Kick your weekend off with a Burger from our Burger Month menu! We have six additional burger options starting at $12!

We started off our day of eating yesterday with a spread from @kitchenmousela. 🍽🐭 These pancakes were made with oat and buckwheat, yet were fluffy and oh so good!! 🥞💛

Check out this @burgerlords FEAST!!! 🍔🍟 We went in on vegan cheeseburgers, lord of the fries, the new tofu nuggets, and the blueberry peanut butter shake!!! 🙌😍 SO DOPE. Especially that shake. 🍇🥜 #burgerlords

Have experienced our whiskey cart? Enjoy three whiskeys presented tableside. Each is served neat in a glass smoked with a flavor a to enhance its flavor profile.

Did you know you can get half these babies on Monday nights? This is just a fraction of the selection you can choose from for half off wine nights at Bourbon Steak LA. 🍷

Pastrami Pad Kee Mao @ntmrkt In Silverlake just makes me want to shed a tear. As a second gen Thai American with parents who also had a Thai restaurant—this evolution of such a Thai street food favorite hit all the right notes and does so authentically. The pastrami was shaved super thin and the rice noodles was chewingly soft, all with the familiar notes of spiciness and herby thai basil and peppercorn. It’s a combo that seemed so meant for each other that only a person growing up in the US would know to put together with pad kee mao.
Everything too about Night + Market Song was so much fun! The table cloths, pink bead curtains, tight seating and the bright “Larb King” sign, all made for such a fun and evolved Thai food in LA experience. Love, love, LOVE this place.
Also ordered the Thai Fried Chicken sandwich with Som Tum, Crab Fried Rice and Roti with condensed milk for dessert. Alllllllllllllll so tasty. Need to go back and want to take my parents!

Thanks to @pasta_sisters in Culver City—I am now convinced that the key to eternal happiness is topping pasta with a ball of fresh burrata(even better when it’s flown in from Italy!). The Bolognese is so perfect in its own right with fresh spaghetti, tomato sauces and just enough ground beef... and then you have the option to make it so EXTRA with the burrata. Delicious. 🍝👌🏻🍝
My sister, @oooh_my_bonnie, talked to Francesco, one of the owners complimenting them on their opening and how she appreciates this “bigger one” location vs “the little one” location in K-Town. He talked about how with fifty cents in your pocket that’s what they could open at first and, now, they are here. You could see the pride on his face and hear the pride in his voice.... A great moment that demonstrates how food is a vehicle in which you can achieve the American dream and I absolutely love it.

Only the best for our guest. Dry aged 20oz Cowboy Ribeye waiting for you. #dryagedbeef #dryage #beefiswhatsfordinner #blackangus #marbled #cheflife #onlythebest

Best excuse to dine out: LA Traffic
@homerestaurantla Oven Roasted Chicken

Sustain-a-bowl @eat_sustainabowl... follow for the grand opening. Fusion bowls done right #chef #cheflife #food #picture #eater #eatela #raw #fish #seafood #poke #losangeles #la #california

Abuela’s comfort food on rainy day @cochinitola

As if a massive burrito wasn’t enough at the OC Vegan Popup, we also went in on some nachos from @justvegana with 1/2 barbacoa and 1/2 chorizo. ☀️🌴 LA (with its dope Mexican food, sunny days, and parking lot vegan pop ups) gets me. 💛 #nachos #vegannachos

I’m back in NYC, but I’m still reminiscing on sunny days & LA eats. ☀️🌴 The BBQ duck fried rice is aways a MUST order every time I’m at @vinhloitofu.🦆🍚 This stuff is the bomb. 💣 On the topic of fried rice, has anyone seen @davidchang’s @uglydelicious?? I’m obsessed.📺 #friedrice

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