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ive been thinking about this a lot lately and all the support i felt the last time i posted this. also for new followers who may not know this yet, this is my story of the night i tried to kill myself. i was literally on the bathroom floor for hours naked, crying, sobbing, screaming, cutting every available piece of skin; drunk and delirious. there was blood everywhere. i was home alone. i didnt want to live. i was rocking back and forth, crying trying to find even one reason to stay alive. i couldn't find one. my mind was screaming at me all the reasons why i deserved to die, why i was worhtless and that i should just fucking end it all NOW! so i did. i swallowed every damn painkiller and pill i found, combined with 3/4 of a bottle of vodka and half a bottle of jack daniels and i sliced open my arteries. i felt no pain. no fear. just calm. my mind had finally shut up. everything was quiet. then i heard my dog whine. then she started going crazy at the door howling and scratching and jumping trying to get in. and hearing that the thought of leaving her broke my heart. she would never understand where i went and why i wont ever come back. so i managed to somehow pull myself up, puke out all the shit in my stomach, mostly stop the bleeding and let her in. i fell asleep/passed out with her in my arms. i was out for 26 hours. when i woke up the bathroom looked like a crime scene from american psycho. blood everywhere. i was lying in a puddle of blood and vomit. my dog had peed in the corner too. but she was still beside me and licking my face. she was trying to clean all the blood of me and comfort me. and i can't explain it even today, but it's like something shifted inside me and i knew that id pull through this. that i may keep on self harming but that i wouldn't try to kill myself again. and i haven't. and i'm glad that i didn't succeed. my dog saved my life. she's my guardian angel! and so are all of you now. this is all the names from a post a few months ago where i asked you to give me your name to write on my arm. it meant so much to me to have so much support and all y'all's love is in my heart and it's guiding me through everyday. thank you!

Bikini is @shopalexiss (D.c. Aliss10)
Instead of commenting on how the sunlight brings out my cellulite, I can comment on how it brings out my smile. It has so many positive attributes include mood persuasion, so let yourself be kissed by the sun. #bikinibody #plussizeswimwear

A year can make you or break you.
The year before the photo on the left broke me.
The year between these photos changed my life.
#eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #transformation #weightgain #strongnotskinny #girlswholift #fitfam #fitfam #fitness #fitgirl #fitnesslife

Eating disorders don't discriminate.✌🏼

Comment lf u are short like her!
الي طولهم ١٥٥ وتحت ذكرتني فيهم

me vs. edited me

Please don't believe everything you see on social media.
(People are fake.)
Don't trust anyone you don't really know.
(People talk bullshit.)
Don't compare yourself to anyone else.
(You do you.)
Don't hate yourself.
(You deserve love.)
#fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram #realitycheck #bodydismorphia #eatingdisorderrecovery #youarebeautiful

Hello it's me! I'm not gonna lie sharing is extemely hard and scares me to death. It has been 7 years between these 2 photos. 7 years trapped inside anorexia, bulimia, to BED. Within each illness I remember thinking I will never get out of this illness. Even though I have been "physically" recovered for the last 3 years. Mentally I wasn't even close. I was still engaging in behaviors that weren't visible from the outside. I remember being in my darkest lowest moments, thinking if I ever get myself out of this I'm going to do everything in my power to help someone else, like I wish someone could've done for me. So here I am, being vulnerable, doing something hard.
Almost a year ago this time, I was in the ER due to a suicide attempt. It took me to get below rock bottom, to the point I was terrified of my own mind, to realize I had to make some serious life changes. I picked little things I could to better myself daily, so I didn't feel overwhelmed. One of those was exercise. Although I was an active child, once my eating disorder took over I engaged in exercise as a punishment. Now I CHOOSE to exercise because nothing makes me HAPPIER. for the first time in my entire life I have come to truly love my body, and that didn't happen by reaching a certain weight or body aesthetic it came because I realized the power of my body and what it allows me to do. I in no way think I am a fitness icon, in fact I still walk around the gym half the time pretending like I know what I'm doing😂 the point of this post is nothing to do with physicality (even though there are drastic changes between these two pictures) what people don't often realize is there would be no physical change without mental change first. But what is ironic is I had to physically push my body, release endorphins daily, and fuel myself with nutrients for my brain to balance and actually see mental changes. Changing my lifestyle, changed my life. This may sound a little extreme but if it wasn't for exercise I don't believe I would be here to share this post.
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Things I ate this weekend include:
▪️ice cream
▪️dinner out
▪️sandwich with REAL mayo and cheese
All things I never would've eaten a year ago, especially not in the same weekend. You know, because I "didn't like ice cream" or "just wasn't hungry for pancakes" blah blah blah 🙄
I definitely still have some fears and anxiety eating certain foods or amounts but I am light years beyond where I was and THAT is absolutely something to be celebrated.
Idk you guys, this weekend I just felt so free and almost like the old Amanda and it was pretty dang awesome 😍 also asking your boyfriend to take a picture of you mid bite will make you look like one of those Instagram diva types in public btw 😂#diditfortheInsta 🙈


Do you have a guilt, shame or fear based relationship with food? .

Or do you have a healthy, intuitive and balanced relationship towards food and eating?

If you got into "clean eating" or "dieting" for health reasons.. well, the stress around trying to be 100% pure, clean and strict can be just as bad for your health, if not more, than eating the foods that have been deemed as "bad."

Moral of the story: don't be so extreme. .

#dietssuck #dietculturedropout #damnthediets #orthorexia

my chubby ass started going to the gym again! rebuilding all the muscle i lost thru starvation & gaining weight in general are going to be extremely difficult, but i'm determined to do it!!! i'm tired of being sick. looking dead and seeing my bones isn't healthy nor is it what i aspire to be anymore. ive been struggling with my eating since i was 12, albeit ive only been medically diagnosed for 2.5yrs. i want to be healthy. its not going to magically be fixed overnight and i realize this. but after years of being terrified of food, relentlessly purging, and starving myself, i think it's time i finally let this chapter of my life go. here's me smiling after a protein shake. :-) #eatingdisorderrecovery #ihatehashtagsbutbearwithme #bulimiarecoveryjourney

Tbt finally tried this scrumptious almond #chocolate magnum #icecream 🍦🍫🍦 Nuts and chocolate are the perfect combination 😋👍🏻 Remember food is meant to be enjoyed so let's be kind to ourselves and give yourself the freedom to enjoy foods that you love ❤️#positive#motivation#mentalhealth#recovery#recoverywin#realrecovery#prorecovery#anorexiarecovery#anarecovery#edrecovery#eatingdisorderrecovery#eatittobeatit#edfam#edfamily#edsoldier#edwarrior#edfighter#fighter#warrior#foodisfuel#fitfam#fearfood#healthynotskinny#beatana#recoveryisworthit#recoveryispossible#balancednotclean #nourishnotpunish

Good morning everyone! I'm starting this new week off by having a white chocolate quark with grapes, strawberries and a peach for breakfast ✨

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Einen schönen guten Morgen ihr lieben 💕 Ja, ihr seht richtig: das Foto ist gestern morgen ZU HAUSE entstanden und ihr könnt euch nicht vorstellen wie froh ich war, wieder zu Hause gewesen zu sein; auch wenn es nur für 24 Stunden war 😊
Ich hatte am Wochenende meine Belastungserprobung und die ging direkt mit einer riesen "Schwierigkeit" los: alle Züge in Kassel hätten mindestens 2h Verspätung oder sind ganz ausgefallen 🙈 aber irgendwie bin ich dann doch in Frankfurt angekommen und hatte eine ganz tolle Zeit zuhause mit meinem Freund ☺ Auch wenn es nur 24 Stunden waren, habe ich mich echt vielen Herausforderungen gestellt, die alle mehr oder weniger gut geklappt haben. Aber genau das ist ja der Sinn von solch einem Wochenende und jetzt geht es daran, Strategien für solche Situationen zu finden und meine Entlassung bestmöglich vorzubereiten.
Was das betrifft, bin ich total zwiegespalten; nächste Woche heimfahren oder doch noch mal verlängern?! Ich weiß es absolut nicht und die pro/contra Listen sind für beide Varianten gleich lang 🙈 das heißt, heute noch mal grübeln und morgen eine Entscheidung treffen 😏
Was steht bei euch heute auf dem Plan?
Habt in jedem Fall einen tollen Start in die Woche und lasst es euch gutgehen ❤️
#teamhaferbrei #hafermachtsexy #staystrong #sophielottacommunity #yummy #lieblingsessen #oatmeal #haferbrei #porridge #frühstück #breakast #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #recoveryisworthit #eatingdisorderrecovery #recovery #prorecovery #vegan #vegansofinstagram #food #startyourdayright #healthyfood #gesundessen #instafood #feedfeed #veganfood #healthyeating #fooddiary #balanceiskey #eathealthy

Good Morning! Today is my moms birthday so I plan to pull myself together. For breakfast I had this Cinni mini cereal with strawberries and milk of course. Yesterday was so hard. I have never acted out that much and I was honestly going so crazy to the point that my mom wanted to take me to the psychiatric emergency hospital. But I managed to calm down eventually. TW during my episode I scratched my neck but I didn't realize how hard. Now I have visible scratch marks... TWO *
#recoveryisworthit #anarecovery #anorexiarecovery #ana #muffin #recoveringerman #recoveringgerman #recoveryfood #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingtogain #itsworthit #eatingdisorderawarenessweek #eatittobeatit #prorecovery #happynothungry #recoverybreakfast #anorexiafighter #edwarrior #ed #realrecovery #prorecovery

Welche Stars, die schon tot sind, würdet ihr gerne mal live sehen?
Ich definitiv Kurt Cobain/Nirvana und Janis Joplin 💕 #depressed #depressionrecovery #depression #ed #essstörung #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #svv #scars #selfharrm #survivor #ritzen #recovery #mentalhealth #mentalillness #kurtcobain #nirvana #music #grunge #rock #janisjoplin

Me, my gorgeous WINE BOSSBABE Business Partner Tracey & my beautiful (photobombing) High School BFF Nissy...Representin' Class of 1987!! #vacahigh And....Just like our FINE WINES...We just get better with age!! 🍷💖🙌🏼#classreunion

Dense convenience brekkie this morning is a small ripe banana and a peanut power trek bar before heading off. Will probably eat the banana now and keep the bar for halfway up the road or so when I'm more able to appreciate it. 😂🍌

New week new chances 💭 so let's try to make it turn out as a good one ✨🌌__

__↪ Obwohl die letzte Woche mit Freitag so schlecht geendet hat, versuche ich heute wieder als neuen Start zu sehen, und zwar (vorallem morgen im Einzel) darüber zu reden, aber nicht meine kompletten Gefühle davon abhängig zu machen 💫 Ich hoffe ihr startet alle gut in den Montag ❤ Denkt bitte nicht so viel daran, dass noch eine ganze Schul/Arbeitswoche vor euch liegt, sondern legt den Fokus am besten nur auf den Tag selbst.. und nehmt euch etwas schönes für Abends vor, worauf man sich den ganzen Tag über schon freuen kann 😌

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