How I feel when I’m in the middle of the nature, with mud on my body ✨#happy#naturelovers#love#grateful 🙏🏾

A BIG Rooster 🐓🐓🐓....
Arvika, Värmland Sweden

Want to keep enjoying beaches? Swipe to see how to keep them nice and clean ♻️

Wishing I was at the beach today, so I’ll post this instead.

Touring over the capital with the best seats in the house! 😍🚁

Photo was taken on the way back from Arches.

We can’t measure Love the way we measure ourselves: our attractiveness, our worthiness, our “success”. Love lies in the soft folds of the skin that shelter our elbows. Love lies in the lattice of maturity on our faces. It cannot be smoothed away in the way we smooth lines of anger or worry or happiness with sharp little pricks of Botox. It cannot be cut off or pulled tight in mask-like caricatures of a youth long gone. Love nestles in the warm chambers of our hearts. Love, like Faith and Trust is a Force as indefinable and immeasurable as the Intelligence that throbs and shimmers through the universe.

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Saisonstart auf dem Walmendingerhorn im Mai

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Hola amigos, it’s my birthday today! Had such a fun time jamming out with @everwayofficial the last couple days. We met so many cool people and saw some rad places. Now I’m just wondering who I’m starting a band with and touring the world??? Well anyways here is a picture I snapped while I was in heaven w/ @marianaajuu 😜

Gönül sevgiliyi bulmuşsa;
Kuru dal bile çicek açar... #mevlana 🌺

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