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@bobpoolefilms tiene todo listo para acercarte a las #hienas de #Etiopia 🌏 #EarthLive Estreno en vivo. HOY, 7 PM MEX-COL-PE / 8 PM CHI / 9 PM ARG

A sweet little raccoon out in my backyard, New Brunswick, Canada. | Photo by @bkcrossman | National Geographic YourShot @natgeoyourshot | http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/ | Nature is all around you, even in your own backyard. Share a photo of how you are your own #BackyardWarrior.

Join Nat Geo WILD for the world's greatest natural event, #EarthLive, on July 9th at 8/7c!

Photo by Matthew Kline #Sponsored by @Nature_Valley
Nature is a powerful force. And, when you experience nature, so are you. Show us how you are experiencing nature’s power by tagging @Nature_Valley for a chance to be featured on the @Nature_Valley feed. #GetOutdoorsDay
Fun Fact: The Grand Canyon is big enough to fit 19 Statues of Liberty stacked on top of each other!
Witness Earth’s greatest wildlife, shot by the world’s greatest wildlife cinematographers, in a spectacular 2-hour broadcast on @NatGeoChannel, Sunday July 9 at 8/7c, hosted by @JaneLynchOfficial. #EarthLive
Photo as seen on #AmericasNationalParks

Raising a coconut for #EarthLive 6 continents 15 countries 25 locations more than 50 #Live cameras on @natgeochannel July 9th

#earthlive - getting all set up here on location in India @natgeowild @natgeochannel @felis_creations Tune in tonite on Natgeotvusa - to see Facebook LIVE from locations worldwide

¿Tuviste un encuentro cercano con la naturaleza en estado salvaje? 🐯 ¡Comparte tu fotografía en las redes sociales usando el hashtag #MiMomentoEarthLive, mientras te preparas para el estreno mundial del gran evento televisivo! 🌍 #EarthLive Domingo 9 de julio, 7 PM MEX-COL-PE / 8 PM CHI / 9 PM ARG.

What animals are you looking forward to seeing? We focus on some of the most spectacular wildlife on the planet in #EarthLive. #NatGeoAfrica


I was so excited to be home this weekend to edit these Canada photos, but once I got started I didn’tl want to mess with the integrity of Lake Moraine’s blue. Also some cute old men kayaking under a glacier is #NoFilter worthy. Looks like I’ll spend the afternoon looking up stuff to do in #Peru next month with @kityyykatt . Anyone have any suggestions?

Just as water and fire are incompatible, neither can a desert and a spring coexist. But, this is not the case for the Crescent Lake in Dunhuang. The golden sand hill and the blue lake cast a beautiful contrast in a harmonious existence.

It can be considered a natural wonder of the Gobi Desert. Just as its name implies, the lake appears like a crescent moon and with its crystal clear water, resembles a turquoise or pearl inlaid in the vast desert. Some say it reminds them of the eye of a beautiful woman, lucid, beautiful and amorous. Others say it looks like the mysterious, gentle and seductive lips of a pretty woman, or a slice of a lush, sweet and crystal cantaloupe.
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Amazing clouds over canberra now ..
Good Noon Peeps 🍻

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