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Cutie is working 8pm to 8am for a few days, which means going to bed in the new house alone 😕 Luckily, he got me some cupcakes so I can eat my feelings. .
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Tonight we are staying in bed and nothing will make us go outside! ☝️
Thanks @gaelle_vp for the comfy pic

When you are the aunt it is your privilege and right to break all the rules. 😈
#chocolatecakefordinner #eatinginbed #tvbeforebedtime

nadszedł ten czas,gdy oprócz kocyka i jedzenia już nic nie może nas uratować
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I'm thrilled to be living with this human. We have 2 beds, one for sleeping and one for eating. #fushimiinari #eatinginbed #cuddle #bamboo #bamboo

Finishing off an amazing night with a late night kebab 😼 #eatinginbed #sydney


Had to cross back over #Geary for a #slice of #pepperonipizza with #blackolives #yum #foodporn A HUGE, DELIGHTFUL SLICE!!! 🙏🏻💚

My favourite kind of bedtime snack! Yum! 😍
#nightsnack #healthysnacks #eatinginbed

Super cool day at @ideafit Conference! Last class, @brian_a_nunez and @chrisfreytag kicked our butts in "Epic Team Training". Came back to the room to find @rxbar left me some treats 😁
#ideaworld #itsthesmallthings #amusebouche #fitness #eatinginbed #recovery

I've never been a fan of Australian wines (seriously most of them are garbage) but this is actually pretty decent. Was on sale at work, and I got $2 back from one of my apps, so for $9 I can't complain. Today was absolute shit and now I will relax, eat pizza and watch 'My Scientology Movie.'
#Notbeer #wine #fucktoday #leftoverpizza #netflixandchill #foreversingle #eatinginbed #yestherespineappleonit #fightme

@munchery to your street = treat in the sheets

Das Gefühl nach der Arbeit und dem Sport mit einer leckeren Mahlzeit im Bett liegend den Bauch vollzuschlagen - unbezahlbar. Für alles andere gibt es Mastercard 😜 #eatinginbed #whynot #pasta #veggies #gesundundso #feierabendstimmung #chillen😎

Couldnt help but share my lazy dinner in bed. It was unbelievableee! Carrot salad with sweet corn, onion and mint, prepared and delivered by my lovely aunty. Sandwich using seed and nut bread with cucumber and dairy free cheese by yours truly! Amazing. So full!! Picture not so great, but eating it was more important 😂😂 #lazyvegan #dinner #eatinginbed #thanksauntie #carrotsalad #sweetcorn #seedbread #dairyfree #cheese

Salutations from Bed Eater! I am full of energy lately, and I’ll tell you why. I started incorporating what they call “good fats” into my diet! I know what you’re thinking: fat is bad. But you have it all wrong! Fat is good! You may have heard words like “omega” and “polyunsaturated” thrown around. I’m still not sure what all that means, but I do know that you should fill your diet with fatty foods like coconut oil, nuts, and AVOCADO! ⠀
What I’m Eating: Avocado Toast⠀
There’s a new food trend in town, and its name is Avocado Toast. Not only does it allow me to indulge in good fats, but avocado toast is aesthetically the most beautiful food I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.⠀
If you aren’t already familiar, avocado toast is the revolutionary new way to eat. Start with a piece of toast (dealer’s choice) and a nice avocado (I find that the harder the avocado, the greener, and therefore the most beautiful). Simply spread the avocado on the toast and top it with whatever. I keep my avocado toast plain in the name of purity. You should too.⠀
HOT TIP: To fully, religiously connect with your avocado toast, make a face mask by mixing up the avocado and spreading it onto your face. After a few minutes, use a fresh piece of toast to exfoliate your skin. Take a look in the mirror: you’re beautiful!⠀
What I’m Wearing: Gustavo LePain ⠀
Last year, my Bed Eater blog earned me an invitation to Paris Fashion Week, where I was introduced to the work of internationally-acclaimed European fashion designer, Gustavo LePain. I was immediately shaken by his beautiful and haunting works of art. His Petit Jambon line will forever be burnt into my brain. Naturally, I was honored when Gustavo LePain created a one of a kind piece just for this post. Thanks Gustavo!

🌑🦉Late night eating is the tits 🍕🍕🌙

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