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Yesterday the sun shone late in the afternoon. The prairie grasses looked shiny and almost metallic. It was warm and fantastic. Fields of gold. I didn't want to go inside.
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Fines Herbes-infused vodka, lemon, Amaro Meletti, olive oil, egg white, and Peychaud's Bitters.

Spring, Spring everywhere 😊

3 years ago, to the date the same me, same smile, same bike, same weather conditions as today, left me SOAKED to the skin!!! I left this morning headed to #northlogan to pick up litter roadside. Sun was just rising and burned through the clouds long enough for me to fill a full bag of trash.
Mere minutes later the sun was obscured and a deluge of rain poured from the sky, leaving me with several miles of puddled and washed over roads.
I rolled into the garage dripping, parked my bike, and remembered that day I ventured south of Cache Valley over South Canyon headed for Ogden, UT. What was to be a early-Spring century ride, turned into a learning experience.

When I left home I was prepared for a bit of rain and some sloppy riding at times but what I received was oh so much more! By the time I reached James Peak, just north of Liberty, UT, the rain turned cold and swiftly into snow. Quarter size flakes driving sideways as I was pedaling up the mountain side with the remnants of that years meager winter snowfall, SNAP!!! I look down and realize I had busted my chain. No worries, I have a spare link. Not so fast there grasshoppa, you realize you have to stop pedaling, remove your soaked leather gloves, and install it right? Yah, that's when the trip turned interesting.

Where I broke the chain, it required adding an additional section of chain as the part I broke flew somewhere in the icy, snowy roadway. Big breath, get to it Lee! Removed my spare chain section, tool, and set about removing pins and links.

Making a bit of progress here comes the wind! Nice I really missed having that element. Hands and feet are cold now and I am struggling. I couldn't get the quick link to separate nor go together on either I had, dammit!
At this moment I remembered what Jay Petervary mentioned during the meeting at the first Fat Pursuit. You get cold, keep moving! Get off your bike, push, walk, jog, run if necessary...just keep moving. So I draped the chain over my bag securely and started slogging. Few miles later the snow is thickening and I am getting a tad scared but I had to keep rolling.

Around the bend I hear gunshots! -continued in the comments-


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I love how the pink and white blossoms contrast with the bare trees in the background illuminated in gold by the setting sun. #springisheretostay #earlyspring #barebranches&blosdims #intransition #renewal #leicausa #leicacamerausa #vlux4type114

Giant book borrowed from #uchicago 🤣🤣🤣🤣#phddissertation on #earlyspring #guoxi #linquangaozhi

my first successful french braid ever!!! <3 #redhair #earlyspring among the #pines

Despite my resting unimpressed face, I&#39;m pretty ok with snow in Aries month.
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