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The words “I love you” and a little hug from a child is a piece of heaven. #Eathen vaava 😍😍❤️❤️

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Tb with my little munchkin 😊 he's so adorable ❤️

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I felt so bad for them... Any requests?


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furry friend :)
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Ok time for a feels post! (Sorry in advance)
So today marks the start of #PrideMonth - a month of celebration, reminiscence and of course pride.
I have known I was different from everyone else since I started high school, but everyone around me was different to me. Identity was something I struggled for for quite sometime and sometimes still struggle with to this day.
I always knew I was different when it came to who I was attracted to or would fall for, but I never accepted who I was a individual until I started seeing characters through out pop culture that embodied what I was going through.
The first show that I watched that started this acceptance journey of mine was @Teenwolf a lot of people ask me why I love the show so much, and tbh it's because it honestly doesn't make a massive deal about characters sexual preference , it's just a part of who they are and that was something I so desperately wanted. To just be accepted.
It wasn't until season 3 of the show when @keahukahuanui finally got a solid love interest in the likes of @charliecarver that it sunk in that maybe one day all members of the #LGBT community could find happiness, thank you Keahu and Charlie for displaying such lovable characters and bringing their stories to life.
Because Seeing two characters grow and evolve with the show and finally coming together just made it feel as though one day that could happen to even the likes of someone like me, so thank you.
I now stand here having an amazing #Boyfriend for close to two years and having changed so many things in my life to find true happiness and I sit there knowing that part of this self awareness and determination is all in part to an @mtv show that started off about some werewolf kids in high school, to grow into a show with fleshed out, loveable characters that go through the everyday struggles of every teenager or young adult.
So thank you #Teenwolf for assuring me in changing my life and helping me be the strong #proud #Gayman that stands before you, on the dawn of the final season, it's nice to look back on with #Pride
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