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14 days of love, 14 ways of how Bewellaby loves you back!
Feb 7, 2018
RASPBERRY LEAF loves you back! We are halfway there to Valentines Day 💕 Can you smell the gorgeous roses? A reminder though that everyday of the year should include self-love and nourishment.
Raspberry leaf is amazing for really everyone! However its highlights are specific 😊
Any gorgeous mamas-to-be out there? Or just had a baby? Let us know in the comments👇🏼👇🏼 You lovely ladies need to get your hands on this herb (or our Raspberry Leaf gummies) immediately*. It is rich in iron, helps tone the uterus, known to ease labor pains and increases milk production.
It’s no wonder why pregnancy teas contain red raspberry leaf! We provide the convenient and super tasty ‘’candy’’ equivalent. No refined sugar though!! All clean ingredients, always.
This magical herb is also known to be a gal’s best friend every.single.month. Yup, she works her magic to ease off those horrible cramps naturally. There’s nothing better than binge eating some Red Raspberry Leaf @bewellaby gummies and cuddling up to some chick flicks (or in our case TED talks).
Treat yourself to gummies and roses all month every month 🍬🍬
*Always consult your physician before making any changes to your eating routine or before introducing a new herb, product, or ingredient.

Today is cardio day and I have my “cardio pants” on ready to go 😉😂🏃🏼‍♀️ I get asked constantly why I continue to workout while pregnant and I’ll be honest with you, there are days where it isn’t easy and there are days that I skip entirely for a multitude of reasons.
But I always find myself feeling WORSE when I’ve missed a few days in a row. My body hurts more and honestly I just feel “bleh”

So I ALWAYS come back to it
The way I see it is I’m about to go through the hardest “marathon” of my life (helloooo labor 👋🏼) so why would I NOT train my body for it?! There’s no way you would attempt to run a marathon without training your body. So why would this be any different?! #fitmama #fitpregnancy #easylabor

Sunset labor...... nighttime baby.....
#hipnobirthing #birthworker #easylabor #secondtimemom

1. Keep that spine aligned. Safe, effective adjustments to help combat spinal misalignment or dysfunction during pregnancy.

2. Relief from pain and discomfort. 16/17 women saw clinical improvement of back pain.

3. Easier labor and delivery. 50% reduced need for pain medication.

4. Customized exercise: less weight gain, shorter labors, fewer medical interventions, less fetal distress, and faster recoveries.
5. Postpartum care: Proper restoration of normal biomechanics and improved posture for breast-feeding.
#pregnancy #chiropractor #health

Ok little Hucker man one more week in your jacuzzi then you're getting an eviction notice. 😘😘😘💙💙💙#cantwaittobeamom #babyboy #easylabor

Berdayakan Dirimu (Birth Story)

By Yesie Aprillia

Cerita tentang kehamilan dan melahirkan adalah salah satu cerita yang bersejarah dalam kehidupan kita. Sebuah cerita yang tidak akan terlupakan dan selalu saja dikenang maupun terkenang. Siapapun yang terlibat dalam proses persalinan, pasti bisa menceritakan kembali proses tersebut.

Dan semua orang yang mendengarkan cerita atau kisah persalinan pasti juga tertarik dan ingin tahu. bahkan siapapun yang mendengar kisah bisa saja tersugesti. Nah apa jadinya apabila kisah kelahiran menjadi sebuah cerita yang menyeramkan dan menakutkan? sayang sekali bukan?

Nah saya senang sekali ketika apa yang saya lakukan selama ini yaitu memberikan edukasi kepada para ibu-ibu melalui berbagai media baik buku, web, sosial media bisa menginspirasi Anda dan membuat Anda mau memberdayakan diri. karena harapan saya adalah semakin banyak ibu, keluarga dan bayi yang merasakan pengalaman positif saat melahirkan dan dilahirkan. ======================================== Dan kisah diatas adalah beberapa cerita kelahiran ibu yang mau melakukan Pemberdayaan Diri dengan mengikuti Prenatal Gentle Yoga Jepara

semoga bisa menginspirasi


The cutest surprise came January 3rd. We couldn't be more in love with this boy!
Brixton Tyler Egbert 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 18 inches long. Watching Londyn come into the room to meet her Baby brother all teary eyed melted this mama. She just sat and stared as she held him... then cried again. She's going to be the best sister and helper to our new BB! #3.5weeksearly #freshbabyfromheaven #babybrix #finallydecidedaname #blessedmama #easylabor #igotthis

Are you expecting or thinking of getting pregnant? Getting chiropractic adjustments during and even before pregnancy helps keep your spine and pelvis in alignment. It will alsp help keep tendons and ligaments balanced and soft which will also help ease aches and pains such as sciatica nerve pain. Regular chiropractic visits during pregnancy have been shown to reduce labor time, breech or other malpositions, and the need for cesarean sections! 🙌 Just in comparison with my pregnancies and labors, chiropractic had a big impact on my labors. My first was very difficult unwanted induction that ended in a cesarean. With my second (when I had regular chiropractic care) I had a completely natural VBAC. You can visit the ICPA website to look for a chiropractor in your area that is Webster certified (meaning they have more knowledge and experience with pregnant women) I also continued to take my children to get adjusted regularly from the time they were infants. It is safe and effective to have your newborn adjusted since it can help with colic and latch issues in breastfed babies. Www.spinningbabies.com is also an excllent website to check out with tips for an easier labor. Have an awesome day!💖🤰 .
#birth #pregnancy #holisticnurse #advocacy #birthadvocate #chiropractic #healthypregnancy #alternativemedicine #naturalbirth #lactationconsultant #holistichealth #childbirth #vbac #breastfeeding #cesareanprevention #csection #naturalliving #holistic #healthandwellness #healthtips #health #womenshealth #healthyfamily #colic #easylabor #breechbirth #labor #naturalpregnancy #naturalfamily

Wishing you and myself new amazing opportunities, new unforgettable adventures, challenges that will make us grow, love that will fill our hearts and many moments which will make us remember this book called 2018💫💥💞 #happynewyear #newbeginnings #newchapter #newchance #makeitcount #letsdoit

Welcome to the world Isabella May Landon 💕👶🏼 12:06pm - December 29, 2017 - 7lbs 2oz #baby #welcometotheworld #carefreebaby #happybaby #decemberbaby #birth #newmomma #family #love #easylabor #quicklabor

Happy Birthday to my mini me, my funny girl, my now pre-teen, 12 year old!! My youngest child who has the ❤️ of Jesus and loves so easily!! I'm grateful to God for her for soooooo many reasons! She is just a joy child! I can't wait to see more of what God does in her life and in all of ours. Happy happy birthday!! 🎂🎉🎄🎅🏾#happybirthday #almostchristmas #myminime #myjoychild #easylabor #naturalchildbirth #2pushesandshewasout #1hourlabor

Madeline Therese was born last night at 7:04pm!
All 7lbs 2oz of her came in a swift and easy delivery and we are so thankful to God for bringing her safely into our arms. ♡ I'm pretty exhausted but we're just enjoying all the quiet snuggles before she goes home to meet her crazy sisters tomorrow! I can't wait to see them all together. 💟💟💟 Thank you for your prayers!

Once you get pregnant you may think you just need to sit still to protect and let your baby grow.. This is the opposite of what you should do. You def should keep doing exercises and keep moving, all in a more gentle way then you may have done before you were pregnant obviously. This image shows you why it's so important to keep moving an doing exercise!
#evelienspt #backtowork #stayfitduringandafterpregnancy #antenatal #antenatalexercises #postnatal #pregnancy #keepmoving #easylabor #moreenergy #betersleep #prepareforlabor #feelbetterpostnatal #UK #Bristol #exercise #pt #personaltrainer #mumslife #healthylifestyle #stayingfit

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.. Perkenalkan aq bayi cantik anaknya Papa Gurahwan n Mama Permata 😊
Alhamdulillah wasyukurillah aq lahir Normal, dengan Pembukaan yang lancar dan cepat (ga sia2 mama aq prenatal gentle yoga cape2 😅)..Pada tgl 7 Desember 2017 jam 06.26 pagi..🤗
Mohon doa nya Om Tante..Semoga aq menjadi Anak yang soleha, cerdas dan Berkah dunia akhirat..Aamiin Yaa Rabbal alamiin..😇

Repost @hudabeauty because this was me! Lol I did not do my make up full glam like this but I did definitely do my makeup. Luckily I had pretty easy labors and almost pain free until very close to giving birth (even thought I was induced with my last 2 and no epidural for any of my births!!) #makeuplover #birthmakeup #labor #birth #pictures #noepidural #inducedlabor #easylabor

OMG 😲 I have finally started my Prenatal 🤰🏾yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ workouts. It took me so long to start working-out but I’m glad I did. I want to have the same relaxed 😌reduce pain labor as I did with Zoë 🦄. Here’s to the start to a peaceful ✌🏾labor. #PrenatalYoga🤰🏾🧘🏾‍♀️ #PrenatalWorkout🤰🏾#EasyLabor #RelaxedBody😌 #BabyNumber2

A wonderful class of gentle exercises, releases and relaxation for pregnant ladies 🍀🌸 Contact me to book your place for tomorrow’s class.
Bellas & Fellas
Heybridge House
Southend Road
#prenatalworkout #releases #pregnancy #mumtobe #pelvicfloor #strongcore #movement #mobilisation #painrelease #healthymind #healthymum #healthybaby #billericay #essex #diastasisrecti #mindfulmama #birthpreparation #easylabor #ninaswellness

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