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As it was such a nice day yesterday I fancied a wonder up the peaks. Bamford edge was the chosen location, one i’d not been to yet. The sunset wasn’t amazing so out came the long lens aiming to pick some detail out. About 15 minutes after the sun had gone down I noticed how the remaining light was casting these layers. Worth a shot I thought.

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains.

I love fresh green tree leaves. Tgey are so fresh and green, you could almost think you can eat them in your salad.

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Trafalgar Beach Resort is a 10 acre property situated on one of the most private beaches on the island. The property sits at the south-western entrance of the St John’s Harbour and consists of an existing condominium development comprising of 16 two-bedroom and 9 three-bedroom units. The units require renovations. There is also a three-bedroom residential house on the property, which was acquired to ensure there was no encroachment of the resort. Four acres of unoccupied hillside land overlooks the buildings and the beach. The property is ideally suited to operate as a boutique hotel or to be further enhanced as a condominium development under the Antigua and Barbuda Citizen by investment programme. Located in the Yeptons/Dieppe Bay area, the hillside vacant land is ideal for a high end restaurant establishment. Offered at $15,000,000.00 - DM for further information or email Ian.Hurdle@theagencyre.com

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Love that cold spring snow that lights up the morning landscape with little light crystals dancing down from sky. #RIMBY

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