Humpback whales use several methods of feeding, including lunge-feeding (seen here), whereby an animal will come to the surface with its enormous mouth wide open to engulf prey such as small schooling fish and krill. Photo courtesy of naturalist Clint.

T49A1 😍

Here's a classic Pacific Northwest scene: killer whales (T101s) swimming in front of Mt Baker, a glaciated stratovolcano with an elevation of 10,781 ft! Photo courtesy of naturalist Val (@shorelinesnaturephotography

🦅🐬🐲 Yesterday was #amazing #victoriabc #orca #salishsea #eaglewingtours

Not the best quality pictures, but a great experience! #eaglewingtours #wild4whales

A juvenile and an adult bald eagle perched together at Race Rocks. Typically, white plumage on the head of an eagle does not develop until an eagle is 4-5 years old! Photo courtesy of naturalist Clint (@showtime_photography_clint

we saw the resident coastal Wolf, orcas, humpback, sea lions, sea otter, seals, & bald eagles! #whalewatching #eaglewingtours & #bcferries

Did you know that California sea lions are faster than most other seals and sea lions, capable of bursts of speed up to 25mph? Here's a male looking rather regal in the late afternoon sun. Photo courtesy of naturalist Brendon (@brendonbissonnette

Special thanks to Eagle Wing Whale & Wildlife Tours for the amazing evening out! We appreciate you! #eaglewingtours #wild4whales #vicharbourferry #bestiesforlife Photo cred: Captain Barry Scott

Our open boats are officially on the water and running everyday! Join us for a thrilling adventure, you won't regret it!

The T101s. Pure bliss!
(I can't for the life of me get rid of those black dots.)

20-year-old Biggs killer whale T125A cruising past Port Angeles on April 18th. We encountered him again a few days ago! Photo courtesy of naturalist Brendon (@brendonbissonnette

Check out that wingspan! Did you know that bald eagles have a wingspan of 6-8 feet? Photo courtesy of naturalist Val (@shorelinesnaturephotography

Gray whales in shallow waters of Juan da Fuca straight, just off the coast of Vancouver Island. Saw two whales including #383, who is a known regular in Puget Sound now on his way to the open ocean.

T101 and T102.

It's always a treat when we spot the coastal wolf that lives on Discovery (and sometimes Chatham) Island. Today's 10:00am wildlife tour was fortunate to catch a rare glimpse of this majestic creature!
Footage courtesy of social media coordinator Grace (@wildforwhales).

Happy Mother's day everyone! Here's J17 "Princess Angeline" with her daughter J53 "Kiki" and granddaughter J46 "Star." Today we are thankful for moms everywhere!

A humpback whale pec-slapping this afternoon off Beaumont Shoals, while travelling south with two other whales.

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