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Sending Abundant Love and Blessings to my fellow Lightworker and Sistar @_goddessfit 💚💚💚 I love my Footies!! 😍💚💪🙌 #lightworker #earthkeeper #ascensionprocess #choreographer #creativespace #creativemovement #solfamily #vibratehigher #frequency #metaphysicalhealing

Inspired by Form | Wondering.
What are you birthing?
What are you creating?
What are you allowing?
What are you dreaming?
What are you bringing -
To Light?
Equinox energies are propelling me to new places and spaces, both physically and vibrationally. Touched down in Asheville today for a transformative weekend of stone work. This is a place that has been beckoning me for years yet timing never aligned and now it is perfect and divine. I was reminded today that the thing about a Shamanic path, or any awakening journey for that matter, is that it is an endless unfolding of initiations- one leading to the next, and the next, and the next. What that next is? You never know, until it manifests, and in that moment you are already being beckoned on- yet trust in Spirit and connection to the natural world gift beauty, synchronicity and an abundance of blessings along the way for those willing to see. Hold nothing, embrace everything.
An amazing sunset drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway to find a place to honor this land and the spirits and ancestors of it. It is something I often do when traveling, to show respect, ask for support and guidance and to ground into new energies. These mountains are on an abundance of quartz, the vibrations, ancient and deep, so it was super sweet to witness the magnificence of the Stone People- the Blue Ridge Mountains really agree with me! Hatun Apus! Hatun! Hatun! Come Mountain Beings! Gift me your wisdom, share your energy, guide me on this journey! xx sarah
#stonebeings #crystalhealing #spring #equinox #asheville #weareformandlight #formandlight #awakeningspace #vibrationaldesigner #vibrationaldesign #vibrationalhealing #energyhealing #soundhealing #spacialshaman #intuitive #lightworker #awakeningconsciousness #consciousness #nature #earthkeeper #shaman #seer #medicinewoman #wordweaver #musingsofamystic #awakeningpoetry #poetry #prose

Hygiene of the energy body is as important as hygiene of the physical body! ==================
We will gather on Sundays to take care of or energetic hygiene, to ensure an optimal flow of energy for wellbeing.
For details, email us at: shamansjourney1@gmail.com

{<LIGHTTRAVELS>} Time will bring you to me. I love #Simplicity 😍💚👽🙏 #lightworker #earthkeeper #meditation #mysteryschool #sacredrituals #timecodes #alchemy #highvibrations #divinity #ascensionprocess

It came suddenly the calling and energy reached out to me from the Earth Keeper crystal in Hawai’i during the spring equinox ritual and was told that was in Kauai Is. (Googled it after and it was true! thought it was in Oahu vaguely so I didn’t made up xp )
then this morning saw the post on FB about the Dark Crystal was up on Netflix! I’ve been always wanted to watch it but never did til today!
Resonated So much with these scenes especially n came flashbacks of memories.. “The crystal of Truth”, it is..!
Had(and continue having) many visions of crystals myself and a few of them were of a sphere of truth, the one of the Atlantean Crystals. (I was truly fortunate to have a miracle that led me to hold one of the other Atlantean spheres yrs back..) So finally it’s time to go to that island this year?(being longing to go there)
春分のリチュアル時にハワイのアースキーパーから呼びかけとエネルギーが突然やってきてカウアイ島にあると伝えてきてくれた。でもマインドではオアフ島だった?とか思っていたら検索するとカウアイで、あるお友達に話してみなさいとヴィジョンで言われていたからやっぱりと😌✨(そう言えば彼女が話してくれていたのを思い出して😅)すると今朝FBでこの映画がNetflixにアップされているという記事をみて思わずシェアしたら観ずにはいられなくなって✨そしたらまさにアースキーパーのようなクリスタルが😳✨✨✨さらに 真実のクリスタル と呼ばれていて、数年前に突然視せられ、エネルギーで入ってきたアトランティアンスフィアの一つ、真実のスフィアとも共鳴して驚きながらも色々腑に落ちたのでした。
やっとカウアイ島に行けるのかな😍✨✨✨ 動画続きます✨✨✨(と投稿したら著作権ので次のは削除されたからFBにあげました😣)
Mar 23, 2018
#thedarkcrystal #movie #netflix #graritude #signs #memory #synchronicity #earthkeeper #vision #ダーククリスタル #映画 #シンクロニシティ #導き #アースキーパー #ヴィジョン

Rolling out some new work! Excited to reveal it tomorrow when I’m all finished with this next round! Can you tell what I’m making?!? Don’t tell mom hahaha ❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️

🌟Daily Card Reading🌟

In this card Ganesha is amazed by looking at beautiful flowers.
Have you ever seen a flower and felt how nature can be so perfect in colours,design and texture...?? Similarly,trust that your life is not a coincidence
Universe knows exactly how to take care of you! And how to fulfil your needs at the right time 🌟
Trust God🙏

For personal Tarot reading

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(<CRYSTAL*EXFOLIATION>} Cleanser: Black Soap...Moisturizer: Red Palm Oil 💚💚💚 2 Billion Year Old stone, Shungite healing stones help with detoxifying and purifying the body by absorbing and eliminating any negative energies or anything that is health hazardous to the body. They infuse the aura with light, allowing only positive and beneficial energies to reach your body. The shungite metaphysical properties bring forth positive blessings and positive results, helping you know what is beneficial for a better and healthier future.

Shungite healing properties span the board from purity to protection. Shungite has electricity conducting properties. These properties are also known to aid in the inhibiting of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, that are the result of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields are created by electronic devices. Common electronic items such as laptops, cell phones, computers and tablets all put out EMFs. Placing shungite at the base of a computer, microwave or around your various home electronic devices will not interfere with their operations, but will block out some of their free radial output.
#Shungite #lightworker #earthkeeper #vibratehigher #alchemy #mysticmessenger #mysteryschool #frequency #nattyantennas#loclivin #locnation #healingstones #healingcrystals #metaphysicalhealing #sacredrituals #inkart #ascensionprocess #kemeticscience #QuantumPhysics

Inspired by Light | Flare.
How simple
To think
The sun has
No consequence
On the lives
We live?
A constellation
Of relation -
A stellar Light
Shining us whole.
The last few weeks have been energetically intense for many Lightworkers, Empaths, and Sensitives. Feeling drained, exhausted or on edge? Been the brunt of others anger or frustration? Perhaps you are sensing the presence of density or negativity more prevalently? Well you are not alone friends as we are currently navigating the effects of a massive solar storm, one which erupted on March 13th and is predicted to increase in intensity until the 26th. These high intensity disturbances, solar winds and flares, eject massive amounts of energy that interact with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and ours in turn. Cosmic forces directly impact our human experience, as we are not only physical, but energetic beings, with a complex chakra and auric system that comprises our Lightbody. Add in the transformative energies of the Equinox and Mercury Retrograde beginning today and things can go off the rails pretty quickly. I for one have been feeling the effects quite intensely and have been assisting clients in their navigation of this space. So if you too are sensing these energies, I would humbly suggest that you focus on grounding into your heart center. Amp up your daily balancing practices, whether meditation, breathing or visualization techniques. (I personally have been working with expanding a bubble of Light out from my heartspace to encompass my entire body, holding the intention that nothing enters this field that is unserving to me.) Implore an abundance of shielding both of self and home, whether working with stones such as black tourmaline, onyx and hematite, or through intercession of the Light, guides, or helping spirits. Clear self and space through sacred smoke and sound. Nourish through plant-focused, whole foods and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Give yourself the permission to move slower and rest if that is what will serve your body best. Not all have the tools to navigate these times or transits and it is in these windows when an abundance of negativity (continued in comments)

Goodmorning Humanoids...

Inspired by Form | Rise.
I feel the waters
Moving, shifting
Rising from deep
Dark recesses
Of a Winter body
Wrapped in cold
It’s an insular thing
This journey, discovery
A choice - icy layers
Beneath the surface
Of a suffering space
That sits
Waiting for One
To transcend.
I woke this morning in deep contemplation of suffering. What it consists of, the idea of facing it, perpetuating it, accepting it, living with the belief that it is part of this earthly existence and only able to be transcended in death. And I realized that this does not resonate with me. A radical conclusion that goes against the teachings of ancient traditions, but perhaps that’s just it- it feels old. Outdated. Victim based. Deflating. A power grab of the grandest kind - sorcery actually, the perpetuation of story as reality. I am not one to resign, conform, accept without asking why. And so I will ask of you, what I did of self during dawn hours, how am I suffering? In what ways am I contributing? Is it serving? What are the deeper dimensions it might be masking? Most importantly, do I believe I have the ability to choose another way? Because I realized suffering is a choice, a constant only if we empower it to be and I refuse to live my life entangled in a belief that usurps personal responsibility. There is suffering in this world, some of the most extreme ever facing the Earth and Humanity, the question- how to alleviate it, the catalyst I believe - a change in belief, and it begins with you and me.
Mercury goes retrograde today until April 15th and apparently my deep dives into a contemplative state have begun. These transits are incredible moments of reflection. A pause to look at the ways in which we are communicating, navigating, interacting with self, others and the world around. Yes, they can affect electronics, technology and transportation but there are deeper noticings to be had if one gets out of the hype and into the energy. Journey well friends. xx sarah
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#mercuryretrograde #spring #equinox #weareformandlight #formandlight #awakeningspace

I love the #celestineprophecy and their #insights and concept of energetic control dramas. I think every empath needs to know what this is, it's so helpful and I have forgotten to heed this wisdom lately. Ever since Trump was elected it's been topsy turbulent! Basically;when you realize you are energetically sensitive, psychic, and intuitive you look at the world and people with a second sight. You start to break every energy vampire and their energetic manipulations down to 4-5 groups. These people are unaware maybe not necessarily "evil" but they don't know how to get their own energy and subconsciously resort to four patterns of control patterns and steal energy from others. It's so helpful if you sage, cut cords daily, eat a clean diet, connect to the earth grid daily to be able to have a clearer psychic sight. Detox baths are also helpful (baking soda & sea salt) it helps Keeping your third eye open and your Earth Star Chakra connected, you are able to see drama from miles away before it even happens and avoid the entire encounter! I need to get better at this, this helped me tremendously for years in the past when I used proactive psychic protection to keep my aura strong clear and my third eye very awake. Once I identify a potential "attack" I close my aura off and use some psychic tricks to make sure the energy bounces back to them. I like to place psychic Bagua mirrors all around my aura. It takes some practice and discipline but life is so much smoother if you can avoid the bullshit. I also call on God, Gaia,Jesus and Archangel Michael for help cutting cords. Also call on the four directions and four elements. I don't mess around!!! lol! Cut those cords and stay psychically safe. The higher your vibration rises the more it may threaten and attract needy energy vampires. That's what I have noticed for me. Not everyone in your social circle wants to see you rise, get rid of the fakers and haters they eventually show themselves. I also pray a lot for them and try to remain neutral and non judgmental.#me#psychicprotection#narcissist#energyvampires#lightworkers#grounding#earthstarchakra#earthkeeper#instadaily#instagood#love#tbt#cute#photooftheday

In the #EtsyShop 💚💚💚 CLEAR QUARTZ POINTS 👽👽👽 Crystal points are the most powerful tool to use for setting intentions and manifesting them into the universe. Create a sacred space to set up for your crystal points and written intentions. Use crystal point that meshes well with your intention; when in doubt choose a Quartz crystal point—it will work for intentions regardless of the subject matter. Hold the crystal point in hands and visualize your intention, programming the crystal. Write your intention or goals on a small piece of paper, fold it towards yourself and place the crystal point on top of it. Keep it in a place that is sacred to you, and revisit it each day when you are setting your intentions for the day. Your point will continue to project your focused intention into the universe throughout the day, even when you aren’t thinking about it. #sacredrituals #lightworker #earthkeeper #meditation #mysteryschool #alchemy #crystalcities #frequency #vibratehigher #etsyseller #piezoelectricity #getyourstoday

In the #EtsyShop 👽💚🌚
BLUE & GOLD TIGER'S EYE Rough Mined from Madagascar 🌚👉👈🌝 A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer.  It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.  Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.  Useful for recognising one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others.  Balancing yin-yang and energising the emotional body, Tiger Eye stabilises mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension.

Blue Tiger Eye

Chakras - Throat Chakra
Element - Air
Blue Tiger Eye is calming and releases stress.  It aids the quick-tempered, overanxious and phobic.  Slows the metabolism, cools an overactive sex drive and dissolves sexual frustrations.
#lightworker #earthkeeper #mysteryschool #alchemy #healingstones #healingcrystals
#vibratehigher #frequency #metaphysicalhealing #mysticmessenger #423hertz #piezoelectricity #sellonetsy

Within the vicinity of native american indian reservations, heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just taking our sweet time in our road trip. A journey to spread our love and light along the way! #mayathesham #lemuriancodehealing #earthkeeper #nativeamericanindians #reservations #shaman

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