Large showers & modern fixtures are very popular with our clients! 🚿

More windows, the better the home ✅

Whether you allow your dog on the couch or if they sneak when you're not looking, dirt and hair always seem to follow them.. Taking advantage of regular upholstery cleaning services from TruRinse is a sure way to keep your furniture looking and feeling clean!

Yesterday through today there were 19 homes listed in the Utah County market.
Click on the profile link for details on all 19 homes. Find the one you like, then give me a call and let's go take a look, 801-709-7092.
My loan team can help you improve your credit score and show you how to take advantage of a $0 Down Payment Loan Program.
Let's get you in a home. 😃🏡

We think one of the coolest parts about starting a business has been the opportunities we have had to get more involved with our community. These gift boxes were for a women in business scholarship luncheon where we were able to sponser a table. Really so fun!

**UPDATE 12/07/2018** Since my post yesterday; I drove by earlier today on the way to a funeral & noticed that ALL of the deer carcasses have since been removed from the road & NOW there is a bright electric sign that SPECIFICALLY asks everyone to "BE CAREFUL...HEAVY DEER MIGRATION ROUTE!!" This is a WIN & proof that whether it was me or not that prompted action, we as #Sportsman , need to fight for & be the voice for our #wildlife . Thank you, whoever listened!! 12/06/18 - As a hunter; It's sad to see these majestic beasts (or any), get slaughtered while transitioning through their winter range. This stretch alone of about 100 ft has 6 other dead deer and this was a decent buck that was just barely hit and within that mile, there are numerous others. I saw him on the way to the gym today and a lone doe in the field debating her crossing and panicking as she ran back and forth as Cars and Semi Trucks zipped by. I flipped around seeing her dilemma and hoping to slow traffic in case she crossed....she stayed in the field in frenzy. I only hope she headed deeper into that field after keeping an eye in her for about 1/2 hour.

Although predators need some form of management, when are we going to wake up and face the real dangers of overpopulation of HUMANS and our TRUE effects regarding these animals we love to hunt so much?? Their Historic Winter ranges are being depleted by our encrochement and the spread of roads, housing, and machines (atv/utvs etc) have a much bigger effect than predators in my opinion on their survival year round. We wonder where the glory days went....We should look more closely at ourselves. Although we do a lot of great things to help these animals, I sometimes wonder if it's enough, when maybe we should regulate ourselves better.

Just thinking out loud in defense of one of my favorite animals...The #muledeer!! PLEASE BE CAREFULL!! On another note...by the time I got back from the gym, someone had pulled this buck near the roadside and sawed off his antlers... (Not sure if it was #utahdwr ). #utah #winterrange #deer
#deerhunting #Elk #utaharchery #venison #antlers #roadkill #eaglemountainutah #wildlife #BeMore... #Nobodycaresworkharer

SOLD! Under contract in first weekend, multiple offers, closed in 18 days.
#utahrealestate #eaglemountainutah #utahrealtor #sellmyhouse #selleragent

It's Christmas time. Are you looking to buy a home before the end of the year?
23 homes were listed today in the Utah County market. Take a look at them by clicking on the profile link.

Some highlights of this beautiful home in Eagle Mountain, Utah!
& it’s FOR SALE ✅

Get into a home with nothing down. Eleven of the 16 homes to hit the market today in Utah County qualify for a $0 Down Payment Loan Program. Would you like to know more?
Message me or call me at 801-709-7092.
In the mean time, the profile link has the details on the 16 homes added today.

We have 2 homes on the market in Eagle Mountain, Utah!
Bedrooms with views, and bathrooms beautifully designed!

Tiled floors look great, they make cleaning up spills a breeze, and they're ideal in high traffic areas like the kitchen.. The down-side is how difficult they can be to thoroughly clean. TruRinse offers tile and grout cleaning services that come highly recommended by customers!

A coil comes in many different forms, but all serve the same purpose, it works hand in hand with your AC unit to cool your home.
But what we often overlook, a coil is a critical part of your heating system as well. You see, all air must pass through it whether cold or warm, summer or winter.
All the more important to make sure it stays clean and you change your filter on time. It can cause major problems for BOTH your furnace and a/c unit.
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Tuesday 4th - Today there were 20 homes added to the Utah County market, 13 of them qualify for a $0 Down Payment Loan Program.
Click on the Profile Link to look all the homes added today.

Christmas Giveaway! 🎄
@buildinggrouput is giving away two $50 @target gift cards!! To Enter:
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Contest ends Dec 12th @ 11:59 PM

14 homes were added today in the Utah County real estate market, priced from $269K TO $550K.
December is the best time of the year to buy a home, before homes start to go up in value again. Lock in your gain now by buying low.
Profile link has all the details.

A splash of blue really makes this kitchen POP!

We went to a fun little Christmas activity here in eagle mountain where we got to go see santa (sorry pictures of santa are on daniels phone) they also had real reindeer and a cute little petting zoo. They also had horse carriage rides but or was cold and by the time we got through the santa line and petting zoo everyone was too cold to go on the horse drawn carriage but it was sure fun!!! #sawsanta #eaglemountainutah #familytime

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