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So my friend took me to this place adjacent Danjam plaza in gwarimpa along First avenue. Apparently it's a popular BUKKA called Ojuelegba where tasty local Nigerian dishes are served. Totally different from the upper class restaurants we have in Abuja and it's menu is affordable for all depending on what one wants to eat. It hosted many people serving different meals from big food warmers. We chose to take out instead of eating in because I had work on my table. Jollof rice, beef and plantain was bought and all seemed to cost slightly above a Thousand Naira. The place was neat and well organized, for a bukka I was impressed with their services , they accept bank transfer,pos and cash. The jolIof rice was DELISH just like the party type. Wouldn't rate them but rather applaud them for obvious reasons. I recommend Ojuelegba BUKKA because even in Ojuelegba Lagos State they know their story. The Abujafoodie signing out

To every mother, lady, daughter, friend. We wish you this wonderful day marked for just you. Our greatest praise is that we have you in our entire lives for without you there will be none of us. For you all are compassionate, unique, beautiful,hardworking and a blessing to this world.Happy International Women's Day
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With the thought and craving for pounded yam after a long day, my friend and I decided to visit Native Bukka as it was the nearest restaurant from the Hilton. Standing tall amongst cooperate organisation at Usuma street off busy Gana street maitama with UBA counting millions for animals to consume opp it (laugh). We were welcomed in with a pleasant smell from the door, the AC chilling at the right temperature, a nice lady brought the menu and it's like she read our minds and suggested fisherman's okro soup with pounded yam, you all know what goes in my glass right? Lemon but this times around there wasn't ice, expected time for food was set at 10mints but it took 20mints which was fine. Food came inviting making us salivating I thought the pounded yam was small but the soup was beautiful and much. Hmmm the soup Abi? Very rich, well cooked with the right native ingredients it had crabs, prawns, shrimps, fish, snails, periwinkle in the shell and many without the shell. Did you know periwinkle is rich in vitamin C? I know you all didn't know but you are always welcome. Every bite was a soothing sensation, I was very impressed with the crab and the periwinkles the seasoning went down into the shell. However I had a few worries at the same time instead of hand wash we were left with dish washing liquid as if our hands are Nigerian plates, one of the staff was cleaning the floor while we were still eating, now I found that rude and outrightly wrong and the Valentine adornment were still hanging. Be that as it may i would have loved to score Native Bukka higher the 6.5 but for obvious reasons I'm left with no choice but then I strongly recommend this place as its prices wouldn't break a bank. I hope to visit again soon.

Barkono in Hausa means pepper quite a smart idea @barkonogrill. With the help of Google Map I was to locate Barkono Grill steaming off Ahmadu Bello way, a few blocks from FO filling station Apo; it also has popular Chloe cupcakes as its next door neighbor Infact they share a wall between them. Cozy and cool place with plenty of natural light ray through the doors. Food menu was filled with multiple options one could pick from. Grilled jumbo prawn which was grilled prawns with parsley and garlic butter served with coleslaw and any side of which I chose fried rice with and Bee sting ;a combination of orange, apple juice and honey as my mocktail. The usual 20minutes was said for the food to be served and I asked for my mocktail first. I took time to look and admire the interior and a few Wall frames that had the anatomy of a cow apparently each part of the cow is a special delicacy. Did you know that? I know you didn't and you are welcome! It took 40minutes if not more for the meal, the plating was poor and unprofessionally placed, I wasn't quite pleased with the rice it was bland in taste and had little or less spicing; just when I wanted to help my self with some salt and pepper but guess what? The salt&pepper shakers were empty even the ones on the next table, my mocktail was just a combination of store bought pack juice with a hint of honey. Many fruits are in season how about go natural? The coleslaw wasn't any better to be honest and it was displeasing, food didn't come out as it stated on the menu,wrong plate serving i.e if I was having fries and chicken or burger it would have been acceptable but fried rice and prawns on a wooden slate with paper underneath? Haba that's in all shades wrong! In my opinion corrections should be taken and also educate your waiters on the menu as some of the things on the menu the waiter had little or no idea what it was, give ur mocktails and cocktails a signature probably add a secret ingredient like mint leaves or cardamom and learn to be consistent. Having said all this Barkono Grill is grilling on a low heat at 5 sadly.

Morning guys!!! It's FRIDAY!!!! Few hours to the awesome paint night.. Join us @ CIVIC INNOVATION LAB, 50, ADEMOLA ADETOKUNBO CRESCENT, WUSE 2, ABUJA, NIGERIA.
TIME~> 7pm-9pm
Get your tickets @ www.artsplashstudio.com..
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Yesterday was super amazing, we not only sold our yummy products, we also learnt great nuggets from great mompreneurs like @munawanna, @bolaadefila and @ronkeoyenuga. Thank you so much, may God bless you all as you go about infusing businesses with courage and strength.
Thanks to everyone who visited our stands, too numerous to mention. @quteeyy @sarahm_saliu @akinwalejoy @mofashionsmirror For all the awwws and wows, all the smiles as you sampled and bought what we offered, we are grateful.
@hotrrefuge and W2W, thank you for the platform and opportunity.

So as you know, thank you is not by mouth, and as today is Sunday and my husband's birthday, please enjoy these cakes and have a fabulous day.

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It's Thursday Movie Night. Make A Date With Crush Cafe, Let's Make Your Imagination Come To Life. #crushcafe #thursdaymovies #crushmovies #thursday #abujapeople #walkincinema #eatdrinkabuja

It's Thursday Movie Night. Make A Date With Crush Cafe, Let's Make Your Imagination Come To Life. #crushcafe #thursdaymovies #crushmovies #thursday #abujapeople #walkincinema #eatdrinkabuja

Happening now, Crushcafesunday. #Beautiful people #eatdrinkabuja #crushcafeabj #crushcafeceo

Hmmmmmm!! that is all i can say about these waffles from @wafflestopabuja. If you have a waffle checklist, you havent ticked all the boxes till you have gone to their store to get a bite. #wafflestopabuja #waffles #food #foodphotography #photography #nigerianphotographer #eatdrinkabuja

Best Roasted potatoes and chicken curry I have eaten in Abuja so far. @Quovadishotel #abujafoodie #eatdrinkabuja #wuse2 #abuja

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