A FATHER’s LESSON 🙏🏼#Repost @drlisahollandpt ・・・
BY THE HAND 🙏🏼 My father bought this years ago & for what ever reason was very insistent it belong to me. I originally dismissed it because of my father's obsession with catholicism amongst the peak times of his life long battle with mental illness. Unfortunately, that well ingrained neuroemotional pattern of my youth immediately set a distaste for anything holy given by my father 😕...So sadly, it got placed behind another picture in a frame for years. Now that my dad has passed, I do not know where he got it or the artist but today ,on #Easter2017 The image decided to speak some sense into me. Particularly Christ's Right hand as it is in the Yogic energetic healing posture of Prana Mudra:a posturing to elicit breath& life force which the Right hand denotes Jesus is giving, not symbolically receiving that universal energy. 🌟There is also the crown of thorns right around his centered spiritual heart which says so much about #pain, #empathy & feeling #compassion. For the 1st time I noted his eyes hold a tinge of the abundance frequency color of green, a heart Level Vibrator Pranayama tone & light wave my particular lineage teaches of the sanyasan holy science.
This particular color is tapped into for personal healing through the vibratory sound waves housed around love & compassion💚. It made me realize for the first time that although Jesus was a man, he has always been a more feminine styled comforting energy to me. I can remember having many grace filled conversations w/him as a child as a substitute for my own mother who was often busy dealing w/ my dad's obvious struggle with grace within.🤔 Most interesting is that the picture is stamped 1996 which is the year I remember celebrating "the linear climb" since nursery school & officially graduated enough levels to set forth earning my very hunter minded collection of ROI. 😂 This image had no place in that world so as it goes, it was lost, having returned to me at a much better time to be received, just after my dad died & about 3 months after I "got woke" to the #curvyhustle by a spiritual female guide who lead me to investigate other female spirits

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In the bleak midwinter... #easter2017

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