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Cant wait to attend another year at earth frequency festival next month! ☮
Always the best feeling to start your year off enjoying good music, friends and vibes! 💥🌸
#earthfrequency2017 #bringon2018 #mud #creatures

Would love to see this hoop in action! Would you do this on-body or all off body??? #spikey #hulahoop 😲😲😲 Who's ready for 2018?! 🎉🎉🎉🎆🎇✨
Repost from @mushroommagazine - Impression from Earth Frequency Festival by Julian Frees
Next @earth_frequency 16.02. - 19.02.2018
More info: https://www.mushroom-magazine.com/info/earth-frequency-australia
#earthfrequency #earthfrequencyfestival #earthfrequency2017 #earthfrequencyfestival2017 #australia #psytrance #trance #psytrancefestival #psychedelictrance #photography #superhooper #superhooperorg #festivalphotography #psytrancemap #psytrancefamily #trancefamily

Summer is definitely here, and girls you NEED to have these glasses!  The Love Heart Sunglasses are super cute, with One Size Gold frame, and a 2 Tone Lens Lens. But, these are on SALE! How awesome!!
Make great stocking fillers for Christmas. So order NOW! Click on the link in our bio @goddessdoor for more info. .
Orders over $80 receive FREE shipping.

It is on our etsy now.
Link in Bio..
Rainforest Spirit Collection
Matrix Koroit Opal
Please feel free to follow us on INSTAGRAM @platypus_dreaming and more primitive option @kayaxanart .

Rainforest Spirit Collection Alot of fore on it..red reflections..
BPM 125 To 139 which will be out soon on etsy! For higher frequency 190 and over BPM jewelry @kayaxanart .. There is a taste. Living offthegrid in deep rainforest so inspiring..working AUSTRALIAN KOROIT OPAL, MATRIX OPAL, BOULDER OPAL creations with fairy spirit.. they are on sale now if anybody interested before go to etsy let us know for more pictures and price pls.. Opal cut, polish and macrame handcrafted deep rainforest in Ngumbay,Tjapukai Country.. ( Kuranda, NFQ ) @newkindembassy
For cantact..DM pls..We speak english #french, #spanish and #turkish...#kayaxanart #Jewelry #dooferdream #jewelryforsale#festivalwear #handmadejewelry #Necklace #festivalclothing #regrowthfestival #selfmade #ecojewellery #rainbowserpentfestival #rainbowserpentfestival2017 #earthfrequencyfestival #vegan#earthfrequency2017 #festivaljewelry #platypus_dreaming#macrame#psyfamily #newkindfestival #psyfashion

Almost a week until Christmas! Have you done all of your shopping?? These silver cuffs would look great on your arm (or a friend's!) this Christmas day. .
With so little time now to shop, order online at our website. Click on the link in our bio.  Don't forget that orders over $80 receive FREE shipping.  To help with those Christmas shopping blues, we also offer AFTERPAY! YAY!

Almost only a week to go to Christmas!  Who is organised? If you are not, how about buying your bestie a pair of these gorgeous green tassel earrings!
They are on sale now on our website.  So click on the link in our bio @goddessdoor and order yours.  Don't forget all orders over $80 receive FREE shipping.  Plus, we have AFTERPAY 💋💋

We shared some pics of these gorgeous crochet bags last week, but have been so popular, and are such amazing stocking fillers, we thought we would share again!
Click on the link in our bio, @goddessdoor to order online and have it arrive in time for Christmas!
Orders over $80 receive FREE Shipping, and we have AFTERPAY💋💋

How cute are these Artsy gold mirrored circle heart sunglasses!! Perfect for summer!  Who's Christmas stocking will these appear in? Mirrored lenses, with gold frames.  Am sure you know a girlfriend that would ❤️ to have a pair! .
Click on the link in our bio @goddessdoor for more info 💋💋

Happy Sunday Evening Guurls!  Such a beautiful day, would it have been amazing lounging around in this crochet dress today?
One size fits all, would make a great festival dress!  Make sure you click on the link in our bio @goddessdoor and order online.  Orders over $80 receive FREE shipping!

Spirit experiencing thru white flesh..Our Home, we living in Mantaka..Love could come in any colours.. one love.. Maybe many of them.. they dont know out side of Australia but This is the Original Australian Flag.. We carry for UNITY, Passion and LOVE. Black For People, Red for Mother Earth and Yellow for Central Sun.. NEWKIND EMBASSY.. @newkindembassy #french, #spanish and #turkish...#kayaxanart #Jewelry #dooferdream #jewelryforsale#festivalwear #handmadejewelry #Necklace #festivalclothing #regrowthfestival #selfmade #ecojewellery #rainbowserpentfestival #rainbowserpentfestival2017 #earthfrequencyfestival #vegan#earthfrequency2017 #festivaljewelry #platypus_dreaming#macrame#psyfamily #newkindfestival #wearenewkind

Happy FRIYAY!!! This super cute Tapestry skirt is now available on SALE!  It has Pockets, plus a long zip up the back of the skirt. .
Check out our website, link is in the bio @goddessdoor  have a fabulous Friday night 💋💋 .
Orders over $80 receive FREE SHIPPING.  We also have AFTERPAY!

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