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Come join me Sunday at Rev Cycle for a Pride-Themed ride 🏳️‍🌈♥️

Massive Male Black Bear
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🔥🔥🔥 Transformation post.

This comes when you consistently strive towards your goals. This man has not only gained muscle mass, but has also lost body fat; and is still working to reach his goals. It’s easy to overlook our origins and become lost in the process. We all want to see quick results. But think of how far you have come, how long it took, and the commitments you have made. Remember it’s not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle. Change takes time, consistency is 🔑

The two photos were taken 16 weeks apart, and wow what a difference! He was at 26% body fat, and now he is at 16%. That’s more than half a percent a week!🙌🏽

I’m inspired by people who work hard to achieve what they set their mind to.🤗

I love what I do! Coaching people to have a healthier lifestyle and to win in life brings me great joy! Keep killing it Z!👊🏽

I’m here to see you reach your healthy lifestyle goals too! Take action and let’s get started! 💯

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Hiked 4 miles along the Coast Trail in Royal National Park and made it to eagle rock. To our surprise it’s migration season and we had the pleasure of watching multiple whales 🐳 pass us by 😍 Doesn’t get much better than that! Australia you may have some scary animals, but you are wonderful!!! #whalewatching #eaglerock #australia #royalnationalpark #bushwalking #hiking #itsfinallywarm #tanktop #australianwinter

Winter adventure time! Royal National Park style. The perfect cure to a miserable wet and cold week. #eaglerock

🌿 🍃🌿 Vegan vibes 🌿🍃🌿 #happyweekend #dinner #hood #vegan #organic #veganfood #friday <6.22.18> 📍#myveganeaglerock #nela #eaglerock

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