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Sick of being weak. Sick of having no life. Sick of being away from my family and friends. Sick of being bed bound and stuck in a wheelchair. I'm 20 years old! I need to get my life back despite the voices screaming at me. I CAN and WILL do this. I'm Sophia Johncock and I WILL recover. Anorexia has taken away enough. #friends #family #love #anorexia #anorexic #anorexiarecovery #recovery #recovering #recoveryisworthit #recoveringanorexic #life #living #positive #positivity #positivemind #positivevibes #happy #keepgoing #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #beateatingdisorders #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorders #like #likes #share #follow #followmystory #mystory #life

The #straightcurvefilm gave me a ton to think about and reflect on. One moment that resonated with me the most was when sweet @denisebidot 's daughter talks about how someone at school told her she was fat. I think that everyone's knee jerk reaction to hearing someone you love say that is "no, you're not fat" or in some cases people suggest what they think could be a solution to change that person's size. My question is, should our immediate reaction be "you aren't fat"? Don't you think we should ask "and what if you were?" Or "and what if you are?" It does not invalidate the fact that one child attempted to shame another using a word that they have been raised to think is confidence-crushing .. but telling that child "no you are not fat; they're crazy" or anything along those lines only perpetuates the idea that it would be bad to be fat. Or to be pointed out as fat. How will we normalize fat as a body type if it is not only SAID as an insult but also TAKEN as an insult? ✨
The other day, when I told my 12 year old cousin that the average weight a girl gains during puberty is 39 pounds, her eyes opened wide and she said, "Oh god, am I gonna get fat?" Instead of the script that we're so accustomed to following, I said, "Maybe. But so what if you were?" She looked confused and said, "I mean, I don't know. I'd be fat." And I said "Why is that a bad thing? Would being fat change the kind of person you are? Or does it only matter because you know other people might treat you badly?"
There was a pause while she poked at her small thighs and thought.
"Yeah. The second one."
Let's #normalizefat , and teach kids to do so too. ✨

Buongiorno raggi di sole ☀️!
Non sapete che fatica in questi giorni ma soprattutto che stanchezza!
Martedì ho fatto la festa a sorpresa per mia cugina e abbiamo fatto serata 🎉🎉, le ho regalato alla fine una maglietta e un cappello di Boy e vari trucchi di Sephora 💄💅🏻.
Mercoledì ho avuto il dentista, che mi ha messo l'apparecchio sotto e sono stata sveglio tutta la notte senza chiudere un attimo occhio 🙄 ed ho dormito il giorno seguente 😪.
Oggi mio fratello ha l'orale a scuola alle 17, prego perché vada bene dato che ha appena finito la tesina 😑.
Domani invece vado a Serravalle per prendere alcuni regali per dei parenti che andiamo a trovare. Mio padre ha detto di prendere i modelli che vanno di moda tra Gucci, Burberry, Lv e altri. Qualche consiglio ? 😅
Volevo farmi una notizia anche! Il 4 Luglio parto per l'Asia, starò lì una ventina di giorni, quindi sarò un po' occupata con i preparativi perché abbiamo molte cose da portare, andremo in Cina e visiteremo ShangHai, HangZhou e altre città, questa volta non solo con papà, ma anche con i miei fratelli.
Sono un po' triste perché mia madre dovrà rimanere qui da sola, ma non ha altra scelta dato che ora ha due negozi senza dipendenti 😞.
Quando tornerò sarà già Agosto e andremo al mare 😍.
Mi sono già iscritta alla nuova scuola, vicino a casa, non vedo l'ora di ricominciare e FINIRE.
Perché come alcuni sapranno, non ho mai finito un anno di scuola superiore a causa di questa malattia.
E parlando di questo, il post di ig stories, è una serie TV che uscirà su Netflix e che parla della storia di una ragazza (Lily Collins) e dei suoi problemi alimentari (che lei ha anche avuto in passato).
E niente, buona giornata, fatemi sapere come state ragazze 💕! Vi voglio bene ✨.

Amazing insight into the lives of people dealing with eating disorders. Netflix is doing great; first with 13 Reasons Why and now this. Spreading awareness for conditions often overlooked/unnoticed. So proud of this! Can't wait! I advise everyone to watch this with their families.
#eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #tothebone #edawareness

A rare photo capturing the way I look at food.....🤤🙌🏻❤️
It's #LUNCHTIME which means I have my ham 🐷 cheese 🧀 and tomato 🍅 sandwich! It's my favourite combo - what's yours?! Xx

My mental health is currently on the up and I feel really good!
I have:
Brushed my teeth
Had a bath
Tidied my room
Booked a holiday
Ate a good meal
Left the house!
Whatever you did today was good enough. Whatever it was you achieved is good enough.
You are amazing and strong and wonderful.
Here's to good mental health days. ☀️
(Also, had anybody tried sertraline the anti-depressant? I have just started it and want to know what people think of it ❤️)

“The radical part is not that I stopped dieting; it’s that I stopped trying to fix myself. I stopped fighting with myself, stopped blaming myself, my father, my latest boyfriend or my weight. And since diets were my most flagrant attempts at fixing myself, I stopped them as well.”
Geneen Roth “Women Food and God'

Just uploaded an alllll upper body workout on my YouTube channel (link in da bio as always)! Here are two of the exercises from the full workout (& 2 of my favs) 👉 1️⃣ deadlift to barbell row 2️⃣ goodmornings 💪💜 && happy Friday xoxo! #upperbodyworkout #fitness #workouts #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #workoutvideo


No better way to end a Friday than with a big comforting meal to end the night 😌. A very productive day today 👌, I played a round of golf ⛳️ with my friends, took a 2 hour nap 😴, and had a very emotional but helpful therapy session. So I would call the first Friday of summer a success 👍😁!

Dinner tonight isn't photo worthy but I'm proud of myself for it anyways. I've worked a 10 hour day with a couple quick but very nice breaks and now I'm taking a couple hours before I go work another 3- until midnight tonight 😭😭 it would be easy enough to not eat, to use this time to read (#janeeyre and Mr Rochester are just starting to get aquatinted and he's a pompous sarcastic mess) and to try to make up for the macaroons and pastry and everything else my ED deems naughty this week. //// I also know I'm working until midnight, I have to leave for the farm at 5:45, it's bad enough I'll be physically exhausted I don't need to add hungry to the list. //// It's going to be a hot day and I'm not done until 2... and then back in Dallas until midnight.. So, I'm choosing to take care of my body in any way I can while working this insane schedule, part of that is feeding it. //// tonight's salad - baby leafs + raspberries + blackberries + red onion + fresh mozzarella + homemade raspberry honey vinaigrette ---- I'm still keeping to my summer salads, next week it's apple, pear and cranberry with blue cheese (and i'd like to find a new cheese for at least one day but I'm still trying to figure out what) //// I've made if an official 72 hours without purging as of this meal!

#lunch was a @traderjoes #vegan super burrito! 😯Omg this was so good, it had kale and quinoa and sweet potatoes 😋! It says to microwave it but I didn't because it's so hot here but I think it tastes even better cold! Also the tortilla is spicy 🌶 and that's always a plus :) I also had a cookies and cream quest bar @questnutrition 🍪 #burrito #traderjoes #quinoa #kale

Hey everyone! This is my dad in San Diego at a very beautiful view. So I thought I'd share. I am SUPER UNBELIEVABLY PROUD OF MYSELF FOR BEING WILLING TO DO WHAT I JUST DID. I just wanted to let y'all know that I deleted nearly ALL of my sick Instagram photos with the help of my therapist. It was super hard, but we are trying to relinquish the sick role that my eating disorder craves. I sometimes feel like I seek validation and approval that I am legitimately sick by showing my low weight images; however, I have come to realize that these images are NOT helpful to other struggling people. Yes, I see lots of people posting sick pictures. No, I do not think it is helpful, nor will I engage in that anymore myself. Yes, it is a memory. Yes, it is a dark place in my life. Yes, I still struggle to delete the pictures off of my camera roll. But this is a start. A great start. Here's to health and wellbeing.

#edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #nourishnotpunish #edsoldier #minniemaud #prorecovery #weightrestored #anawho #strongnotskinny #edfamily #realrecovery #edwarrior #nourishtoflourish #gainingweightiscool #eatingdisorder #orthorexiarecovery #weightrestoreddoesnotmeanfat #eatingdisorderssuck

I promised more aesthetic pics, so here we are! Salmon 🐟, veggies 🥒, quinoa 🍚, and hummus🍽. Soo good and so much better than restricting 😍. (tw) I've been restricting a lot lately, but this meal reminded me how much better I feel when I am fueling my body properly. Restricting gets you no where and only makes you feel like crap AND worsens your mood. It's impossible for your brain to function properly and put you in a good mood when you are starving. Food is fuel AND it's yummy as hell

Ein großes fick dich, an all die Menschen, die mich hassen, obwohl sie nicht wissen, was in meinem Leben abgeht.

#anxiety #socialanxiety #depression #depressive #suicide #svv #cut #cutting #panic #panicattack #ritzen #suizid #starving #hungern #eatingdisorder #killme #Wanttodie #ugly #fat #ana #mia #anorexia #bulimia #magersucht #bulimie #suicidal #abnehmen #hateme #wannabethin

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