BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR the hypnobirthing audio is available online. Download it on phone or tablet and you can listen to it when you go to sleep! 9 out of 10 pregnant women benefits from this type of birth preparation!
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Continuing education is an important part of our values to better serve birthing clients. Today we attended a Spinning Babies workshop. #spinningbabies #childbirth #optimalfetalpositioning #easylabor #eugene

✨Varios estudios han encontrado que comer 6 dátiles diarios desde las 36 semanas de embarazo ayuda en el proceso de dilatación haciendo que el proceso de parto sea más corto y “fácil”. •••
✨Los Dátiles tienen un efecto similar al de la Oxitocina (💕) por lo que aumenta la sensibilidad del útero, promoviendo las contracciones uterinas y en el posparto ayuda a reducir la hemorragia. •••
✨Las propiedades de esta fruta son lo máximo. Sin embargo, si aún no estas convencida, considera su alto valor nutricional ya que contiene:
- Azúcares Naturales
- Fibra
- Magnesio
- Potasio
- Folato
- Vitamina K

Have you ever thought to snack your way to an easier labor? 😋 According to a study in 2014, women who ate 6 dates a day for the four weeks leading up to their due date were significantly more dilated and more likely to go into labor spontaneously. So, grab those dates and stuff them with nut butter! .
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When I was preparing for Colin's birth, I did a lot of things to try to make it easier on myself. Probably the easiest trick that I tried was eating 6 dates a day for the last 4 weeks leading up to his due date. Not only are they delicious (nature's caramel!) and full of excellent nutrients, but they have also been found to make labor *shorter* and *easier.* Dates have an effect similar to oxytocin on the body, which is a hormone that plays a major role during birth! It's what stimulates contractions, aids with ripening the cervix for dilation, and helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

In addition, dates have folate (helps prevent birth defects), vitamin k (essential for blood clotting- it's routine for newborns to get a vitamin k shot after birth), iron (helps prevent anemia), potassium (helps prevent cramping), fiber (helps with constipation), and sugars that your body can easily use as energy (great for during labor). Eating medjool dates worked so well for me! I believe it's one of the things that helped me have an uncomplicated delivery 🙌. This is just my own personal experience and isn't medical advice. Before starting anything new, always consult your OB or midwife first ;) This week, I'll show you 3 of my favorite ways to eat dates! 😋
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It's all about the pelvic floor on the blog!
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I’ve never seen a grown man cry meeting his child for the first time. I was in labor for a while but pushing lasted 45 minutes and I feel sooo good! Our son came out so easy! He’s our whole world #family #beautifulbabyboy #fullheadofhair #handsomeman #handsomebaby #fatherson #easylabor #iamwoman #wearepartners #weareparents #inlove

These are the moments that I sometimes have to hold back happy tears. It doesn’t get any better than this! Happy Friday everybody! 🙌🏾😍😘💞 #ChiroBabies #ChiroMoms #ICPA #EasyLabor #OnlyFourHours #InfantAdjusting #Gentle #CoupleWeeksOld #CaringChiropractor #Giving #Loving #Serving #DrMomCares

Pregnancy is when you realize how big your heart is

Because you've loved someone before they're even exist

Pic from last Sunday's prenatal yoga with @inda_mel1 . Preparing for easy, calm and gentle labor through breathing techniques, meditating and strengthen execises.

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Here is something I am very passionate about. For women to have easy and natural births as much as possible.
It is not to say that sometimes emergency/hospital care might not be required, but my job is to set up each lady in such a way where she can avoid as many interventions and surgery if possible.
Why? Well, for one, nothing about those things is natural. Two, interventions always carry risks and can often lead to further problems for the woman or result in a c-section. (yes some people fear labor of being risky on its own as well but we are forgetting that it is something we were designed to be able to do in life and most of the time these things are not necessary if you prepare your body right ...besides you have options with which kind of practitioner you wish to oversee your labor). And three, let's not forget the baby which gets stressed out during labor on its own. My thought is that every mom would probably want to make that transition into this world for her child as smooth and gentle as possible, not to mention healthy. .
So here are the top 5 things that will influence your labor:
1. Nutrition. The more natural, whole and live food you eat the healthier your pregnancy, baby and labor. Lots and lots and lots or vegetables, some fruits, minerals and possibly vitamin supplements, some good proteins, lots of healthy fats (oils, avocados, coconut oil, butter, fish oils, seeds and some nuts), and less of refined carbohydrates. You will get plenty of calories thru veggies, fruit, and fats. How about other carbs? Yes its good to have some healthy grains but that should not be the main staple in your diet. Number one are vegetables.
2. Raspberry Leaf tea is a given for me in pregnancy. My moms-to-be would get this in their 2nd and 3rd trimester to strengthen the uterus and promote healthy uterine function at childbirth. This herb is given also for abnormal bleeding, bleeding during labor, prolapsed uterus & morning sickness. Otherwise it's used for PMS, excessive menstrual bleeding, painful menstruation, and topically for inflamed eyes & mouth
3. Cont. in comments...
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Tag your (wanting 2 B) pregnant friends!

Lincoln Hendrix Davis arrived at 4:25 pm this afternoon!! 7lb 2 oz and 20 inches long 👶🏽 Only took 5 mins and 2 pushes ☺️ #landoflincoln #newborn #chitownbaby #carterslookalike #inductionday #easylabor @ndavis2003

Strolling thru the Greenway with the Fam 🚶🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️😉😎 #nightwalks #exercise #fitchic #keepittight #easylabor #hopes 🤞🏾

Can too much yoga in pregnancy make labor harder? Part I
My short answer is YES.
In one word: BANDHAS
Birth is a time for YIN. In fact, if you are pregnant right now you are in YIN. Your whole body is making space and even the super hormone relaxin shows up to support your joints to expand properly.
Yoga as we know it in the West is usually a more Yang practice where we are suggested to activate and contract and “hug the muscles into the bones”.
Even my doula said to me “Vane, you’ve been practicing for such a long time, you can still do everything you normally do. Remember, you are pregnant. Not sick. Just listen to your body”
Ok — I get it. But. Can I really?
How do we modify our practice to benefit a calm, natural, vaginal, functional birth?
It’s all about the bandhas baby!
The energy locks 🔐
Moola bandha is all about the perineum, it contracts the psoas muscle and tightens the pelvic floor. If the Psoas is too tight, baby may not find optimal position to come out!
Uddiyana bandha is all about flight! Uddiyana is that floating quality we see in advanced practitioners. I think is common sense that we don’t want to squeeze our growing babies by taking the navel in.
Finally, Jalandhara bandha is the final seal of the throat to keep all of that energy in. Is known that the opening of the throat is deeply connected to the openness of your fun parts! 🌸
That’s why we moan and why not, sometimes scream during sex!
As pregnant yogis we must un-learn everything we know about bandhas to support cervical dilation in labor.
Swipe left to see an image of what that looks like anatomically.
On my next post (part II) I will share more of my own experience and what my yoga looks like at 24 weeks pregnant 🤰🏻 To be continued...

Doulas are proven to decrease use of medication, decrease c-sections, improve overall labor and much more! #doula #yourbirth #goodexperience #expectingmoms #easylabor

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