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Rule number #87 when building a rotary one must always be wearing camo! Isn't that right @madmike.123?!! #momowerks #gargelife #rotangklan #earnestco

James Schwartz, the man behind this self-built, S2000 powered Model A Coupe, and one of the most driven creators out there.
Our #earnestprofile with @goomba_james and his work is now up at www.earnestco.com
#earnestco #thegreatdepression (link in bio)

Looking back at this year's @gentlemansride with @locuscreative riding shotgun in the trucks.
#earnestco #dgr2016 #earnestrecoveryteam

Even though he's family, we are the first to admit @adamcsgarage is one seriously talented individual. More on our brother (literally), his work & the fabrication shop @csgarage coming soon.
Video: @locuscreative #earnestprofile #earnestco #takepride

This shot marks the final stages of a project that spans well over a year now. @adamcsgarage about to utilise our new bit of kit (& we're not talking about the CR) at the Smith's Farm Oval.
#earnestco #takepride

Daily errands ain't all bad...
#earnestco #takepride

First look at a project we have been working on for a hell of a long time. It's been one of those processes that drags you deeper and deeper into rethinking every aspect of how things are normally done.
And as you can see by this photo, this includes our normal testing methods...
#earnestco #takepride

Taking this week to look back on our highlights of the past year.
Building up the DT200 in a week just in time for the @gentlemansride with the Earnest Recovery Team was definitely a highlight. Even if Auckland did do it's best to drown out the ride on the day.
You'll now find the bike residing on the back of @feldonshelter's 110 travelling the country.
Photo: @jasonhaselden #earnestco #dgr2016 #takepride

More strength testing going down in the lab. What we're finding the most interesting with this test (is not how much stronger our test material on the left is) is the difference in which they fail.
The regular denim will hold on then suddenly fail completely. Where as our test material will hold on throughout testing, then as it starts to see its limit fibres will slowly let go.
We look forward to showing you guys more about this mystery black material very soon.
#earnestco #takepride


Good news, the workshop favourite - the Squire Apron - is back, and it's now reinforced with our very own K-CANVAS®. 10% DuPont Kevlar® now runs through the tried & true 13oz. canvas.
In store at www.earnestco.com
#earnestco #takepride

The holidays are coming, time to get into the shed and get it done.
#takepride #earnestco

Back by popular demand, our Christmas package! Do you have a buddy that is constantly helping out? Well do him a solid.
Hardin Overalls, a quality cap & an Earnest patch is solid way to show your thanks (it's also a whole lot cheaper than normal).
Now at www.earnestco.com
#earnestco #takepride

Need a quality lid for the holidays? All our headwear is currently 20% off for the first time in four years. Now at www.earnestco.com
#takepride #earnestco

For the first time we are organised enough with our end of year batches to have a sale! We even managed to time it with the silly season.
20% off everything, now at www.earnestco.com
#earnestco #takepride

The DT200 we built for the @feldonshelter 110 is looking like it's enjoying life.
#feldonshelter #earnestco #takepride

Do what makes you happy! ✌🏼
Idler arm bushings & Upper ball-joints fixed ✓

We took what we know best - our tried and true, traditional canvas weave - and made it better, by developing a process which fuses DuPont® Kevlar directly with traditional heavy cotton threads. The result - K-CANVAS®. Now at www.earnestco.com
#KCANVAS #takepride #earnestco

Huge thanks to the team at @hiconsumption for just rating our K-CANVAS® Tasker Pant, in their top 10 best work pants. While also solidifying that these are the strongest work pants in the world.
Head to www.hiconsumption.com for the full line up.
#earnestco #takepride #KCANVAS

A lone Squire Apron waiting patiently for the next session. Get out this weekend and put in some hours.
#earnestco #takepride

Early days testing our CE approved Tasker work pants with @outsidersmotorcycles & @tristanfopma.
#KCANVAS #earnestco #takepride

@earnestco Coveralls are everything that was described and advertised. Maaaad comfortable and functional. I seen a few mechanicos looking hard. Today was a productive day. #barriomechanic #earnestco #subaruforester #swaybarlinks #vansoldskool #wildstyletechnicians #socalsubies #sandiegosubies #flatfour #rumble #mechanic The Real #lastblackmaninbarriologan #barriologan

Up close details of our new Tasker Pants. Well thought out storage and made from the world's toughest work canvas. The only pants you'll ever need.
#KCANVAS #takepride #earnestco

Acting cool in some @earnestco pants 👌🏼😎 @solportraits with the marvelous media 📷🍻#earnestco #takepride #solportraits #jackofalltrades

New gear in the works at the workshop.
#KCANVAS #takepride #earnestco

Tuesday workshop corners.
#earnestco #takepride

Welding gloves arrived 🔥 #earnestco

K-CANVAS®, the world's first work canvas strong enough to be CE approved for you to ride in.
We took what we know best - our reliable, tried & true, traditional canvas weave... and made it better. Finally, a material you can weld, grind & beat on in the workshop, then thrash around the street with confidence.
www.earnestco.com #takepride #earnestco #KCANVAS

Sitting pretty before opening day at the Ride Forever Motorcycle Show. Such a good time once again this year.
Thank you to all those legends that stopped in for a catch up. Double thanks if you showed your support & grabbed something from the stand.
See you all next year!
#earnestco #takepride

From @earnestco - Work pants strong enough to ride in? The boys across the ditch at @pipeburn have gone over the nitty gritty of our new material K-CANVAS & the Tasker Pant.
Head over to pipeburn.com for more.
Photo of @s.smith88 blasting the CRF we built up for the Clay Classic at Sam's Oval.
#KCANVAS #earnestco #takepride

Work pants strong enough to ride in? The boys across the ditch at @pipeburn have gone over the nitty gritty of our new material K-CANVAS & the Tasker Pant.
Head over to pipeburn.com for more.
Photo of @s.smith88 blasting the CRF we built up for the Clay Classic at Sam's Oval.
#KCANVAS #earnestco #takepride

This year's @gentlemansride is tomorrow & for all of you that have raised some funds this year - you are legends.
The weather is looking a load better than last year for the Auckland leg. We will be on recovery once again so yell out if you need a hand!
Photo: @dcg.photography #dgr2017 #earnestco #takepride

A long time project for the team here: Create the world's toughest pants to work in, all while remaining comfortable and well fitted for everyday wear.
A project that took us deep into testing modern fabrics to eventually realise... we were going to have to create our own material.
The Tasker Pant, made from our very own K-CANVAS. More info now at www.earnestco.com
#KCANVAS #earnestco #takepride

New coveralls from @earnestco ! Shipping was hella fast. The quality is unmatched by those cheap ass Dickies. I can't wait to put them to good use on my #BH5 Thanks guys. I will be buying the pants too!
#Earnestco #Workwear #mechanics #coveralls #Subaru #legacysonly #socalsubies #longroofsociety #barriomechanic #mechanico #varriologan #barriologan The Real #lastblackmaninbarriologan

There's only so much the lab results would tell us, so we dragged the truck & Silvia out of the workshop for an unofficial tensile test of our new Tasker Pant.
20x the tensile strength of your regular heavy canvas pants, now at www.earnestco.com
Video: @locuscreative #K-CANVAS #earnestco #takepride

We've done it. The world's first work canvas strong enough to be CE rated for motorcycle use.
www.earnestco.com for more.
#K-CANVAS #earnestco #takepride

Cheers to Joel and the team at @earnestco for the top of the line workshop apron. This is the 3rd item I've bought from #earnestco and I couldn't be happier with the quality. If you want to support hard working NZ'ers putting in the hard work/effort/financial investment to bring out a quality range of products that's being sold all over the world, then look no further than @earnestco #kiwis #earnestco #garagework #workwear #newzealand #shed

Down at the Forever Motorcycle Show. ASB Showgrounds, Auckland. Today and tomorrow till 5pm. Come down for a chat. K-CANVAS is on display too.
#earnestco #takepride

Introducing our best canvas yet.
K-CANVAS, a canvas weave like no other. Finally, a pant you can weld, grind and beat on in the workshop, then thrash around the street with confidence. Details at www.earnestco.com
#KCANVAS #takepride #earnestco

It's been all hands on deck in the workshop this week gearing up for the Ride Forever Motorcycle Show this weekend.
If you're in the Auckland area, make sure you head out to ASB Showgrounds and swing by.
www.nzmotorcycleshow.co.nz for all the details.
#takepride #earnestco

Tomorrow, we change the way you think about workwear fabrics forever.
#K-CANVAS #earnestco #takepride

An over 12 month project for the team here in the workshop: Create the toughest material to work in.
#KCANVAS #earnestco #takepride

"Mate, you need to tuck behind the bubble down the straights" - @grandprixmachine, DGR 2016.
Next week we load up the trucks and round up the crew for the Earnest Recovery Team at the Auckland leg of the @gentlemansride. Get signed up, the donations flowing and your bike sorted.
#dgr2017 #earnestco #takepride

Right, another focus of our testing. Regular workwear fabrics ability to handle abrasion and rubbing. Well if you've ever busted through a knee of your pants, then you probably already know the answer to this...
Yep, in the official slide time CE testing method for motorcycle use, your seemingly strong, raw, heavy 13oz. denim lasts for less than half a second.
#takepride #earnestco

Details of our Brown Tungsten Fabrication/Tig glove.
#earnestco #takepride

For the first step of a long running project here in the workshop, we took to the laboratory with your everyday overall's poly-cotton & regular heavy denim, to see what the numbers had to say about it all... and they said a lot.
Head to earnestco.com to see exactly when and wear your regular gear fails.
#earnestco #takepride

Now in your perfect size. What's the point in a classic, fitted, hard wearing overall if it's too long or wide? Well, we've got some good news from the latest batch...
The Hardin Overall now comes in 9 length/width combinations.
Head to www.earnestco.com #earnestco #takepride

Plastic melts. So surely the general rule of thumb for workwear would be not to use it at all, right? Wrong.
The majority use polyester based materials. Yep, that 80% polyester or 10% elastane on your care label matters. Even the lightest spark will melt poly-based materials, causing pinholes and exposing your skin quickly.
We have spent a lot of time recently testing new and existing fabrics, for more head to the blog at www.earnestco.com
#earnestco #takepride

Because three's always better than one. Our new triple stitch patch comes free with all Hardin Overall presales.
It's the last day to get your hands on both over at www.earnestco.com
#earnestco #takepride

The last few days of the Hardin Overall presale are here.
The new sizing options are already running low, so get in at www.earnestco.com (link in our profile).
#earnestco #takepride

Afternoons in the lab. Next week is gonna be a big one.
#earnestco #takepride

We can confirm, the Hardin Overall isn't waterproof. But the fit is spot on for a ride after wrenching on the bikes till 4am the night before.
Hopefully this year's @gentlemansride offers up less moisture & more sleep.
www.earnestco.com #earnestco #takepride

Things are getting scientific over here at the workshop.
#earnestco #takepride

These guys have become less of a distraction and more of a testing tool in recent months.
That should give away enough for you to guess what's in store...
#takepride #earnestco

Focus more on what you're working on & less about if what you're working in can handle it...
The Hardin Overall presale is now on at www.earnestco.com
#takepride #earnestco

It's a long journey to Fenelon Falls, Ontario from our workshop in Auckland (Google Maps reckons about 14,000km's).
Glad the Hardin Overalls made the journey @ddjackett! Thanks for the photo.
#earnestco #takepride

If you're wondering what the hell is going on here (apart from singeing arm hairs), for the past 12 months we have been deep in a project to develop a material that does what you need it to do in the workshop. Laying a grinding disk into a nice thick bit of steel quickly became our go to heat test. If it could handle a solid amount of tight spark buildup, then it was onto more controlled testing.
#earnestco #takepride

If you're one of those guys that is a bit taller, or a bit rounder than your average, then we have some good news…
The Hardin Overall now comes in three different lengths. Presale now running so you don't miss out on your perfect size.
www.earnestco.com #takepride #earnestco

Gearing up the recovery team once again this year for the @gentlemansride.
If you haven't already, get into the shed and get that neglected 2 wheeled machine running. But first, head to www.gentlemansride.com to get registered & get those donations flowing.
Photo: @jasonhaselden #earnestco #dgr2017

More backyard workshop testing. It's been over 12 months of development & all will be revealed this week. Including video of us doing our best to break this mystery black material.
#earnestco #takepride

The Hardin Overall is back, it's time for a new pair.
The presale is now live for all those that have been patiently waiting and those that don't want to miss out on their size for this batch.
Head over to www.earnestco.com (link in our profile)
#takepride #earnestco

Our own version of a material tensile strength test. This should be interesting...
#earnestco #takepride

The Hardin, our favourite overall, is back and those early customers on the waitlist are getting there hands on the first overalls off the line soon.
We will be running a pre-sale next week so everyone has the chance to get their hands on a pair. If you don't want to miss out, make sure to register your interest on the Hardin Overall product page at www.earnestco.com
#takepride #earnestco

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