leaves, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries) I add 2 large or 4 small.
- 150ml of coconut water or normal water if you can’t afford coconut.
- 1 banana (get the cals up!)
- Big handful of baby spinach leaves - 1 teaspoon of morlife alkalising greens
- 1 Kiwi fruit no skin
- Handful of Blueberries

1. I make the night before and leave overnight but you can make in the morning if you have time! If doing overnight add normal ice cubes before blending.
2. Blend until smooth if you’ve got a bad blender just let it blend for a little longer!
Enjoy xx

After several weeks of eating cheezels for breakfast, pigging out on shared lunches at work and having absolutely NO self control over my eating habits i'm left feeling like absolute CRAP 😩. It's all well and good saying "enjoy it while you can" "you have an excuse, you're pregnant" well NO 🙅🏻 not if it's now making me feel physically unwell, so here goes...day 1 of making a conscious decision to eat healthier ☝️wish me luck friends!!! #eatingsmarter #cleaneating #gettingmyenergyback #isitbedtimeyet 😴

Lemon 🍋Pepper Grilled Salmon🐟, Sticky Rice 🍚, Sautéed Spinach🌱, Pineapple Habanero 🌶 Sauce (not in photo), and sliced Pineapple. 🍍
This dish was SO delicious!! Light, and refreshing with the citrus flavors. And the salmon was grilled on a Cast Iron Grill Pan which perfectly grilled the fish. 👌🏼

Some days the yummiest things are simple and comforting.
Today's Lunch:
Organic White Cheddar Mac & Cheese, Organic peas and carrots, & ground sausage. I made it for Everly and she wasn't a fan, so Meech and I enjoyed this tasty lunch together 😋

Dreaming💭💭💭 of this vibrant 🌈fajita bowl 🥙for dinner while planning our grocery list and new recipes to try. This fajita bowl is definitely gonna be a repeat but with a twist. 😏😜
Any tips or tricks you'd recommend while we plan our next grocery haul and pick new recipes or foods to try? Any new baking projects you'd like to see? 😃

Today's Adventure (1 of 2):
Honey 🍯Glazed Salmon 🐟 with Cauliflower Veggie Fried Rice 😋
This was our first time making cauliflower fried rice and we decided to go all out and pack it full of veggies! We used fresh cauliflower and decided to "rice it up" (as I said 😂) at home instead of buying the pre-made freezer pack. Welllllll let's just say that was great and all but frozen pre-riced cauliflower will be in our future 😜🤷🏻‍♀️. I learned how to put together a food processor, thanks to Meech, and it turned out absolutely delicious! So much so in fact our oldest asked for THIRDS. Our cauliflower veggie fried rice had: Onion, Bell Peppers (yellow and orange), Frozen Organic Carrots and Peas, riced Mushrooms, Cauliflower (of course 🤣), Egg, minced Garlic, Soy Sauce, and Organic Coconut Oil. And this meal was 100% meal Plan Approved, and just good enough to allow a little room for tonight's dessert 😉🙃

One thing I can't resist at this time of year is the amazing #blackandwhitedrizzlecorn that #samsclub carries every year! This year, instead of eating straight from the bag... Sometimes the whole bag in one day🙈🙉🙊... I measured 1 cup (5SP) and mixed it with 2 cups #skinnypop (2SP) ===7SP for this! I went over 1 point for the day, but it's worth it to deduct from my weeklies! .
#popcorn #chocolate #wwteachers #wwsisterhood #wwsupport #wwmoms #wwdivas #weightwatchers #smartpoints #itrackbites #continuingmyjourney #imnotdone #determined #focused #healthierchoices #eatingsmarter #dinner #dessert

Today's Baking Adventure:

Healthy Double Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies 🍫🍪
These soft and chewy cookies have minimal ingredients, no artificial ingredients, high protein, are EXTRA chocolatey, and GLUTEN FREE! I was so surprised that they were gluten free and the recipe I whipped up after doing some research (you will soon figure out we are a couple of food nerds 🤓) ended up being so healthy and I can even improve on the health factor and add dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet. So far they have been a win in the girls and I's opinion. Emme can't get enough of them 😊😋

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