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Mini pizza-bases, tomato paste sprinkled with mixed herbs and garlic, mushrooms fried in Nutelex, red onion, grated BioCheese (dairy-free cheese alternative), roast potato and pumpkin. Easy pizza recipe that's bulllllshit tasty and cruelty-free. Give it a try and see for yourself 👌 #animalliberation #humanliberation #earthliberation

Hey everyone! I just remembered that this original drawing I did is still available for sale, and all the $ will go directly to #proyectohuella to help them continue protecting sea turtles! It's a great cause, and you get some art as a bonus :) It's framed, too. Please DM me if you're seriously interested! #artbenefit #savetheseaturtles #animalliberation #earthliberation. Update: SOLD to the awesome, very supportive @matt_ants

I have been at war with my own country for years.
I began by picking apart the fisheries that changed my childhood.
Proving corporations are breaking health regulations with no consequence.
I watched governments ignore international law.
And the further I examined the system...
The more faith I lost.
Now I’ve learnt to look at things a different way.
Like laws, and how sometimes the unjust ones just need to be broken.

In a world where the laws are made to justify the decay of our last wild things.
Rebellion is not just our right anymore... Its now our responsibility. 📷 @piachichile #breakthelaw #toocoolforhastags #earthliberation

Just letting you know where the people behind this sanctuary stand. If you can support an animal rescue but not refugees, you've got some confused views. We are not a one agenda space. Trump supporters, racists, fascists, sexist, homophobes, prejudice of any kind; please find the exit. #trump #animalliberation #earthliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #liberation #vegan #life #refugeeswelcome #refugee #circlethatA #anarchist #freewill #noborders #antifascist #richardspencer #ALF #ELF #hardcoreethic #ethic

When it all comes down
Will you say you did
Everything you could? - Rise Against
Picture from the Movie: IF A TREE FALLS
#ecoterorism #riseagainst #earthliberation

Friend of mine has only 6 left #Repost @deathbeforedairy

For those of you that don't know me or the 'Death Before Dairy' project, in the past I have produced tees and donated all the profit of their sale to an Animal Liberation organisation. To date we have raised money for Sea Shepherd Australia, Save a Cow Project, Farm Animal Rescue.
I have produced one last run of shirts before I wrap the project up, when all 60 shirts are sold we will have raised $1000 profit, all of which will be going to Animal Liberation Tasmania.
So.. I have 7 shirts left in both short sleeve and long sleeve. Printed on AS Colour garments by a quality local printer with vegan inks.
If you're a Brisbane local and want to save on postage, enter 'locapickup' in the discounts section.
For those of you not familiar with ALT; they are a highly active group conducting weekly direct action of behalf of all our animal friends. @animal_liberation_tasmania.

Cheers ✌️️ www.deathbeforedairy.com #vegan #govegen #stayvegan #animalliberation #humanliberation #earthliberation #totalliberation #totalliberation #ecology #freminism #lgbtpositive #antifa #anarchism #veganarchy #straightedge #veganstraightedge #xvx #vsxe #compassion #love #earthcrisis


"The ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the dreams and memories of time." - H.P. Lovecraft. Every day we have the chance to honor millions of years of evolution, millions of years of sentience, simply by choosing not to eat animals. #earthix 📸: David Di Veroli

"All sentient beings should have at least one right--not to be treated as property." -Gary Francione #earthix 📸: Sam Carter

La vida es un pequeño espacio de luz entre dos nostalgias: la de lo que aún no has vivido y la de lo que ya no vas a poder vivir. Y el momento justo de la acción es tan confuso, tan resbaladizo y tan efímero que lo desperdiciamos mirando con aturdimiento a nuestro alrededor.

Quick ALF/Alf update: we're printing next week and shipping thereafter ⚡️ If you ordered certain combined items with your ALF shirt, such as stickers and pins, they will ship together (in case you were wondering where that stuff was 🙃) Also, stickers have just finally been restocked and will be shipping this week. We apologize for the delay. See you soon 💨🛠 ⏱🔦⚖ #dreambodypress #merdeillegal #animalliberation #AnimalLiberationFront #ALF #jerrystahl #gordonshumway #permanentmidnight #veganism #activism #directaction #earthliberation #newparadigm #veganismisthefuture

Nos juramos vivir hasta la muerte porque sabíamos que nos moriríamos por vivir.

In the United States nearly 40% of food is wasted in some form or another, which equates to nearly $165 billion dollars of food heading straight to landfill each year. Clearly the earth creates enough food for everyone's need and then some, but our greedy systems have become corrupt, thus preventing perfectly edible, healthful food from reaching hungry people. As part of our Adapt or Perish series at earthix.org we will be discussing food waste and the wasteful systems that perpetuate world hunger and resource inequality. A major step we can take to alleviate these issues is to eat lower on the food chain, as in, eat plants! Another step is to make sure you compost your food scraps instead of letting them rot anaerobically inside plastic bags in the landfill. Check out your local farmers' market to see if you can deposit your compost there, or consider getting a compost bin in your own backyard. Donate unwanted food items to local food banks and get creative to maximize your meals and leftovers. #earthix 📸: Tiago Faifa

Animal-eating people in the western world primarily eat cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and goats among a few other animals. Westerners tend to condemn other cultures for eating dogs, cats, whales, and dolphins or even the fins of sharks. But just as we declare "other cultures" have no need for these "exotic" animal products and that these animals are killed unnecessarily, we, too, in the western world needlessly consume our own categories of animals without needing anything their flesh offers. The human body has no more need for pig meat or cow meat than it does shark fin soup, bear bile tinctures, or dog meat dinner. All animal consumption by humans is needless when we can eat the plants that animals eat directly. Going vegan is one step towards annihilating injustice in this world against all beings, not just humans. #earthix 📸: Sandra Kapella

Hasta nuevas locuras 💙

"We are the bright new stars born of a screaming black hole, the nascent suns burst from the darkness, the grasping void of space that folds and swallows--a darkness that would devour anyone not as strong as we." - Dave Eggers // #earthix 📸:Dino Reichmuth

When it all comes down
Will you say you did
Everything you could? - Rise Against
Picture from the Movie: IF A TREE FALLS
#ecoterorism #riseagainst #earthliberation

"What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say." - Ralph Waldo Emerson #earthix 📸: Dawn Armfield


We are thinking about permaculture as well as the concept of animal-free farming, or at least animal-killing-free farming. It seems that most permaculture proponents say we can't farm properly without also raising and then killing and eating the animals. We're into places like Wild Earth Farm and Sanctuary, a veganic permaculture settlement that rescues farmed animals and grows an abundance of vegan food. What do you know about permaculture and food production? Is it possible to have regenerative farming practices without then killing and eating the animals? #earthix 📸: Lukas Budimaier

We heard recently that hunters, fishers, and farmers who raise (and sell) animals are the stewards of these creatures and of nature herself. We tend to think those who do not harm and instead seek to protect (not kill) animals are the true stewards of earth. What do you think? #earthix 📸 Yu Tang

Fantasmas lejanos y dosis de realidad.
Victorias, fracasos, distancias de seguridad, pastillas de inercia, doctrinas de necesidad... Al fin, seguiremos tropezándonos, persiguiendo el color entre la escala de grises.