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{red, white and blue; ruffles and tents too} 😘Happy Fourth y'all! ❤️✨💙 #eatahotdog #playwithfire 🇺🇸

Happy B-Day to America. And FUCK YOU Donald Trump. 🖕🏼🇺🇸 #notmymothafuckinpresident #eatahotdog

Learning to call myself free; to call this body of mine and this season of life "home"; learning to be brave. Here's to reclaiming an independence that doesn't benefit from the mistreatment of others; to reclaiming the pursuit of justice for all. Here's to a kind of authority that rejects terror and violence, even in the smallest ways, in our everyday. Big evils grow from small cells of daily ignorance and injustice. Let's respond by growing, on our own turf, small pockets of deep love, advocacy, and change. Let's tell the violent or powerful that they are not "free" to cause harm on a human soul. If we can do this as a country (someday), we must first start (today) as one person, one community, one city. Here's recognition to a week of terror-inflicting actions by a group of scared creatures, trying to grip their ignorance like a ticking bomb; and here's to us who refuse to allow the ultimate smallness of this evil, to diminish our everyday acts of grace and compassion. To Istanbul, Bangladesh, Baghdad, and now Malaysia: We will not wield our freedom like a bomb to decimate, or a fence to ignore. "My freedom is dependent on yours." So today we celebrate to say that your chains are not irrelevant to us. And we—thousands of miles away—can loosen these weights slowly with simple acts of counter terrorism; with our smiles, open arms, and our advocacy and demand for change in local communities. And we will call out "free", "brave", and "independence" for the many who are still waiting for words like those - not necessarily for an "American" system, but for something that can breathe on its own and allow its citizens to flourish. Here's to being able to breathe on our own, and to refusing terror, violence and exclusivity in our own homes, hearts, and communities. Happy 4th 🇺🇸🌭🍉 #eatahotdog

One of my best friends on this planet just became a U.S. Citizen today. Watch out San Diego, @larry_ravioli is probably out on a rampage by now! #loveyoubrother #eatahotdog #makeamericasaneagain #thisbudsforyou

Celebrating Zeke's birthday at Large Lads #ThetaChi #GoToLargeLads #EatAHotDog

I don't feel that this holiday is any reason to celebrate, but since most of you buttholes do, I'll take this time to remind you not to bring your pets around fireworks. For fucks sake. Anyway, Enjoy your hotdogs!
#fireworks #petanxietyawareness #eatahotdog


Mustard skirt with POCKETS! #wcw #eatahotdog #shemaybeanelf

Sábado en Familia.. Sábado de Burgers.. 😎 Tu también vente con toda la familia a cenar una deliciosa Burger o un exquisito Hotdog.. 😃👍🏻 #eataburger #eatahotdog #lasdel926

Para irles abriendo el antojo desde hoy.. les dejamos este hotcho de salchicha de res... uno de los preferidos...
#eatahotdog #lasdel926

Chili Cheese Dog. Don't you wanta chili dog? Snap into a chili dog. Eat me. #doggonnithotdogs #doggonnit #hotdogcart #hotdog #beefy #MyHotDogBringsAllTheBoysToTheYard #EatAHotdog #chilidog #chilicheese #

Happy National Hot Dog Day! There a hot dog eating contest @casinopier_bwb at 1. Dennis & Judi from 101.5 are also at the pier broadcasting live till 2 today. #hotdog #contestday #eatahotdog #dennisandjudi #nj1015 #casinopier #njisntboring #summertime #howmanycanyoueat 🤔🌭#summer17 #seasideheights #seasideheightsnj #seasideheightsnow 🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🏆

Happy national Hot Dog day!! 🌭🌭Come join us & get 2 Vienna Beef® dogs, French Fries, and Medium Coca Cola for only $4.00. Today only! See you here ‼️#hotdogday2017 #nationalhotdogday #SaulsGrill #SaulsDog #eatahotdog #get2

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