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Enjoying the summer sun and embracing my thick thighs and self harm scars, no shame in healing. Wearing @fashionnovacurve (use code aliss for $$ off) ❤️❤️

No matter what people tell you.
No matter who doesn't accept you.
No matter what size you are.
No matter what shape you are.
No matter what gender you associate with.
No matter what your sexuality is.
No matter what color you are.
No matter what religion you practice.
No matter how much money you have.
No matter where you live.
No matter what your past is.
No matter what your present is.
No matter what your future will be.
No matter what your physical abilities are.
No matter if you love yourself.
No matter if you hate yourself.
No matter who you are.
That is not up for debate.

Anorexia. A monster that's always been living inside you but waits to attack you until it finds the right moment: when you are at yor weakest. Once it awakens, it starts to slowely and silently eat you from inside. You aren't even aware of it, you might get stomach aches, you might lose appetite, you might get a wrong body image of yourself. Whatever it is that anorexia does to you (there are different kinds of these monsters), you feed her by losing weight. It grows and grows until it's strong enough to control your mind and your actions, strong enough to destroy you. You cannot escape it, it's too strong and you're just a tiny weak thing on the ground, unable to fight against it. The less you weight, the bigger it grows. You feel worthless and the idea of fading away doesn't even feel that bad anymoe, no one wants to live with such a monster inside themselves. Anorexia is such a strong and powerful monster and it's almost impossible to escape that vicious cycle she puts you in. Food, calories, weight. Planning, controlling, restricting. That's all that matters. It's horrible. It's painful. It's tiring. It's draining. You want to escape. But you can't.
That's exactly how I felt/feel about anorexia. It's a monster inside you. But I'm here to give you hope. There is a chance to get better, to get healthy! I really really advice you to go to hospital/clinic first so that you're actually forced to gain weight. The illness inside you just can't do anything against that. Once you're at a more acceptable weight, recovery might be easier. You need to fight. You need to put effort in it. You need to feed yourself in order to destroy that monster. The less you weight the more it grows BUT the healthier you get the more it shrinks! Please never ever give up, it is possible, find motivation to fight that monster and beat her! I know you can do it if I could do it!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 (to those who think its' photoshop, go and educate yourself, it's time to know about such illnesses, everything else is embarrassing!)

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A year ago recovery was horrific. I cried everyday, I hated my growing body and yet I was still tiny and so so physically unwell.
I'm still in recovery but now my recovery feels different. Today my recovery feels natural, I don't always look in the mirror and love my body (who does) but I'm comfortable in my skin, I'm proud of my body and I love myself for everything I am.
#recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarrior #bodypositive #bodyimage #strongnotskinny #girlswholift #transformation #fit #fitfam #fitgirl #fitness #fitgirls #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation

Roasted chicken! Entah kenapa kalau makan ini rasanya kepengen comot terus, anw yg di ujungnya itu saos kayak asem pedes manis, jadi ayamnya kudu dicocol pake saos ituu, tapi aku sih lebih suka kalau ayamnya aja 😆 #jktinstafood
📍 @boatnoodleindo
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In both of these photos I am suicidal.
Just because I have make up on, doesn't mean I don't have depression. I can multi task 💅🏻
Stop presuming that the only way to look when you have depression, is to be crying in the bath with no make up on and greasy, unwashed hair.
Mental illness can affect A N Y B O D Y.
Any race, and religion, any size, any sexuality, and gender, anywhere. IT DOES NOT CARE.
Stop telling people to cheer up, to count their blessings and please PLEASE stop saying that we could have it worse.
We already feel guilty enough.
To anybody dealing with depression and the stigma that comes with it., I am with you.
I believe you.
Your feelings are valid.
You are incredible.
You will get through this.
WE, will get through this.
Together ❤️

Banana Nutella - Bananugget
📍Ruko Taman Palem Lestari Blok A 30a No 29, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat
📝 Ini nih yang lagi happening banget sekarang, @bananugget_jkt! Ini pisang yang digoreng pake tepung nugget gitu yang dikasih berbagai macam topping sesuai selera kita, dan ini gue pesen yang nutella! Aseli, nutellanya ga pelit, kalian bisa liat sendirikan betapa menggiurkannya pisang ini. Bikin kepengen terus!
Ps: satu kotak ga cukup guys!
HIF: @ignatiusdarien
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Shared by @udahdiperut
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unsure what this face is so just ignore it, okay

My new bikini came in the mail today and I was super excited to try it on! Even after a full day of eating, a couple weeks of not working out, and being bloated I was like YAS, let's do this 👙
buuuuuut let's be realistic, I'm not gonna be sitting on the beach looking like picture 1 but picture 2 is a bit more realistic, ya know?
But that's okay. My body is meant to squish and change when I move.

For the longest time I thought I had to be a certain size to be confident in a bathing suit. Man, was I wrong 🙅

I'm happy and content with things right now. I'm just living and not worrying about every little thing.
It has taken me 22 years but I'm glad I've found my peace.
I'm also glad that I've found a peace in knowing that not everything will be perfect and that's okay.
Be kind to yourself.

Summer is almost over. Don't miss out on the things you do want to do.
⭐️ suit from @aerie


lunch🍴var en rödbetsbiff 🍠 med ris 🍚 rivna morötter🥕tzatziki 🥒och ett glas mjölk🥛

frukost var #havregrynsgröt 🌾med en kanna mjölk🥛

One of my kids has been having trouble sleeping which means I haven't gotten much sleep either the past two nights. But onward I go!! Go, go, go. ✌🏻

"Avere coraggio significa decidere di vincere.
Senza coraggio, la saggezza pratica non basta.
Solo sconfiggendo un potente nemico si puo’ dimostrare il proprio valore. Ognuno di noi ha dentro di se' il suo potente nemico, il suo problema fondamentale, quello da cui hanno origine tutte le sue sofferenze.
Non rifugiatevi in cio' che vi riesce facile, mettetevi alla prova.
Senza la decisione interna di vincere, ci si puo' trascinare dietro un problema per anni.
Quando un problema emerge nella nostra vita, all'inizio tendiamo ad affrontarlo con spirito combattivo, appassionandoci alla lotta; ma dopo una serie di ostacoli e di sconfitte, puo' accadere che la nostra determinazione si attenui: ed ecco che ci rassegniamo, e finiamo per convivere con il nostro problema, senza risolverlo mai.
Lo stesso problema, guardandolo al passato diventa un senso di colpa, guardandolo al presente diventa qualcosa con cui scendere a compromessi, guardandolo al futuro diventa un’occasione per crescere. -La potente spada del sutra del loto deve essere brandita da un coraggioso nella fede.- Il vero problema non e' darsi una determinazione, ma mantenerla fino in fondo, ogni giorno. Riposarsi e' bene, rilassarsi e' male.
Le cause si pongono nel presente.
Se oggi mi lascio andare domani saro' piu' debole. Se oggi mi sforzo domani saro' piu' felice.
Chi combatte con costanza sicuramente vincera'. La causa della sconfitta delle persone non sta nella gravita' dei loro problemi ma nel loro lasciarsi intimorire da essi.
Non esiste un grande problema: esiste solo una grande paura.
Coraggio significa non rinunciare.
Lottare sempre fino in fondo per realizzare i propri sogni.
La grandezza di una persona si vede nella nobilta' dei suoi scopi.
Chi non si pone degli scopi non ha coraggio: ha paura dell'errore che ha commesso ieri e non ha voglia di sforzarsi per il suo domani.
Non avanzare equivale a retrocedere." Ikeda, 8 agosto 1999
Buona giornata 😀💪🙏

No good/ bad nutrition postpartum. Just what is needed and wanted
#nodietforme #postbabynutrition #intuitiveeating #eatwhatyouwant #eatingdisorderrecovery #selflove

Unknown calorie #lunch at my friends meeting her new baby 😙 had exactly what I wanted and Ana can stay quiet again today!! Goodbye b**ch you are not welcome!! How is everyone's day going? #anorexia #anorexiarecovry #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #fightingback #recovery #repair #strongnotskinny #smashingana

Lol it looks so ugly, but snacking on a spontaneous yum yum 👅 off for a walk now with my family then gonna chill before going out tonight✌🏼 #foodie #recoveryisworthit #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #ana #anarecovery #anawho #recovery #realcovery #yummy #eatittobeatit #ed #edwarrior #edfighter #edfighter #edrecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #nourishyourbody #nourishnotpunish

I know this looks kinda bad or whatnot, it's just my dad isn't a chef artist, but it's actually extremely good. It's eggs with broccoli, onions, peppers and mushrooms #myfavorite ❤️🍳
Anyways I've been inactive on posting but I'm on my account everyday so I hope you guys don't think I'm ignoring y'all. I just don't post because either I don't have a Instagram worthy photo or I don't know what to say. But I'll give you a little update on my life:⬇️
So the official start of xc 🏃🏻‍♀️is starting soon and I'm soooo excited!! 😁 my ed is not going to get in the way of me running my senior year and I'm determined of that!
Band camp starts soon also, which I also won't let my ed get in the way of that either 🤗🎺🎶
Life has been kinda boring for me but in a good way to end the last few weeks before band, xc and school.
So recently I went to have an appt with my dietician and old therapist back in php (because my doctor made me) and I have pretty much good news, my dietician was talking to me about what I could eat that is more filling during the xc season which I appreciate so much🙌🏻 she also knows how busy I am and how my family is and she was giving me easy healthy dinners I could make easily and I also appreciate that because I'm getting tired of eating sandwiches a lot. Also I tried a recipe she suggested yesterday and I made it for the family and they were skeptical at first but they all loved it! 😍 so I knew it was a winner 👏🏼🙌🏻 it was chicken & salsa &a taco seasoning all in the crock pot served over rice and you could add any toppings like cheese, guac, sour cream and so on! Anyways she told me that probably after my next appointment which is in the middle of September she does not think I no longer need to see her, which means I'm stepping in the right way of recovery! 🤜🏼
At the same time it's scary, I'm scared of relapse but I know I'm strong! 💪🏼
Also (change of topic) but I need ideas for my blog, I'm starting to feel stupid about starting a blog now a days because I feel like no one cares what I write so why am I trying. When I first started it I had so many readers now there is barely anyone.... 😔 oh well
(The rest is in the comments⬇️)

"Le cose semplici, sono sempre le migliori." ✨🌈
Non ricordo esattamente chi disse questa frase, ma aveva assolutamente ragione!🙌🏻
Oggi, infatti, parte del mio #pranzo è stata composta un piatto semplicissimo .. ma che ho amato nel vero senso della parola😍➡️ risotto con le zucchine 🍚🥒 condito con dell'olio.🍶
I vostri pranzetti, invece?😋⬇️
E poi, tanto per restare in tema, ci sono dei piatti super semplici, come ad esempio il mio oggi, che però amate alla follia? E se si, quali sono?🤔⬇️
Si, sono una persona curiosa.😂🤣
Vi auguro una splendida giornata. ☀️♥️
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