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How do you feel about the cleanliness, the program, the coaches, the fan (ya, we got a bigger, quieter one coming next summer), the music, the anything and everything.
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I let the grind do the talking. I don’t say to much #mouthclosed #earsopen #donetalking tune in this next episode of me gone be GREAT 💯

Do you realize that you talk to yourself all day long? Do you hear the thoughts and conversations you have with yourself? Are you telling yourself you can't do something? How's your confidence? Are you telling yourself how awesome you are or are you focusing on things you are lacking?
It's really important to listen to what you're telling yourself. If you're being negative stop those thoughts immediately because the deeper you get into negative thoughts the harder it is to come back into a positive mindset.
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Today’s conversation is with Karlee Golightly @moxiemind, a donut-loving dietitian and yoga teacher who helps real people rediscover joy with food and movement.
Through this series of podcast, I have been sharing the many fantastic people I have met on instagram with Karlee being one of them. As I continued to follow her, I felt as if I knew her in some way outside of her beautiful food photos, including photos of amazing donuts and her contagious smile. Then it clicked, I did know her. I met Karlee while she was a dietetic intern with a friend of mine and now she is living her passion out with being a RD and a yoga instructor. Karlee is full of moxie and has a fantastic view on how we can make the world a happier place with our own mindset and dietitian expertise
Please enjoy my conversation with Karlee, on @itunes, @spotify, @stitcherpodcasts and link in bio🔝

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Verbal expression is primitive and useless when it comes to describing the vibe I have with you. Thank you for the shock, the illumination, the frequency. #eyesopen #earsopen #heartopen #smileisbig #possibilities #ideas #ideologies #lessons #ilovelearning #walkingmypath #onmyplane #inthezone #HSaph😊

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