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Supper was ostrich steak and stir-fry. I've been off ostrich for months because I read a scary article about ostrich farming. After my delicious steak, I think reading is bad for you 😂😂 #eatcleans #eatforthebodyyouwant #eatforfuel #letfoodbethymedicine

Lunch: Sliced avocado sprinkled with organic seasoning over chopped almonds
#foodisbae #nutrition #eatforthebodyyouwant #healthy

'How do I get abs like you' is a regular question I get asked 😅. Let's get straight to it: there is no magic pill or herbal tea that will give you sculpted abs. You want to know the real secret: NUTRITION 🥑🥝. Start by eliminating as many processed foods as possible and incorporating micronutrient dense foods like fruits and veggies. It's important for you to fuel your body with the proper nutrition for optimal health both internally and externally. Another pro tip: if you are looking for your abs to pop you need to decrease your body fat percentage and increase your ab training to make your core more stronger and more defined.
Some of my favourite ab exercises include: reverse crunches, hanging leg raises and heels touches! 👌🏻#fitspo #fitness #abs #core #strongwomen

Chocolate pomegranate cloud cake with the best of company #eatforthebodyyouwant

Healthy Choices for the rest of the week!!! 💪🏾#FitLifestyle #EatCleanTrainDirty #EatforthebodyYOUwant #GettingBackToIt


Finally lunchtime 😩😩😩been running like a maniac but still keeping to my goals! NO EXCUSES! 💪🏽I got goals! And my Tea and Tabbies to sweeten the deal! 👌🏽

Back at it! We got home from our honeymoon, and I got into the second busiest month of the year at work. Not only did I work crazy hours, but I was trying to catch up from being off for 2 and a half weeks. I unfortunately had to stop working out daily because I would wake up, go to work, eat all three meals while at work, come home, and go to bed. I barely saw my new husband, and I was so behind on sleep. Not only did my work life get crazy, but in that amount of time, we had two kids birthday parties, a family visit from out of town, and we were negotiating our first home purchase. I tried making healthy choices with my food so I wasn't entirely sabotaging my body I had worked so hard for pre-wedding. I am happy to say that after two days off of work, I'm starting to feel back to normal. I've committed to a new program that only requires 30 minutes a day with a choice of double workouts in the last week. I've also gotten back into being able to cook my own meals instead of ordering food to the office. Therefore, I'm controlling what I am putting into my body. I'm a little tired today because I spent too much time adulting this morning. Social security card office AND and emissions test cause for major frustration and anxiety. After 2 and half hours of being gone, I stopped at the grocery store so I could meal prep for the rest of the weekend and Monday (I leave Monday for a short business trip!) luckily tonight I get to look forward to dinner with good friends and quality time with my hubby ❤️ #toomuchadultingtoday

l ate a late lunch today as I wasn't feeling hungry for most of the day. Had 2 slices of Heba Bread I baked this morning with Guacamole: Mashed Avo, Salt, Pepper, Lemon Juice & Tabasco. I've tasted other Banting Breads before & didn't like it at all, however this Heba Pap Bread is the 'best thing since sliced bread'......#PunIntended😜
#LCHF #Banting #Keto #CleanEating #HebaPap #EatForTheBodyYouWant #SummerBodyLoading #Homemade #Guacamole #Fresh #FoodDiary #Foodie #InstaFood

Last night I experimented with a recipe I found on Pinterest & made this Chicken with Creamy Bacon, Mushroom & Thyme Sauce served on a bed of Cauliflower rice. The sauce was out of this world & the meal was so magical I felt like putting a Ring on it & calling it Bae 😍😍😍😍😍
#LCHF #Banting #Homemade #Keto #Pinterest #CleanEating #HealthyLifestyle #FoodDiary #Foodie #InstaFood #EatForTheBodyYouWant

Another meal prep win! All I had to do was heat and eat! 👍🏼Grilled pork chops, green beans, and carrots. Nothing fancy but super tasty and a family favorite! .
Meal prep tips.... Cook meats just underdone so when they're reheated, they aren't dry! Also season with general seasonings like garlic, parsley, sea salt, and pepper so it's a blank canvas before reheating, just in case you want to season differently depending on your meal preference. These could've easily been transformed into Italian or Mexican seasoned chops but I went with a BBQ rub instead this time! 😉#mealpreplife #porkchops #healthyfamily #cleaneatingideas #familydinner

Reviewing the nutrition guide for Shift Shop next week. The plan comes with menus and a grocery list. I love that everything is included and already laid out. It makes it so simple to follow. There is also a list of foods to choose from if you want to swap something out but honestly I am a picker eater and I love the menu that is already planned. Let me know if you want to join in on the group!

20/30 #30dayzfit challenge
#workingprogress #imgettingthere
After 10reps X 10sets of squats I found the energy to do this. I used to be able to do 1 now I can do 15 😀🙋
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Don't ask why but I use this outfit to monitor my progress in my new now... left, a couple of months after my foot surgery, vs today... left, the scale was lighter, right, the silhouette is leaner despite the scale... keep going, no matter how it looks is the best advice I have. Find what works for you and work it like your life depends on it. I could have quit and said nah, IUTBU isn't working, but I had a Coach that called me on any BS I may have been entertaining as she used to be me. I've never met her face to face but I can hear her words, 'then what?'. Stay in your lane and stop trying every new fad that comes out claiming instant results over night. At the end of the day it's feeding your body according to your goals and sticking with it until you achieve them. I've tried MANY things and the common factor that didn't work was me as I got tired of eating stuff I didn't like, counting points, and all the other things that did not scream lifestyle. Lifestyle change is what I did and it's working. I plan my treats, I listen to my body and keep grinding no matter how it feels or looks. Happy Friday eve! #eatforthebodyyouwant #transformation #fitn50 #progressnotperfection #ourcoachrocks #newnow #fightingformylife #teamiusetobeu #IUTBU

Taking a personal day to catch up on sleep, meditate, clean, workout, and binge watch all of my shows from the last two weeks! #welldeserved #takecareofyourself #personalday

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