Check out @ladyharvatine's instatutorial for this adorable crown at #easydressupcrown! I may have to make some of these for Christmas!

Picking fabrics for a whole mess of #easydressupcrown s for a whole mess of kids.

The best thing to do with your #easydressupcrown . Tuck a scarf underneath and make Ginny's world famous mermaid hair (patent pending).

11. Sew buttons to points. Sew them on by machine to make things super easy.
12. Give it to your favorite toddler royalty!
#instatutorial #easydressupcrown

7. Top stitch around entire crown.
8. Cut ribbon 1" longer than crown width and wide elastic 9" long.
9. Fold under end of ribbon, tuck 1/2" of elastic between ribbon and crown and stitch down with 2 lines of stitches.
10. Sew edge of ribbon to other end, fold other end of ribbon down and tuck other end of elastic underneath. Double stitch the other end then sew other edge of ribbon back to the first end.
#instatutorial #easydressupcrown

4. Trim bg fabric and batting to edge of pieced front.
5. Clip the inner corners and all points.
6. Turn the crown right side out and press.
#instatutorial #easydressupcrown

1. Cut 3 pieces of fabric like so.
2. Sew pieces together and press seams open.
3. Layer batting, backing fabric right side up and pieced front right side down. Edge stitch 1/4" leaving a 3" opening on bottom edge.

#instatutorial for Ginny's favorite accessory starting soon! #easydressupcrown

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