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Owen Yano at Racetrack Playa

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From Owen about this image:
FB.com/Owen Yano
The Intersection
The mysterious sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley. The place was near empty and I was able to use some high lighting to really give some depth to the background.
Camera: Sony A7R2
Lens: Samyang 14/2.8
Exif: 8 sky images @ 15 sec ISO 6400 f2.8. 1 shot foreground @30sec.

Check out my time in Maldives with @sackclothxashes. Link in bio☺️🙌. #homeandtravel

Getting to know the locals. A surreal moment in Montana

D E P T H 🐜 O B S E S S E D
DOF | Geometry | Bokeh
artist 🎩: @daisukephotography
discovery🔬: @_smurfious
"it is not length of life, but depth of life"
✒ r. w. emerson
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Never forget it's a good life. Funningur views with the boy. @silvan.schlegel


let the light lead the way •


"Tren raylarını severim. Bağımsızlığı, gidebilmeyi, kalmak zorunda olmamayı, uymak zorunda olmamayı anımsatır.Tren rayları bir tür bağımsızlıktır benim için."

✨ We are all made of stars ✨

Something Different... 😎

Winter is coming. Tomorrow night 😉 and I'm hyped!

Land of a thousand greens
📷 Photo by : @cole_younger_
@earthexclusive @earthvisuals @nakedhawaii

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