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5:30 am. Good Morning! 😘😴.
Habt ihr Ferien? Yes or No? ⏰.
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Early morning coffee ☕️ in my adopted city Milano. Feels like being in a postcard 🙌🏻📸 #arcodellapace #milano #pr #life #earlybird

Up with the ☀️this morning and it was truly breathtaking. There’s just something about this place that puts me at ease. People always ask how my routine changes when I travel or am on vacation. Truth be told, it doesn’t change by much. There are the things I call non negotiables and then the “optional” things.
✅I will always make time for a workout because that’s what helps me to center myself, feel energized, and ready for the day
✅I will always grocery shop first thing when I get to my destination. I don’t get days worth of food, but I’m adamant about buying breakfast food so I can make my own each day. I find if I start the day healthy, I’m likely to keep that habit going all day long. Plus it just makes me feel energized and good!
✅I will carve out an hour or two in the morning for emails/social just to catch up on only the time sensitive stuff
✅I will always practice 80/20 with eating even on vacation. I’ll splurge on mostly dinners/desserts but for the most part my body craves healthier food so I stick to this routine regardless
🚫I try not to be a slave to emails, DMs, etc while on vacation. I use this time to recharge so if I get to it in the AM, great! If I don’t, I’ll leave it till the next day
🚫I don’t force bed time because I enjoy exploring the city I’m in, and sometimes things are happening at night
🚫I don’t put expectations on how the day is going to go. I’m super routine at home, but I enjoy being spontaneous and going to try new adventures especially when I’m with Matt.
So I’m curious to know! How do you travel? What are your non-negotiables? I always like hearing from others on this topic because I find some people think I’m insane for working out and eating fairly healthy while on vaycay 🤷🏼‍♀️To each their own!
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Storm Ophelia’s got nothing on Rebecca Murphy on a Monday morning ! #riseandshine ☀️#earlybird 🐦 @rebecca_murphy3

Why sleep when you can hike?! Especially if it’s with this babe! Such a great way to start my day! We got done right as the sun was coming up.🌞I was only a tiny bit scared hiking in the mountains in the pitch dark. @thealisonshow #fraidycat 🐱#earlybird 🦅 #headlampsandheat 😂


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