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Rogue One frame - Krennics ship passing over on Eadu #rogueone #starwars #starwarsart #eadu #storyboard

Eadu: Un planeta robusto en el sector de Bheriz del Borde Exterior. Eaudo es conocido —en lo ya poco conocido que es— por sus lluvias y sus pastores nativos. Pocos sospechan que este planeta es el lugar en el que está instalado un laboratorio secreto donde los científicos del Imperio trabajan en la Iniciativa Tarkin para descubrir los secretos de los cristales Kyber y perfeccionar una poderosa arma. #StarWars #RogueOne #Eadu

#Brother #Bestie #Eadu 😘😘😍😍😍😘😘

#eadu thodappa kattaiya..

I know it's customary to rag on the Stormtroopers for frequently missing their targets, but how did these X-Wing pilots manage to miss Krennic's big-ass ship after strafing that platform multiple times? I mean, it's parked right there in front! Blame it on the rain, I guess. :D
#starwars #RogueOne #eadu

#RogueOne vibes. #Eadu


So I've almost completed this look using a temporary concho (not adding top stitching to this one). Just need to add the 2nd badge. Costume will be updated once I receive the Anovos concho and make some alterations and weather it. Light fixture on cap is a rubber mold made by @bonebuddrus. 3D Comm made by @traywickdesigns. Blaster is Rubies' E-11. Everything else put together and/or made by me. All weathering and painting by me.

Mail call today. Got this on ebay for $7 and some change. Love it #jynurso #blackseries6inch #eadu #rogueone #starwarscollector

Ice caving in the Katla Glacier/Volcano area where the ice was black, blue and white.

#eadu thodappa kattaiya..

Inktober Day 15 !

Jyn Erso ! She ends the first week of Star Wars Inktober. The first but not the last. I make a break to draw other things but I will come back next week with others Star Wars heroines !
#inktober2017 #inktober #starwars #jyn #jynerso #rogueone #fanart #eadu

i hope we see coruscant in upcoming films

I LOVE this -


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