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Moody Monday 🤷🏽‍♂️
📸: @orein2727

Lot of love for @locallaundry ! Y’all need to cop a sweater... now!! 📸: @thesalt.co

Don’t mind me. Doggo stole the show here. 📸: @orein2727

Steady now. 📸: @orein2727

Smile, it’s Friday ! 📸: @orein2727

Dapper Tuesday’s.
Have a great week friends! 😊
📸: @orein2727

Casually admiring the people down @craftbeermarket enjoying a nice cold pint. 📸: @alexcophoto 🔥

Throwin’ it back to last summer! Can’t wait to rock the bright colours and patterns this year 🙌🏽
📸: @maximratnikov.ph

Panda panda panda panda panda 🎵 📸: @alexcophoto

Combination of people watching, wondering what’s for dinner, and trying not to blink. Success! 📸: @alexcophoto 💯

Acting completely natural as we capture the cover for our new mixtape.
Happy birthday @yeungc 🔥 🎂 📷: @thesalt.co 💯

T-shirt, Jeans, an Iced Americano, and great weather. Shouldn’t it be like this already? Get your shit together Calgary 📸: @orein2727

Kris Kross Monday’s 🎵 📸: @thesalt.co

Casually staring at a cafe where I could be enjoying a nice hot latte as I pose in the snow. 📸: @thesalt.co 💯

Happy St. Paddy’s Day folks! 🍀🍻 📸: @thesalt.co Shoutout to @locallaundry for this awesome #yyc sweater 👌🏽

Capturing the art of fine suits, great company, and a no bullshit attitude with @the.kingly 📸: @orein2727

Today marks 1 year since my first IG post. You’re welcome.
Just kidding ! Much love for everyone. ✌🏾
📸: @orein2727

“I don’t need a jacket today” - Most common Canadian mistake during the winter. 📸: @orein2727 👌🏽

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