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We lobe Vera Wangs take on her bedroom “My bedroom is my sanctuary. It's like a refuge, and it's where I do a fair amount of designing - at least conceptually, if not literally”. We dream big @luxconaustralia, we’ve realised that when you strive for only the best, the best is only what you will get. Live a life of luxury in a build by @luxconaustralia 🏡🙌🏽

Poppy & Hank are a little coy but his face says it all 🐾🌹❤️ Poppy seems to attract all the younger chaps 💘 #puppylove #staffy #britishbulldogpuppy #dogwalking #dogdates #easternsuburbs #poppyspawtraits

There are well documented scientific benefits to having an attitude of gratitude: . .
🙏 increase in happiness and wellbeing
🙏 feeling more alive
🙏 sleeping better
🙏 more compassionate
🙏 stronger immune system.
However, I love my daily gratitude practice simply because it FEELS better to focus on what is going right in my life, rather than what is not.
If you don’t already have a daily gratitude practice going on, I invite you to give it a go for 1 week and then let me know if you don’t feel lighter and happier. 🤗 I’d put money on the fact that you do! .
Not sure that you have much to be grateful for at the moment? What you focus on expands, so increasing your gratitude brings to you more things to be grateful for. .
Small things that happen throughout the day can also be a good place to start-someone let’s you in in traffic, you get all green lights when you are running late for work 🚦, an item you wanted to buy suddenly goes on sale, someone (or something) makes you laugh really hard 😂, you come home to a clean house (hint hint to my husband and kids) after a long week of work etc! .
The other day I found my sunglasses when I thought they were lost which was a perfect gratitude moment for me (I did a little happy dance when I found them!). 😎
My FREE weekly planner (link in bio) has a built-in daily gratitude prompt so you can get started today! ✍️🤗💕
Have fun with it and let me know how you go!

My funny Valentine!! We love our morning adventures 🐶❤️🌈🐾 🍃🍁🌾#cavoodlepuppy #puppylove #heartmelter #puppytraining #dogwalker #sydney #easternsuburbs #poppyspals #poppyspawtraits #rosylandcreative

#Repost @eastsrugby_ with @get_repost
Player profile 2018: Ella Goldsmith
Nickname: Ella or goldy
Height: 168cm
Home town: Coonamble
Likes: Playing some footy with my girls, spinning yarns and food
Dislikes: Seafood, sooks
Signature dish: Lamb choppies
The year you first played rugby: 2016
Career highlight: Playing for the Sydney Rays at inside centre
Position/s played: 10,12
Why, of all the available sports, did you find or decide to play rugby? Too aggro for anything else
Previous clubs represented: Cheltenham Tigers, Waverley, Sydney Rays, UTS, and Easts
Body parts you have strapped for a game: Knee
What do you love most about Easts? Feeling appreciated by the club
Best rugby memory: First ever try with the rays
Who/what inspires you: Women’s super W
Best rugby advice: Don’t tackle high on parramatta girls and leave nothing in the tank
Most embarrassing or funniest rugby moment/injury: 6 stitches next to my eye from tackling too high on two blues girls

Let’s calculate your body type.
There’s math involved here… sorry! However, it’s really important to find out your individual body measurements, and how this effects styles that are going to suit your body!
You’ll need to take three measurements with a measuring tape.
1. Bust: With your arms relaxed by your sides, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
2. Waist: It’s helpful to bend sideways to find your waist, which is the narrowest part of your torso. 3. Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips.
When measuring, wrap the tape around the area of the body to get the width or against the body to get the height. Never wrap the measuring tape around the body too tightly. Whenever you need a whole number, round up and not down; i.e. 32.5 inches = 33 inches.
Now you have three measurements:
For example: Bust 40 inches, Waist 32 inches, Hips 42 inches
The next step is to check and see how your hips appear to be in relation to your bust. Determine the measurement percentage of your waist in relation to your bust and your hips in relation to your bust.
Waist ÷ Bust x 100% = Waist Percentage
Hips ÷ Bust x 100% = Hip Percentage

Waist 32 inches ÷ Bust 40 inches x 100% = 80%
Therefore, your waist measurement is 80% of your bust measurement.

Hips 42 inches ÷ Bust 40 inches x 100% = 105%
Therefore, your hip measurement is 105% of your bust measurement.

AVERAGE: Waist is 75% – 79% of bust
APPLE: Waist is 90% of bust
RECTANGLE: Waist 80% – 90% of bust
HOURGLASS: Waist less than 75% of bust

HIP PERCENTAGE: AVERAGE: Hips 100% – 106% of bust. V-SHAPED: Hips less than 100% of bust. PEAR: Hips greater than 106% of bust
NB You can be on the border of shape measurements. If so, use common sense to work out your body shape.
Have a great night ladies. Friday tomorrow 🙌
Stay stylish
Joanna x

Super Daisy is most happy when she is at her muddiest. Much the same as her bestest bud Basil! Love them! 💛💚

Daddy always keeps my eyes nice and clean... @damienpace

Rejuvenate, don't procrastinate.
Learn more, tomorrow @GaslightPharmacy
Rose Bay.


Some #blazing fun for gorgeous little man Joshy! This
#monsterwheels cake was so much fun to make!
#blazeandthemonstermachines 🔥🔥Made with❤️ @edible_magic .
#birthdaycake #blaze #hot #fire #blazingspeed #4 #cake #monstertruck #wheels

Uhlsport sponsored team Rochedale Rovers up against Eastern Suburbs in #FQPL comp ⚽️ Uhlsport balls available 👉http://bit.ly/2II8EP6 📸by Patrick Kearney
#uhlsportaustralia #uhlsport #football #soccer #footballqld #rochedalerovers #easternsuburbs #fc #brisbane #statewidesports

Uhlsport sponsored team Rochedale Rovers up against Eastern Suburbs in #FQPL comp ⚽️
Certainly some serious action here 💪
📸by Patrick Kearney
#uhlsportaustralia #uhlsport #football #soccer #footballqld #rochedalerovers #easternsuburbs #fc #brisbane #statewidesports

It’s L💛VE at first sight. Pondering if I should add these to the collection 🧡💛

Did you know that Egyptian Royals and Catherine the Great preferred amethyst over any other gemstone? Feel like a Queen wearing these vividly violet amethyst earrings from KJ.
#amethyst #earrings #beautiful #semipreciousstones #kj #kjboutique #kjboutiquespace #sydney #easternsuburbs #australia #jewelry #jewelrydesigner

🍹Recipe Thursday. This week’s recipe is our Pina Colada Probiotic Smoothie. Recipe is live on the website http://www.functionalfoodsolutions.com.au/pina-colada-probiotic-smoothie/ .
Stay tuned for Friday’s Food Fact tomorrow to learn why you can benefit from the fermented foods & probiotics found in this recipe.

Not sure which sounds better, falling rain or the crashing of waves? #waves #Coogee #beach #rain #sea #bodyboarder #bodyboard #surfing #sand #almostweekend #easternsuburbs #Sydney #home #happy

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