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Mother 1 is not the best game in the series. Not writing wise, not gameplay wise. It's objdctively worse than Earthbound and 3, and by all means it is less well made of a game than either of the others. But a number of years ago, my dad got the Homebrew Channel on our Wii, and it came with the English prototype of Earth Bound Zero. I had heard of and wanted to play Earthbound because of Smash and was unsure if this was the game I was looking for, but I started it, named my characters, and proceeded to be attacked by a lamp.
I was confused but I believe I enjoyed myself nonetheless, I pressed on and got to the graveyard, met Lloyd on the roof of the school, and so on, and it went this way till near the very end of the game. Eventually I got stuck in Swamp and remember getting absolutely decimated by Kellys, Nancys, and Mooks. Sadly because of a series of unfortunate events, we no longer have EB0 on the Homebrew Channel and I never made it through to Mount Itoi.
Why does this matter? Because the entire, sole reason I prefer this game to Earthbound is because of love and nostalgia. This game made me happy when I played it, I didn't care that it wasn't the actually Earthbound I was looking for, it was just as good. For all intents and purposes, it was better. I will never forget how much I loved finding Snowman for the first time, the absolutely beautiful piece of music playing in the background that still holds up today, visiting Magicant and getting utterly lost, still humming the music, and riding a tank through the desert. Just as the series intended, I will never forget all the little moments in this game that make me cherish it.
I will always hold this game as one of my most loved of all time, even if it was horribly balanced and grind-happy. I just blissfully enjoyed it the whole way through. That after all, is what Mother is ultimately about, love. And uncondtional love is what I have for this game. Always have, and always will, till the end.
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The hilarious, memorable scenes are all still there in abundance. Nobody forgets riding a walking table down a hallway that's entirely too long. Or when you and your dog are tryjng to get into Club Titiboo, even though they don't allow animals, and so you disguise him in a green polo and cap.
But what makes Mother 3 so darn special is it's moments that aren't funny, or quirky, but the ones that are serious, and real, the moments where the characters act more like people than most people you see in real life. They aren't perfect, they aren't dramatic, they have faults. And they feel like your friends, those who you love.
You're there when every individual tragedy happens to every character and you feel it. No other game I've played has connected me to it's characters as this one. Lucas is totally silent for dang near the entire run and he's still one of the most accurate people I've ever seen in a piece of media, and every little thing that happens to him hits home in your heart, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad.
The gameplay is even an upgrade from the previous installment. It remains mostly the same but every character you use has at least one unique move, and they're all useful. The same went for Earthbound but Paula's pray was inconsistent and hardly practical. Duster's theif tools cripple the enemy if you know what you're doing, Boney's sniff (to it's credit Jeff also had a move with the same utility) is crucial to knowing what of Kumatora's PK moves to use. It all works in harmony and just feels good to play. The last new thing added is the rhythm combat. It's super satisfying to use properly and it pounds through enemies if you're good at it. But if you have no sense of rhythm it's totally okay, you can get through the game just fine without it, it's just a bit harder. (Continued in final post.) #earthbound #mother3 #ness #nintendo #gaming #videogames #shigesatoitoi #supernintendo #gameboyadvanced

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The evolutions of Daisy, Chrom, and Dark Samus in Smash Bros. Just thought I’d do some echoes I didn’t do yet. (Brawl Daisy is “Striker Daisy”)
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I tried this one drawing technique where you sketch the drawing with pencil first. What do you guys think? #mother3 #earthbound #lucas #janku

Something I never get tired of is talking about Mother. The first picture is a drawing I did a while back of Ninten, and the rest are the fantastic clay models done for all three games. The only reason there are ten pics is because Insta's formatting options for wide but thin photos is crap.
These games, more particularly the first and third, are some of my favorite games of all time. Earthbound, or Mother 2, is honestly my least favorite of the bunch but it's still a downright phenomenal game that I'm actually playing through right now. The comedy, charm, art, gameplay, music, it's all there in spades. There are so, so many scenes I will NEVER forget. Having to wait in front of Grapefruit Falls for three minutes just to get into the base of none other than Master Belch. A giant puke monster. This is when I knew this game would have me in a fantastic mood the rest of the time I spent playing it. And before this you find yourself in a valley full of strange little creatures with whiskers and bows. The list goes on.
The gameplay is top notch for what it is, a traditional JRPG. It's not absurdly hard nor anywhere near button-mashing level. It sits calmly in between while still being a generally calmer experience than either it's predecessor or successor.
Of course there's the deeper meaning behind everything, the themes of growing up and maturing, the way people can be influenced by their childhood, and the deeper psychological stuff I'm not going to get into right now. This post will already be long enough as it is.
But why is it my least favorite? Frankly because Mother 3 is an objectively better game in every way possible, somehow., and because I grew up with Mother 1 long before I ever touched Earthbound or 3.
Let's talk about 3. Good Lord this game is almost perfect. I honestly have a hard time finding any flaws with it, and every single individual thing is done freaking excellently.
Let's start again with the scenes and this time the story. The funny, memorable scenes are still here by the truckload. (Continues in next post.) #earthbound #mother3 #shigesatoitoi #ness #nintendo #gaming #supernintendo #gameboyadvance #videogames

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