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#tbt mais que perfeito passando na sua timeline 🔋🌸🎋☀️ .
📸 @fabiolasouza_

another #throwback to the beautiful island - thira 🐚 still can’t handle the beauty of these white, clear cities and the cold, salty waves of the sea 🌊 was gefällt euch am besten wenn ihr andere länder bereist? seid ihr eher die klassischen “hotel anlagen” und “strandliege” typen oder doch eher die abenteurer die möglichst viel von dem land, der kultur und den menschen kennenlernen möchte? 🌍 ich bin definitiv der “typ abenteuerlustig”, nur am strand oder am pool liegen ist mir meist schon nach einer stunde zu langweilig 🙈 #zappelphilipp habt einen schönen mittwochabend ihr lieben 🌚

I watched a great programme this week where the presenter visited one of the cottages that sits on this beautiful stretch of coast in East Sussex. It had no electricity, so was illuminated in the darkness by candles✨
Could you imagine the atmosphere when the waves are crashing on to the beach and there are no electric lights, no television and probably no mobile phone signal...bliss perhaps?✨
There was a study where the owner’s sat and wrote and what inspiration you would get looking out on to these iconic cliffs. The interior had a Bohemian feel to it, with nick nacks, pieces of driftwood that had been rescued from the beach and artwork adorning the walls✨
A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who liked and left comments on my picture of St Michael’s Mount yesterday, it received over 1100 likes 😍

Sometimes we just need to get back to nature.


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Me llamo Indio y soy un cachorrito aventurero y feliz! 😊🐶

#tbt mais que perfeito passando na sua timeline 🔋🌸🎋☀️ .
📸 @fabiolasouza_

Just because you need another picture of Yosemite. 🐿🍂

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