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i swear i can always count on these babes too make me smile, i'm just chillin on my new laptop watching #e3tv and #bandlife videos and i've got the biggest smile and tears.. cause i miss those days so much but tbh i can't wait too see what the future holds for them😊😭 "sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"♡ @wesleystromberg @drewchadwick @keatonstromberg @emblemthree


Song: Nothing Feels Like You by Little Mix. I'm honestly really proud of this.

Song quotes this time. Comment a song you'd like me to put for Wes or Drew!

Bummed the #onlythecrazysurvivetour isn't west coast bound - it's been months since San Fran Drew dude 😩👎🎶 @drewchadwick get it together bro 😝😘😁🐬💋💌 #drewchadwick #emblem3 #e3 #e3tv #throwback #handsome #teamo #latch #samsmith #wethechange ( Vid credit 🎥 @anaccardoso04 )

Does anybody remember these??? Ahhhh. I loved them. I think my favorite was the one where they were trying to guess questions about each other. Anyone know what I'm talking about?? #emblem3 #e3tv #keatonstromberg @keatonstromberg

We have way to much fun working together! @myarose98 #E3TV #e3students

Was watching this tonight @emblemthree can we bring this back and the live chat Thursday's please @keatonstromberg @wesleystromberg I love it 💕💕🙌🙌 #emblemthree #emblem3 #wesleystromberg #keatonstromberg

Watching some #E3tv right now. Loving it. #E3ONELLEN #emblem3onellen #emblemthreeonellen

Watch a full episode of The Lockhavens on the E3TV network on Google TV. #googletv #roku #thelockhavens #senzolockhaven #e3tv #dwaynechattman #atlantacomedy #atlantatalent #atlantafilm #atl #sitcoms

Watch a full episode of The Lockhavens on the E3TV network on Google TV. #googletv #roku #thelockhavens #senzolockhaven #e3tv #dwaynechattman #atlantacomedy #atlantatalent #atlantafilm #atl #sitcoms

I think we should all come up with 21 reasons about Wes. Everyone has something different to say sbkut him. Let do it.
Wesley Trent Stromberg. Happy 21 bday to the person who has gave me
21 reasons to smile, laugh, and make memories. Here they go:
21. You get me through the tough times.
20. Your smile always brightens my day.
19. Your laugh it the best sound and makes me laugh.
18. You know how to make me laugh when I need it most.
17. You love Keaton.
16. You take good care of Keaton.
15. Baby Issac is lucky to have you as an uncle.
14. You make good snapchats.
13. Your hazel eyes make me melt when I see them.
12. Listening to your voice just makes me smile.
11. When you lost to Drew on a quiz about your own brother on #E3TV haha.
10. You gave me the best night of my life on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at Eliches Denver, Co.
9. I learned how to be the real me.
8. I have a reason to keep going in life.
7. You gave me the strength to get up and keep going.
6. You helped me find my voice.
5. You tought me to never give up.
4. I believe because of you.
3. You got me to see the true meaning of life.
2. You showed me how to be the real me.
1. There is only one of you, and these are the 21 things that make you, one.
I love you Wes. Don't ever stop believing in us. Your the best thing that has happened to me.

The new #E3TV was amazing last night!!

The latest episode of #E3TV its up!!:o😏
#wesley #keaton #strombergs #love #live #breath #dontdie 👌💖

New episode of #E3TV it's perfect I really love you my babes my besties I'm so proud of you @wesleystromberg @keatonstromberg @emblemthree

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