🍳 Even though most people talk about the high protein of whites— yolks are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fats. Studies have concluded that consuming whole eggs is far more beneficial than eating only whites.
🥚 What do you usually do? Whole egg or whites? I keep it whole, sunny and runny 🤤
🍴 Carne Asada with Egg, Grilled Red & Green Peppers, Jasmine Rice and Red Beans.

Beet This! Grilled Herb Chicken with Beet and Farro Salad served with a side of Lemon Tahini Dressing

Flan de dulce de leche... divinidad!!! 🤤👌🏼
#limaskitchen 🍋

YUP! This is a dream to some. A nightmare to others. An inconvenience to many. Totally unobtainable to many more. Not edible to some, like myself, for health reasons or allergies

Many of us just do not eat the minimum of 5-7 fruit and veg every single day. Let alone the world recommended of 9-12. Many of us can't afford it, don't live near a market that offers a wide variety of them or simply don't like them. Juicing is the same issue. Your still have to be able to afford them, have a way to get to them or even live near a market that offers them.
If your have them shipped to you, it's no better than a big chain market. They pick them while still green and they spend weeks traveling to you.
Juicy Beans are nothing but food. Picked at their ripest and dried immediately to leave nothing but the goodness. All the nutrition from the pits, seeds and all.
It's like juicing every single day with 27 fruits, veggies and berries. No shipping. No shopping. No mess. Not the same 5-9 veg but the entire rainbow that our body needs. Delivered right to your door in a capsule or chew.
With Juicy Beans, every adult gets to have a child they love sponsored for free. My kids don't get free produce when I get mine from the store. Even my 20 year old guess free cause he is a student.
Give yourself 4 months to see how much better you can feel. Even if it doesn't work out, you keep our exclusive customer program free for life!
You just aren't ready? Share this to your page with your friends and family. You never know who is ready to change their life. Give them that chance 🥕🍎🍇

WOAH! Check this out. This is a search I did on "insomnia" on my own timeline. Someone had mentioned that we are so distant now cause most of the things we talked about and had in common, we no longer do. I didn't think that was true. I had not changed anything

Like games. I used to play so many to distract myself and keep busy the hours I couldn't sleep. Then it grew into more. Now that I sleep at night though, I don't play those games. I am also not up all night to play with my Aussie, New Zealand, Sweden friends and the rest from across the world. By 9p I am tired! 😂

Well I guess it's true. I changed a lot! Juicy Beans got me sleeping at night, enjoying my days and able to do other things with my time than resorting to games.
For 40 years I have written about insomnia, migraines and so many things I don't deal with on a daily now. I wonder if I will now spend the next 40 writing about how much better I feel 🍇🍎🥕

Salad o’clock 🥗 #ceasarsalad #saladtime

It’s never too late for brunch 🤛🏼🥞🍑 #breakfastgoals #pancakeday #goalsaf

Afternoon snack 👅 #guac 🥑 #cheesesauce 🧀 #salsa 🍅
Sajtszósz recept
- 1 ek liszt
- 20 dkg sajt (gouda/chedar)
- 2 dl tej
- fehérbors
- só
Kezdjünk el 2 dl tejet tűzhelyen melegíteni. Ha felmelegedett, adjuk hozzá az 1 ek lisztet, illetve a 20 dkg reszeltsajtot. Keverés mellett főzzük sűrűre. Végül ízlés szerint sóval és fehérborssal ízesítsük. Várjuk meg míg kicsit kihül,és tortilla chipssel tálaljuk!

Salsa recept:
- 2 db paradicsom - 2 dl paradicsomszósz
- 1 fej fokhagyma
- fél fej vöröshagyma
- fél citrom leve
- só, bors, chili
A paradicsomot és a hagymát vágjuk egészen apró kockákra, majd keverjük hozzá a sóval, borssal, és chili paprikával ízesített paradicsomszószhoz! Végül a fél citrom levével, és a fokhagymával ízesítsük!

Fruit plate with homemade granola ☀️ #mango #banana #freshmint

#hummus for breakie😉🥗👅

Life is better with fresh baked cookies 🍪🍪🍪 #szafifitt #szafireform #mindenmentes #cookie #sugarfree #healthyrecipes

#smoothiebowls are even better during fall season 😍👅 #smoothiebowlgoals #brunchgoals #fruitlover

“That has too much cheese on it.” - said no one ever 🙄🧀 #grilledcheese #grilledcheesesandwich #cheeselovers

We go together like #peanutbutter and #jelly 🥜🍓 #homemade #granola #blueberry

#pancakes & #apricotjam topped with good old #homemade #granola 🥞🍑

Greek salad with #olives from #greece 😱🇬🇷 #salad #veggies #cheese #greeksalad

Fav combinations:
#avo 🥑 - #tomato 🍅
#hummus - #cucumber 🥒
#pb 🥜 - #blueberry

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