We waited .. and waited .. and then he started pulling my hair, cracked the worst knock knock jokes I could muster, and made him take a “selfish” with me #sickbaby #urgentcare #onthemend #earinfection #momlifeisthebestlife

#ambersapothecary is open for business 😉 it never fails that when Aiden swims in a pool he ends up with his ears throbbing. Holding him over until the Pediatrician opens in the morning.

The face you make when Mom tells you that you have your first ear infection and have to go to vet in am.... #allthemteeth #ithinkheunderstands #poorbuddy #earinfection #vetvisit #brunosammartino #thetiger #pupperino #englishbulldog #bulldogsofinstagram #pupper #puppylife #bulldoglife

No not real tea for this but BUT!!! She is also known as " #teatree " Do you love your skin? Do you feel like you have won when you dodge a cold? Have you EVER dodged a cold? How many of you have cringed at the cost of your dermatology cream that you were prescribed? I have a friend who almost paid $700 and used this oil instead! #miracle Does a #coldsore make you feel like a monster??? Tired of the mold and mildew in your #bathroom ....... #Earinfection Then Melaleuca is your #friend among hundreds of other uses!!! Sliding in at a whopping .08/drop this oil can do just about anything!!! I can't tell you how many times I've been saved when that itchy dot of heat sets in on my lip and I know a cold sore is flaring up. Dab some on and boom I'm good! This oil has a very gentle and earthy tone. It is also known as tea tree for all of you thinking that this name sounds familiar! TIP 1.) Add 8 drops to your flu bomb rollerball for optimal combat results! Also feel that scratchy threat fade away! TIP 2.) Add a couple #drops to your facial wash and let it cleanse every cell on your face. You can do this whether or not you struggle with #acne . TIP 3.) Use this when you have residue from price tags, stickers, glue, caulk etc.... Anyone else got a blue collar hubby? He LOVES #melaleuca for keeping his hands clean! #mechanics #glazers #painters etc....... This #essentialoil is a #musthave in your #stash

Happy Sunday everyone hope you’re having a God-Awesome day .. #braydenbarackamir #tookhimtoERthismorning #earinfection #highfever #cryingallnight #ButGod #wonthedoit 🙏🏽🙌🏾🌟

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Oorontsteking wij haten jou 😧 #earinfection #sadbaby #mamatroostjouwel

Have you tried ear candling yet? It works wonders for tinnitus, sinusitis and hayfever. Also very effective at clearing out sinus & nasal congestion plus boosting immunity after colds, flu & ear infections. And it is super relaxing, non-invasive, gentle, safe during pregnancy & for kids. Call us to book!

Hi guys 😏! Well I’m not outta the woods yet... I was put out on some incredible #drugs (oops did I say that?) anyway, my vet said she was surprised I was still hanging in there. I had a severe deep #earinfection and also some sort of internal and external allergic reaction. Unfortunately we don’t exactly know what it was or is(that tends to run in the family: unexplained #illnesses😕) I’m on a #grainfree diet and my lady rarely gives me her food 🙄 (vegetarian anyways👍🏼😕) so my vet said my internal system was so inflamed and had sores all through my ear canals and almost ruined one of my #eardrums ! Mom is beating herself up because she knew something was wrong with me for a week or so but I couldn’t talk! Anyway I’ve had tubes in my ears and tried to #bite my vet for the first time on light sedation so she showed me and knocked me out completely 💉💊 ! I woke up and I felt #drugged like she put something in my drink. I’m in a lot of pain and on antibiotics and pain meds/anti inflammatories for a week and then get rechecked. Please #pray for me and my #mom and our #health . We need each other so I need to get some LOVE and #prayers from my IG friends. Thanks for all who sent us prayers and positive vibes! We appreciate all of you and will keep you updated. 🐾💋🖤🙏🏼 #dogs #blackdogs #blackdogsyndrome #adoptblackdogs #ratterrier #winstonandstephanie🐾👣 #winstondogg #blackratterrier #dogissues #doginfection #ears #imallergictograss #thatsucks LINK IN BIO 💚🐾 #dogcbd #buycbdfromme 🐾👣🙏🏼

Planning to do a lot of swimming with your little one? Get them the Putty Buddies Ear Plugs to prevent water from entering their ears. This is good for babies, kids and adults too! .
#sgbaby #babysg #sgmummy #sgdaddy #earinfection #sgparents #sgexpats #sgmum #sgmums

It rained on this little guy’s birthday. But he didn’t care. No, he was doped up on Motrin. #happyfirstbirthday #earinfection #nephew

OMG It has been over a week since I picked up my phone 😱 my sinus infection I have had got worse last Sunday on fathers day 😢😷 starting running fevers & chills then got a raging ear infection & had to go back to the Dr. 😢& I have to go to a specialist this week because of the swollen earn drum,😢 so I have pretty much been in the bed for 2 weeks but I do feel a little better today thank the Lord.🙏 I am so so grateful to have a amazing husband who has had to run a business then take care of me ( didn't even celebrate fathers day😢) and has not complained one time.🙏😊 So even though its been hard I AM STILL SO BLESSED & GRATEFUL TO HAVE A LOVING HUSBAND.🙏 Have a wonderful evening.🙋❤#marraige #loving #sickness #inheath #❤️myhusband #healthreport #healing #soblessed🙏 #gratefulheart #earinfection#health #sinusinfection #care #satuday #selfieandquote #husband #truelove #gettingstronger #husbandandwife #blessedwithgreatfamily

My poor Mason is miserable. #dogs #earinfection #petowner

The very reason why I fell in love with dōTERRA oils is because of how well they helped my babies. I can’t imagine not having oils to help support their overall wellness. Here are some of my favorite solutions that any new Mommy or Daddy can appreciate!
. ✨When using oils with my children I only use dōTERRA oils due to their high standards and quality. It is also important to understand that different ages require more and less essential oil to achieve desired results, so please ask me if you need any help understanding proper dilution ratios for your little ones 👶
👉If you’d like to learn more about oils and safety with your little one, message me so that I can help support you in giving these natural solutions a try with your family!

Schedule appointment for Ear Candling!! 👂 Simple Safe & Natural. Reduces stress, tension & sharpen mental functions. Remove excess wax, draw out toxins & pollutants, improve hearing #earache #headaches #earinfection #sinusinfection #balanceandequilibrium

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