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#wafflewednesday is here 💃🏻 I love seeing my feed filled with waffles!! Went with something a little different this morning, essentially chips and dip but with yogurt and waffle “chips” and it worked 🤷🏻‍♀️ — dEATS: @vansfoods ancient grains gluten free waffle + plain @siggisdairy + 🍎 + @dastonybrand sprouted pumpkin see butter .
#organiceats #foodstylist #foodphotography #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #anarecovery #healthybreakfast #healthyish #organiclife #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #wellness #balance #foodpassion #fitnessmotivation #todayfood #huffposttaste #thekitchn

Love these words from my friend @katiedalebout. She's has such a beautiful soul and she is right... create space, don't be afraid to own and take up space, and let the universe do the work. // 📷: @recovrywarriors << one of my FAVORITE resources for #eatingdisorderrecovery 💜 #kaleinit

Americano (my special custom-made favorite order) x Almond Croissant
@sxfcoffee x @butterblockyyc
#yyc #yycliving #yycnow #yyccoffee
What a nice morning to start with. Nothing greater than a coffee with a pastry. This is the newest coffee shop in #Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

good morning and happy #toasttuesday 🍂 I’m on a major french toast kick lately but can’t stop won’t stop 🤷🏻‍♀️ — dEATS: one slice of @wholefoods sourdough soaked in a @vitalfarms egg and 1/3 cup @malkorganics maple pecan malk cooked in ghee and topped with @wild_friends vanilla almond butter + crumbled @wholeme almond coconut grain free clusters + sautéed 🍌 .
#malksquad #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #anarecovery #organiceats #foodstylist #foodpassion #toastlikerobin #healthybreakfast #foodphotography #foodblog #goodmoodfood #feedfeed #healthyish #glutenfree #paleo #paleorecipes

Post-biochemistry exam subway tastes so so wonderful. I am exhausted! I studied until 1am and woke up again at 5:30 to start. It paid off though and I think I definitely managed at least an A in the class. Maybe an A+ if I'm lucky on my exam guesses. 🤞I am so thankful for my brain today! It absorbs material like nobody's business. I could not have gotten through that test without it. Means I gotta feed it well for the next one so it doesn't crap out on me! Treat it like the prized possession it is instead of malnourishing it. 👌

#adultswitheds #bulimiarecovery #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #foodisfuel #foodisntoptional #nourishnotpunish

🇨🇿 Na to, že když někomu vařím, ráda jedu na jistotu a tohle byla naopak premiéra na entou, tak to dopadlo překvapivě dobře a mamce chutnalo (úspěch jak 🐷). A taky fajn reklama #govegan 😎
Btw to jsou dýňové noky se “sýrovou omáčkou” z kešu ořechů 🌱
🇺🇸 Pumpkin gnocchi with cheesy cashew sauce 😎
#dnesjemvegan #kazdydenjemvegan #whatveganseat #veganfood #veganlunch #veganrecipes #plantbasedfood #plantbased #dnesjem #veganuvtalir #vegannataliri #eatingdisorderrecovery #ahealthynut #dnesvarim #heaveninmymouth #vegancheese

this cereal combination is absolutely insane you guys have to try!!! super stressed bc a lot of stuff going on this week but this is keeping me going 🙏🏼 .
@arrowheadmills spelt flakes + vanilla sautéed bananas + strawberries + pepitas + cacao nibs + homemade almond milk (‘avocadofuel’ on @elliesbest!)

Symptoms are the words your body is trying to communicate to you. The trick is to learn to listen and find the messages underneath the symptoms. ❤ @marcdavid_ipe @emilyjoyrosen @eatingpsychology @mindbody_nutrition @eatingpsychologypractitioners
P.S. If you want to learning more about Dynamic Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition, then check out the link in our profile for the NEW FREE Video Series all about forever transforming your relationship with food. Learn how to take the next big leap forward with weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, mood, digestion, fatigue and more. We hope you enjoy it!

Some of my most spiritual moments have been when I've had a green smoothie and a cigarette in the same day.
But on most days, I burn the sage and use the Lavender over my throat.
In many ways, Lavender is an unsung hero; yes, it’s relaxing and calming for the mood, sleep etc. but Lavender is a First Aid kit and a Swiss Army Knife in a bottle.
It’s all things soothing to the skin;
you feel me?
It’s also The Oil of Communication so I rub over my throat and repeat the mantra, “I speak the truth, I use my voice for the glory of the highest good and I cuss sometimes.”


Look at yourself in the mirror and see all that you have become. The softness, the power, the candor. Ignore the voices from yourself and others that are spoken with ugly intent. Let go of the setbacks and losses. Move on from the temporary failures. This is your day. This is your time.
Pick your head up and walk tall. You'll get where you want to be because your fire burns brighter than any fear or binge or toxic relationship or loose skin or shitty job or lack of money or addiction. Burn bright, baby. You were meant to do great things.

Made it to Disney World yesterday and had a busy afternoon and night. Squeezed in a quick 25 minute workout while my little colored and watched cartoons.

One thing I like to do on vacation is make sure I stick with my regular workout routine! That way I start my day off in a healthy way and can enjoy a few treats while I’m here!

On Saturday night my boyfriend and I headed over to Winterville. We went on a ride that was so much fun, it’s the first time I’ve been on a scary ride in years because I’ve been so nervous about it triggering a panic attack and being stuck. I didn’t feel anxious at all I just revelled in the adrenaline and excitement! My boyfriend was pretty scared which made me laugh (I’m so mean lol).
We shared a pizza from one of the food stalls and we had some mulled wine and danced for a bit by one of the fire pits.
Then we went to see the film Love Actually which was lovely. It’s such a famous film and I’ve never seen it before but I really enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I shared some chocolate and a mince pie and before I knew it the evening was over. I’m astounded by how much I achieved and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.
During the darkest days of my eating disorder I convinced myself that the only way to be happy in this terrifying, chaotic world was to control my food intake and make myself smaller. I guess that struggle has emphasised how wonderful life can be if you just open your eyes. What is something that you have enjoyed recently in spite of your mental health struggles?

Lunch in Cafe Nero today.
I had a Festive Four Cheese panini with an onion marmalade.
#lunch #lunchtime #cafenero #panini #cheesepanini #cheese

Buongiorno topoline 🐭🐭, siccome me lo avete chiesto in tante, ecco la ricettina dei Befanini, tipici biscotti 🍪 toscani che si fanno per l’Epifania ❣️.
INGREDIENTI per circa 20-25 biscotti medio-piccoli:
• 250 gr farina 00
• 125 gr Burro • 8 gr Lievito in polvere per dolci • 100 gr zucchero
• 1 baccello di vaniglia
• scorza grattugiata di un arancia • 1 uovo • 10 gr di latte (o di rum, a me non piace)
• 1 tuorlo + chicchetti di zucchero per decorare
Mettete in una terrina la farina setacciata con il burro che deve essere ben freddo ed iniziate a lavorarli con le mani finché vedete che il burro si è sfatto! Poi create all’interno della miscela la classica fontana ed aggiungete tutti gli altri ingredienti! Lavorate con le mani (io non ho robot di cucina per cui faccio tutto a mano 😋) e quando il composto sarà omogeneo, avvolgete nella carta trasparente e mettete in frigo almeno 1 ora!
Togliete quindi la pasta dal frigo, stendetela in un foglio di circa 3 mm e ricavate le formine 😋! Se non le avete, potete usare dei bicchieri o delle tazzine da caffè! Posizionate i biscottini su una leccarda ricoperta da carta forno, spennellate la superficie con l’albume d’uovo e decorate con i chicchetti colorati (al supermercato li trovate di varie forme e colori 💙💚❤️🧡💛). Cuocete i biscotti 🍪 a 180 gradi per circa 15-20 minuti ma vi dovete regolare a occhio 👁 perché ovviamente lo spessore non sarà mai precisissimo sempre uguale!! In generale non si devono scurire 😋! Passate un bel pomeriggio stelline, ci sentiamo per cena 💘💘❣️❣️💘💘

yes, my hands were as cold as they look 👀 happy monday you guys! already have been back for a week, but missing the big city life, the snow flurries, and all the beautiful christmas decorations in chicago ☃️🏙💫 always happy to be back on a routine though too + getting ready for all that’s to come. starting off the week on the right note + putting a lil extra pep in my step this morning by remaking the best peppermint mocha i had while i was in town from @kitchfix made mine using local clt coffee from @enderlycoffeeco, mct oil, grass-fed butter, maple syrup to taste, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, @drjoshaxe multi collagen protein, peppermint extract ☕️✨ if you’re visiting chi-town or live there - go get it while it’s🔥 if not, make yourself one now! hope everyone has a productive day! see more on my story + on my blog linked in bio.

woke up late today so i made a quick breakfast

It’s ok, because #beautyforashes “and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭61:3‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Cucumber sandwiches for part of lunch today at work! 😋

Have you ever looked at it this way? Seeking perfection is a miserable pursuit because it doesn’t exist. Instead, seek FULfillment.pursuing perfection made me miserable to be with and made me miserable within. Not exactly what i was pursuing. I have readjusted my sail and I now pursue contentment, acceptance, compassion, and love and it has made all the difference in the waters I sail. #jeandixoncounseling #woodlandstxtherapist #hippietherapist #houstontherapist #notURperfecttherapist #realnotperfect #healingisoossible #edtherapist #fullrecovery #loveyouwell #vulnerabilityisstrength #imperfectlyperfect #anorexianomore #URworthit #recovery #groaningup #grouptherapist #edtherapy #hodgepodgeedsupportgroup #empoweringwomen #nomoredrama #eatingdisorderrecovery #bednomore

Happy Monday
Only 7 more days to christmas🎅🏻 i cant wait 🤗
So todays been quiet a big day for me so i got discharged after 2 years from my eating disorder clinic.
I kind of felt a sense of achievement and excitement that i can start a new journey being healthy and happy.
I never thought the day would come where id say I’m not going to diet or do some extreme starvation or any of the other lengths id go to to loose weight.
Im actually really proud of how far I’ve come after spending majority of my life thinking i wasn’t worth anything, wasn’t skinny enough, didn’t have any personality and thought zero of myself.
It may have took me a while but i now know all those things i thought of myself are actually not true.
I hope that for anyone going through their own journey to recovery may read this and see it is possible it doesn’t happen overnight but just hang in there it does get better 💕
#nourishrecoverglow #mystory #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #myjourney #happy #healthy #healthyme #loveyourself #bodypositivity #edrecovery #wellness #wellbeing #mentalwellbeing #nofilter

Please be careful. Advice on “healing your gut” is everywhere these days. And the pressure to try an elimination diet to treat whatever health concern you may have has never been so intense.

The issue is, for many, elimination diets can be a slippery slope into disordered eating/orthorexia.
It’s all too easy to find comfort in controlling food-the same comfort that we are all looking for-but restriction can easily lead to more restriction (or the restrict-binge-restrict cycle)
Don’t forget that stress can be a huge factor in “gut issues”-or migraines-or mood issues, etc.
In fact, we have more conclusive research about the link between stress and our bodies/minds than any diet has ever yielded! AND we have research that suggests that stress can cause the very same symptoms as a food sensitivity🤔
So I encourage all to be very cautious with the elimination diet hoopla. Certainly there are those that need to work to figure out true food allergies and sensitivities-but don’t DIY digestive help.
Seek out information from your doctor and consider seeing an anti-diet dietitian. You deserve to feel at peace with food❤️

Christmas cookie and coffee for breakfast??? Yes please! I have been up since before 7am, which is huge for me, and I'm trying so hard not to let myself go back to bed. I have to straighten my hair, pick my son up from school, meet a friend for a coffee date, and go to a basketball game today, but it feels like my meds are starting to kick in and I'm starting to feel less empty and more like myself, so I'm hoping for a good day 💗
Have a great day everyone✌
#anorexianervosa #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #anorexiaawareness #ana #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderawareness #eatingdisorderrecovery #ed #adultswithed #adultswithanorexia #edfam #fight #edwarrior #edsoldier #edfighter #anxiety #depression #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd #borderline #agoraphobia #ptsd

It's definitely not always easy, but if you make an effort to talk about how you feel, you can release those emotions instead of ignoring them and pushing them away. Running away from your feelings leads to emotional eating.
Let’s try it today!
Talk about one feeling you have instead of pushing it away.

yesterday's breakfast was a big one and a challenge !! 😩😜 costa hot chocolate and a bacon and cheese wrap (pastry, which i'm still not 100% okay on) but i did this and i fucking enjoyed it. christmas will be hard and this week i already know the thoughts are going to be telling me to restrict because they've already started. just because christmas is coming up, there is no need to restrict. it's christmas, eat what you want 💖 #ana#anorexia#anorexiarecovery#ed#eatingdisorder#edrecovery#eatingdisorderrecovery#anarecovery#bulimia#bulimianervosa#bulimiarecovery#eatittobeatit

Breakfast was greek yogurt and some fruit. 🍏🍑🍒🍊Followed by some black tea.☕
I hope you all have a lovely day! I am working 12-4pm. 😳 I hope we don't have a lot of customers. I'm pretty shy. Also, my boss hates me and I think I am working with her. I have a vacation to Japan coming up and I am very nervous to tell her. I might just quit. 😣 I'm really bad at confrontation.
On another note, I have a christmas party tomorrow. It's a pot luck and Idk wht to bring! I have to bring a main dish... I want to bring something that will be safe for me! Any suggestions?


How can this little bit of chocolate put me into a state of panic? I was pressured to take one in the office. Now its just sitting on my desk, starting at me, judging me. -

I am going to eat it after supper. I will eat this, I am going to win!! -

#adultswitheds #adultswitheatingdisorders #ed #edrecovery #recovery #recoverywin #recovering #anarecovery #anorexia #anorexianervosa #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #realrecovery #reasonstorecover #reasonsforrecovery #edfighter #edfam #edsoldier #edwarrier #prorecovery #mentalhealthawareness #edcommunity #beatana #anawho #nourishtoflourish #healthynotskinny #balancednotclean #healthynothungry #anxiety #rememberyourreason

Recovery vs REALcovery. #recoveryeeeats .
Recovery isn’t always as pretty as my instagram makes it out to be. In fact, it’s not pretty at all. It’s messy. Everyday feels like constant wrong doing. I feel like I am going against everything I ever knew about my body, my health and food. Everyday I try to follow my hunger cues and eat what I crave. I can’t say that I do this 100% of the time since my ED mind still take hold of the steering wheel every so often. But here are some facts. Recovery doesn’t mean only eating candy and pizza, although I totally could if I wanted. Recovery, at least in my case, means acknowledging that No food is BAD food. I try to remind myself of that everyday, whether my morning starts off with a bowl of yogurt and berries or funfetti pancakes. That’s where the mess comes in. I grew up believing that if you weren’t happy with your body or your weight you just modify your diet and exercise accordingly to lose. I can no longer do that. Poor body image is still a thing, some days more so than others, but that is recovery, honestly it’s life. I acknowledge that not everyday is going to be pretty. I try to pick out one thing I love about myself daily or at least what I am grateful for. But with every thought I have about my weight or body, muscle memory brings me back to my dieting mentality. The messy part is going into the kitchen and still listening to what I crave, not what my brain thinks is caloricly “good” for my waist line because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. What matters is my SOUL. And though that isn’t fully rebuilt yet, every time I take a bite out of something I truly want, I patch up a little piece that I had so badly beaten.

Breakfast is toast with peanut butter and a banana🍞🍌 #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #food #breakfasts #edwarrior

Regardless of where you are in your journey and what you're struggling with, there is never an excuse to skip a meal. Regardless of your weight or the type of symptoms you're struggling with, skipping a meal will set you up for symptoms. Regardless of how terrible your day was, skipping a meal is not the way to make things better. It may feel better for a awhile, but it will cause so much suffering before long. Stick with recovery...things get better! Thanks to @meandmyed.art for this reminder!

Lunch today was green beans with minced beef and some bread💕 not a very good day tbh... I was guilty and had some horrible thought all day at skl and made sure I one noticed cz I really don’t want that😞 aside from the negativity, I’m doing a fdoe today so check out my story for my breakfast! Hope you all have a lovely day❤️ #recovery #realrecovery #prorecovery #beatana #beatanorexia #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #fuckanorexia #anorexianervosa #fuckana #recoveryisworthit #recoverywin #recoveryispossible #foodisfuel #nourishnotpunish #nourish #nourishtoflourish #nourishyourbody #feedyourbody #selflove #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #edcommunity #edrecovery #edwarrior #edfighter #anafighter #anorexiafighter

#Repost @malvinthio (@get_repost)
Satu lagi nih cemilan yang selalu ada pas aku kelaperan. Apalagi kalo udah sama yang namanya Salted Egg! Udah deh gak bisa nolak. @foundrysnacks ini loh dia punya Chicken Skin Salted Egg dan Fish Skin Salted Egg, aku gak bisa berenti cemilin dua-dua nya sampe abissss! Alasan aku suka banget sm cemilan ini karena salted egg nya itu gak bikin enek dan gak manis jadi passss banget semua nya. Aku pernah coba cemilan serupa tapi menurut aku ada yang manis banget jadi bikin enek. Jadi kalian harus coba @foundrysnacks karena passss banget komposisi nya.
And don’t forget Shake before eat, for maximum flavor!

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Lunch was sweet potatoes, chestnuts, sweet corn and cherry tomatoes 😋
My sister is so annoying
She always asks me to google stuff for her, as if she couldn't do it herself 🙄
I mean she's on her phone anyways, texting me... 😒

Take one and pass it on ♥️ today I’m choosing calm ✨ after a stressful day organising the house and my room yesterday for when my dad and sister return home for Christmas on Wednesday (I’m literally buzzing I’m so excited) and tomorrow I’ve got a very important appointment with my diabetic nurse I’m taking today to blitz my room as I’m a firm believer of a tidy room, tidy mind 😂 if I’m room is messy, no joke I have so much anxiety about it!! What would you choose to take today? ♥️🌿

Good Morning warriors! I am on my way to school right now, but I hope those of you who are on break get some well deserved rest. And for those of you who are in the same boat as I am, and don’t go on break until next week, we are almost there! -
Breakfast😋—> An egg omelette made from 3 eggs whites and black pepper, a crisp pink apple, a slice of 100% Whole Wheat toast with @smuckers Strawberry Preserve jam, @morningstarfarms Original Sausage patty with maple syrup on top , and @lipton Green Tea Raspberry Goji Berry.
My mom did not have time to put the sausage into the toaster oven or cook it in the skillet, so she popped it in the microwave. That wasn’t a good idea as it turned rock solid and I could barely eat it. My teeth were literally going to break😂 I don’t like sausage in general so it was not pleasant taste wise. I also absolutely despise maple syrup. But my mom is trying to give me new foods as recommended by my therapist add she’s trying to add more calories here and there. I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay strong!❤️ Keep fighting loves💪🏼😊-Viktoria

Lunch is a mini baguette roll with Parma ham, a little mayo and possibly a bit too much cucumber 😂 Client drinks later, then therapy, then back to client drinks #interestingcombination Really not looking forward to therapy tonight #ohwell Have a lovely afternoon 💕🙌 #edrecovery #edfighter #edwarrior #anarecovery #eatittobeatit #ed #edssucks #recoveryispossible #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #adultswitheds

Intuitive Eating gets rid of the good vs. the bad. If that’s a struggle for you click the link in my bio to learn more.

8:00am #Breakfast - sorry it’s so messy... I forgot to take a photo before mixing. It’s an apple, few peace slices and strawberries mixed with Greek yoghurt and a handful of cereal on the side. Ugh Monday’s.

Grilled pineapple with @benandjerrys "oat of this swirled" ice cream for an absolutely killer dessert last night 😍😍 This is the week that's gonna push me. We've got a ton of family coming to town next weekend and the ed thoughts have been swirling in the back of my mind for weeks already. The back and forth. The "lose the weight." The anxiety over group meals and obnoxious (aka triggering but I've decided I don't like that word so won't be using it very often anymore. Obnoxious covers the emotions they cause just as well 🤣) family members. The competitive nature of my ed. The logical fact that if I lose it's obvious there's a struggle going on and I don't want to appear to be struggling... but I want to lose. Well, my eating disorder wants me to lose, there's a different as weird as I'm sure that sounds. BUT! I've kept on the right track so far and I WILL continue for this last week too 💪🏻 Guess I'm just throwing this out for accountability. Once you say it you can't hide it or take it back. Alrighty, sorry for the rambles. Off to tackle a million appts today. Have an awesome Monday guys! 😘• #edrecovery#edwarrior#eatingdisorder#eatingdisorderrecovery#anorexia#anorexiarecovery#anorexiaathletica#strongnotskinny#healthynotskinny#prorecovery#bulimia#ana#mia#recovery#fuckanorexia#adultswitheds#mentalhealth#edfighter#edfamily#realrecovery#intuitiveeating#eatittobeatit#foodisfuel#icecream#benandjerrys#oatmeal#pineapple#grilled#accountability

Mango.... perfect , I would say!😸
So today, I had for breakfast little less than half a mango and a matcha tea. Then I drove into the city and gave my application for a job, but they will respond January, so it's a long time till then...🙀 I will write three more today. I want a job now!!!!! Hell... since months I'm searching!
The weather is quite nice, maybe I'm going outside with my dog and maybe backing some cookies for Christmas. Let's see.
Yesterday I ate much bc my parents forced me. But I'm okay with that!
Today I weighted the lowest I had since a year or so. But it didn't trigger me so maybe I can hold my actual weight or even go a little up. Just a little.

Buon pomeriggio mondo ❣️🌻
Come state? Io abbastanza bene, nonostante un po’ di ansia per domani, dato che ho l’incontro con psicologa e nutrizionista, e mi diranno ufficialmente quando entrerò in DH. Anyway, cerco di non pensarci, ed eccomi col mio pranzetto di oggi:
-pasta al pomodoro 🍝
-filetto di merluzzo 🐟
-pomodorini 🍅
-un panino 🍞
Ora penso proprio che andrò a fare un riposino 😴 voi che farete? Vi auguro una splendida giornata ❤️💋
- - - -
#lunch with:
-pasta with tomato sauce 🍝
-cod fillet 🐟
-cherry tomatoes 🍅
-a bun 🍞
Have a great time 💋
#anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #anoressia #anoressiaitalia #edrecovery #edfighter #eatingdisorder #foodrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #fooddiary #lunch #italianlunch #healthy #stronger #warrior

#Lunch was the same as yesterday: vanilla quark with granola + a glass of water. Have a wonderful week!❤️

#ed #ana #anorexia #eatingdisorder #recovery #edrecovery #anarecovery #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #freedom #recoveryisworthit #iwannalive #survivor #struggling #eatittobeatit

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