Tonight, we saw lots of magic ⭐️ happen.

We truly appreciate each and every woman who attends the @collabovercompetitionmixer (near and far). We are particularly grateful for those who bravely step outside their comfort zone. It’s not unnoticed. And we are proud of you. More importantly, be proud of yourself ♥️ Tonight was also a special #GalsGiving theme. Each of the ladies wrote why they are thankful. “I am thankful for my health.” “I am thankful for the amazing community of Boss Babes” “I am thankful for my husband who supports my artist dream.” Just to name a few.

Eagle House Holiday Bazaar December 14th--5:30PM to 9PM

✨ THIS face says it ALL!!!! Our AMAZING photographer got us our pictures back in record timing and I’m kind of obsessed. She captured our emotions so well and I can’t wait to share more of this day with all of you. On another note, doctors appointment today went SO well and baby has continued to stay head down. Heart beat is strong and I am 50% effaced. I don’t exactly know if that means much at this point, I realize it’s still early but he was happy so I am too! Off to sleep after a long and successful day. Just launched one of my newest business partners and am so excited for her 💃🏼

This was one of those photos that as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a favorite for a long, long time. And 2.5 (or 3..?) years later, it still is! I’ve missed photographing couples during my time away from weddings (though it’s been a good and necessary time as well), and I really am eager to begin booking weddings and engagements again. So that being said, if you or someone you know is planning a 2019 wedding or elopement, get in touch! I’m available for travel as well, and would just love to capture one of the most meaningful days of your life! 💕


Star Tuks is the only business in Idaho that provides a true public service for free and leave the option to tip to their customers. Not one customer is treated better than the other regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnic background, etc. Our goal is to make sure the ride is safe, fun and of course memorable. If the customer service is liked then tip. However, if we don't meet your expectations then don't tip, but tell us what we can do better. .
Bte, if you don't read our business cards then our riders will correct you on the spot. They all approved for the use of their video just like all of the videos I post for fun and entertainment. .
Enjoy the quick business moto video.
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Instead of feeling frustration or anger towards seemingly unfavorable moments that occur within all of our lives and the world around us, what does it feel like to 'sit with' the challenges that are presented to us? Much like learning to ride a bicycle, living a full life requires much more than 'perfect' circumstances; it requires a consistently positive mindset where we actively choose to get up time after time, unmoved by challenge or strife in the process of learning and becoming a master. To master oneself is all life is; how can we sit with our woes and transform them into beauty today? This is the true definition of 'Self Care'.

Steak...It's what's for dinner at the Tavern at Bown Crossing.

And...if your not a fan of steak, we have a versatile menu that has several other options that is sure to please your palate.

Don't just take our word for it, view our menu at www.tavernatbown.com

We serve FRESH oysters, shucked to order... We receive shipments of fresh oysters daily here at the Owyhee Tavern.
We offer a variety of oyster selections daily as well.

If you are an oyster lover, you need to visit us.


In the market for a new car? Consider researching online and asking for quotes before going to the dealership. 🌐🚗 .
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One more sleep until we open up for our Holiday Reveal! Last minute touches and then off to bed tonight before we get to see all your smiling faces tomorrow morning! Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Nov 15-16-17) from 10am-6pm. You’re going to LOVE it! .
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One of my favorite images from @brendaa.victoria ‘s family session. Beautiful family! You can definitely tell these three are related. #boiseidahophotographer #idahofamilyphotographer #beautifulfamily❤️ #meridianidaho #nampaidahophotographer #eagleidaho #❤️🖤❤️

And look what is coming to H&S in Meridian. Who is ready for a workshop on those popular big cozy hand knit blankets? #hammerandstain #hammerandatainboisemeridian. #eagleidaho #meridian #meridianidaho #diy #byob #meridianchamber #iloveidaho #crafts #paint #ryobipowertools #girlsandtheretools #wearedifferent #persoanlize

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