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Решили совместить приятное с полезным. Протестировать автомобиль и кайфануть в непринужденной обстановке #driftfamily Ссылка на полное видео в шапке профиля. Подписывайтесь на канал, будет жарко! Всем дрифт! #springless #vdrifte #e30ls1 #driftfamilyweekend

I haz a taco!
Full write up for the gauge cluster tachometer swap over at @raghead_mechanics #BMW #E30 #E30V8 #E30LS1

Front sump oil pan for my ls swapped e30..been slacking on it but this should help with dropping it in the car.some slight modifications needed of course lol #calibuilt #lsswap #lsxnation #e30ls1

So glad this beast is back & running. #LS1 #cutouts #e30ls1 #bmw

I was halfway productive today. New fuel tank in, fuel system mostly completed, @garagistic secondary diff mount and bushing ready to go in tomorrow. Closer and closer.. #e30 #lsx #e30ls1 #CosmosJuan #r3v

Days in the shed with the old man! #happybirthdayoldboy #weekends #racecar #ibrokeitagain #e30ls1

The #e30ls1 is alive. Can't wait to button this up and take for the first drive!!!


Закончился 6 этап Rds, технические проблемы не давали нам тренироваться, а неподходящая редукция и недостаток мощности не позволяли ехать в полную силу. Третья передача долбилась в отсечку, а четвертую невезла. Так прошла квала. Получилось заехать на 22 место. В парные заезды попал на @janniradari
Всю ночь пытались устранить течь масла: снимали двигатель и коробку, но причину найти не удалось. Следующий день также прошел без парных тренировок. В заезде топ-32 пришлось качать колеса до 5бар, чтобы хоть как-то проезжать трассу, но о держаке и скорости можно было забыть. Вторым отстал на разгоне и не смог догнать, первым постарался не накосячить и проехать стабильно. Женя не стал сейвится и очень круто проехал за мной. Спасибо всем кто болел и помогал увидимся на 7 этапе✌️#rds #springless #drift #e30ls1 #degereedriftingfactory#ultan

Of course nothing ever goes right. Looks like my alternator quit out. Going back under the knife anyway to do interior stuff but now looks like I'll be changing out the alternator

Front end Friday !!

I know y'all are getting tired of seeing these but look at all the work they had to go through to get this done. The quality of work is ridiculous and in super happy. Can't wait to see them.

This just keeps getting better and better. Loving these updates that my upholster is sending me. They're doing such a great job. What are y'alls thoughts? E36 rain Mtech in an e30?

😍😍😍 they sent me an update on my seats. God these are coming along so well!

It's so crazy how many friends I've met through this car right here. A lot of friends helped me out with this and I couldn't be happier. Nights at the shop where I was stuck on something I could call them up and they'd come and help. Didn't build it all by myself. With the help from my girl and friends this is what was the outcome

"why are you wasting money buying other cars?" Me: I don't work 80+ hours a week for nothing. Check out the progress on these seats for the swap. 😍😍😍

For everybody DMing me about the white one. It's in pristine condition. Yes it's authentic. Mtech1 spoiler. $600. Will I ship? Yes. Dm me if you're truly interested.

The #e30ls1 is alive. Can't wait to button this up and take for the first drive!!!

Some of you guessed it. Not 1....Not 2... But 3 authentic Mtech 1 spoilers. They're for sale! Will have another post with prices another day.

Damn shipping from Europe is sometimes faster than shipping in the states. 😂😂


Brother and sister

Just got these in from my boy!! Dm your address and I'll send you one for free!

European car. American motor. Japanese seats. Japanese buffet.

Up up and away.

Just wanted to thank everybody who bought a set of euro grills. I've sold about 15 sets so far and only to IG followers. Thank you again. These two are getting ready to be shipped soon! I still have a couple more sets. If you buy more than one set prices drop as well! $100 shipped for a set! $90 each for two!

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