Who remembers that moment when @NateSmith43 was named The 2017 Nautique US Masters Champion!? We do!

According to @thimioski, it’s all about finding the perfect timing and we couldn’t agree more! What advice would you give to beginner skiers? .
📸: @thomas.ziogas

Check out European Barefoot Skier, @jackykirsch training in her NEW Eagle Suit!🦅🏆

@dylanlowe_za lives for this feelin and so do we💥💦 #swervemaster

Most days I have my head down just grinding away on the next project or upcoming event. Today I looked up and realized how lucky I have been to have a 24 year career with my wife, Karen Truelove, as a pro athlete and consultant for the companies on these skis. Rather than drive to work in a car today I was able to ride these skis across the lake and fly. I’m humbled for the opportunity and thank everyone that has supported us along the road. #noplaceidratherbe #mastercraft #prostar #ojprops #zerooff #d3skis #eaglewetsuits #masterline

@sethstisher makes swervin look too easy #sweremaster
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The EAGLE has landed at Ski 3! The men at our business didn't want to be left out so we are now offering Eagle Barefoot Wetsuits! Check out our website under under Pro Shop and "Barefoot Equipment"! We'll be adding more and more mens options in the coming weeks! Enjoy 15% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING THIS WEEK ONLY. #eaglewetsuits #ski3swivel #eaglehaslanded

The weekend is here and you know what that means...we're on lake time 🕓💦☀️ Ready to bask in the sun, climb buoys and eat when we're not hungry! Who's with us?!

Have you seen our NEW Pro Series Jump Suit designed exclusively by Pro Jump Skier, Freddy Krueger for Skiers like you!? #LINKINBIO

Heading into Nautique Masters Month and not looking back! 📸: @jannizphoto

Getting ready to step into May wondering where the the entire first part of 2018 went to?

موريس مترلينگ :آدمي ساخته ي افكار خويش است ، فردا همان خواهد شد كه امروز مي انديشيده است.

photo by @mohammad.moheimany . #Iran_skiing

Keep Calm and Ski On🌅✨💦

Uh Oh! Watch out Freddy... There's a New Krueger in town and he's got his EAGLE Monster Mash Vest tightened up and ready to attack!💥💦
Congratulations to Brett Ellis and Dash Krueger who both set New PB's this past weekend at the Isles of Lake Hancock Invitational. Big things are ahead for these two🏆

Introducing... The All New Pro Series Jump Suit Designed Exclusively by Freddy Krueger🏆🦅💦 After 20 years of being the best jumper in the world, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge as to what he expects out of a suit. While the suit must be able to perform at the level he requires, he knows that it more importantly needs to protect him when things don't go as expected💥

The moment of happiness we enjoy taking us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us. photo by @hamidreza.sv . .
#Iranskitour .

خودتون رو مقید کنید که از حدانتظاری که دیگران از شما دارند فراتر برید.

photo by @hamidreza.sv . #Iran_skiing

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