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We are the champions! We won the final game 7-1! #dynamoshow #dynamohockey #Hernesaari #hockey #champions

Transferte importanti#Sheffield#DynamoShow#trip#friend#

“We are braver than we believe.
We are stronger than we seem.
We are smarter than we think.
We are loved more than we know!” ~ James Karl Erdt


Here is a sneak peek of @tommybrownhbv in the middle of his sit down interview with two of my favorite people @thelilmoshow and @dynamiteko. Much love to both of them for coming out and being apart of The Launch of #TheTommyBrownShow 💯. #philly #LiveStudioAudience #NeurWine #dynamoshow #LilMo #dynamiteko #turae #wehadfun #thankstoeveryone

Surround yourself with like-minded, powerful people :) #dynamoshow #thedynamoshow #entrepreneur #toronto #tvshow #interview #crushingit


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Dab for Dynamo ♣️♦️


WOWSA!!! Totally honoured, humbled and grateful to be chosen for the cover of the inaugural issue of GEM (Get Elevated Movement) Magazine by Editor Kennedy Iden and his team!! It’s fantastic to be able to share my message with entrepreneurs, experts and infopreneurs around the world to support them in living their best life while empowering others through inspiration, education and LOVE!! Plus we will be covering the new REVIVER Rejuvenation Ranch for at-risk teens in full detail supporting the REVIVER Guardians philanthropic initiatives to guide lost young souls back on track to be coming contributing members of society and beyond.

This magazine and movement is dedicated to the leaders of the world supporting my personal three Ps of purpose, planet and prosperity. I am committed to supporting this project and seeing it grow into something that will guide all of us in the HUMAN TRIBE by creating a new world of well-being, abundance and celebrated diversity while sustainably contributing to a planet that is ecologically friendly to mother earth and ALL OF US WHO SHARE IT!!!!! If anyone is interested in getting featured in this magazine and you are extraordinarily creating some game changing projects that serves the aforementioned three Ps above, please reach out and I will introduce you to my dear friend and strategic alliance, Kennedy Iden for an exclusive interview providing you qualify for his excellent standards of being a world-class human with like heart, mind and soul.
Thank you Kennedy. Sending you an attitude of gratitude as I am truly grateful to be chosen as the first cover model for this outstanding project and Get Elevated Movement!
I even did my hair for you... ✌️🤓👍 ✨⭐️🙏⭐️✨ #getelevatedmovement

KEVIN HARRINGTON FEATURED ME in his BIG PITCH Magazine last year for the PLORK (Play/Work) I DO and how I LOVE to GIVE BACK and PAY IT FORWARD... It proves that when we LOVE WHAT WE DO & DO WHAT WE LOVE... BIG ABUNDANT OPPORTUNITIES present themselves in magical ways!! 🙂

This fantastic mag showcasing extraordinary experts is co-published with Kieron Sweeney who is the keynote speaker at next Thursday’s (November 9th, 2017) DYNAMO Speaker Talent Search!!! If you are a speaker, author, expert, internet marketer, blogger, coach and/or infopreneur (or someone fed up with the 9-5 grind at your JOB (Just Over Broke)) YOU MOST CERTAINLY WANT TO ATTEND THIS SPEAKING EVENT as an audience member, because Kieron Sweeney and myself will be seeking a select few fortunate people to work with BOTH OF US TOGETHER in the very near future!!! TIME TO SHINE! Everyone has a story, so when guided on how to effectively and efficiently present it to the world, MIRACLES HAPPEN.
I AM LIVING PROOF as many of you know, coming from the life of gangs, prison, crime, violence and drug abuse that consumed me from ages 15-30 before I created the last 15 years of my life with sobriety, absolute clarity and MASSIVE SUCCESS!!! YOU CAN AND WILL TOO... WHEN YOU ARE READY OF COURSE. 😉

I’m excited for this stellar line up of talent to ROCK THE DYNAMO STAGE!!!!!!!!! See YOU there... GET TIX HERE TODAY FOR ONLY A 10 LOONIE INVESTMENT IN SELF:


Authentically & Genuinelly yours,
James Erdt
Cheif Architect of WOW
DYNAMO Entrepreneur


Uusi viikko käyntiin. Torstaina Hernesaaren Jääpalatsissa tarjolla jääkiekkoa, kun sarjakärki Tiikerit saapuu Dynamon vieraaksi. Se on REVANSSIN paikka! Let's GO Dynamo! #dynamohockey #dynamoshow #jääpalatsionpunainen #jääkiekko #revanssi #potutpottuina #hockey #hockeylife #thursdaynightrivalry #letsgodynamo #punaistapäälle

DynamoSHOW parhaimmillaan!

Kummatkin puolustustajat vastustajan päätyviivan takana!
Tiesithän että Dynamon löydät myös Facebookista @hockeydynamo

#dynamohockey #ylimielinen #jääpalatsionpunainen #jääkiekko #hockey #pakithyökkää #redarmy #dynamoshow #roadtothecup #coolestgameonearth

REVIVER Spirit Animal

Each at-risk teen at the REVIVER Rejuvenation Ranch will be made aware of their own guiding spirit animal.
This will support them on their journey of a new beginning giving them strength, courage and focus for the challenging, yet empowering road ahead. Spirit animals represent a person's connection to all life amongst their qualities of character and personal power.

A spirit animal is the ghost or soul of a familiar, which exists astrally, and is not brought into physical form, only in spiritual form. Spirit animals are the helping, supporting or ministering spirit which empowers individuals and is essential for success in any venture undertaken.

It is a shamanic concept that protects and guides individuals via the animal's traits, habits and characteristics. It has entered the English language from Anthropology, Ethnography and Sociology. In the shamanic worldview, everything is alive, bearing an inherent virtue, power and wisdom.
Everyone has spirit animals or tutelary spirits which empower and protect them from harm, like guardian spirits or angels. The spirit animal may also lend its ward or charge the wisdom or attributes of its kind. For example, the eagle spirit animal provides eagle attributes, such as strength, empowerment, grace and visionary focus of the EAGLE-EYE.

We the REVIVER Guardians are excited to welcome the first group of students to our upcoming long-term rejuvenation station where the youth will go to private onsite high-school, learn practical skills, take exciting adventures and most importantly BE LOVED unconditionally.
Their spirit animals will support them in creating an identity that they feel familiar with, taking the positive attributes from each animal and utilizing them towards living a healthier, safer and sustainable better life as a contributing member of society.

STAY TUNED for more information on how YOU can become a REVIER Guardian, Angel, Elder, Storyteller, Workshop Facilitator, Sponsor, Donor, Investor, Franchisor and/or highly valued volunteer. Thank you.

Yours in Well-BEing & Good DOing,
James 'EAGLE -EYE' Erdt
REVIVER Guardian

I genuinely had the honour and privilege of delivering a keynote speech at Centennial College Toronto to the HYPE program students.
H.Y.P.E. =
Helping Youth Pursue Education

Truly honoured and humbled to be in a position to give back to young people choosing to continue their education, get back in the game and become a contributing member of society.

Two young ladies, even stepped up to share their stories of overcoming challenges in life, pain, pleasure and lessons learned in a new book that they will be writing sponsored by my company, DYNAMO Publishing. STAY TUNED to see them SHINE THEIR LIGHT inspiring their peers, their community and beyond.... If you know of any young people out there that need my support weather individually or in a classroom environment… Please feel free to share, show your support and reach out… Let's empower change together... #hypeprogram

A lil somethin' somethin' for my absolutely extraordinary fiancé, Nicola Brasil to say I LOVE YOU!! ❤️🤗❤️ #justbecause

***** NEW UPDATED 2017 BIO ***** James Erdt is a sought-after speaker, award winning author, success coach and philanthropist plus the public TV Host of ‘The DYNAMO Show’. He has been featured on Rogers TV, CBC, CBS, Breakfast Television, City TV, Muchmusic, That Channel and in the Toronto Star, Mississauga News as well as numerous fitness magazines and websites.
James Erdt is the ‘Chief Architect of WOW’ for DYNAMO Entrepreneur, which is an innovative, socially responsible organization, dedicated to guiding people of all ages, predominantly visionaries, thought-leaders and game-changers. By creating leading edge products, popular social networks and engaging events, both offline and online, James consistently strives to better people and inclusively enhance the world for all.
Amongst other awards, some of the most notable that James Erdt has achieved is winning the Canadian Motivational Speaker Talent Search, nominated for Top 40 Under 40, Canadian Personal Trainer & Fitness Manager of the Year, numerous natural physique competition placings and he is an Amazon Best Selling Author for the DYNAMO Diaries Series.

James has addressed more than 500 live audiences and consulted for mega-brands like Nike, Skechers, Titika, GoodLife Fitness, One Health Clubs and Fitness STAR International. He has been featured at events with public figures like Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, Marci Shimoff, John Gray, Mark Victor Hanson, John Assaraf, Bill Walsh, James MacNeil, James Aurthur Ray, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Janet Attwood, T. Harv Eker and Dr. John Demartini.

James has proven results that showcase he has the perseverance, resourcefulness and wisdom required to meet the greatest of challenges. He now shares his story of overcoming drug addictions, prison, gang activity, spinal surgery and near death situations as a young man with others to support and inspire them on their own life path and evolutionary journey. Paying it forward, James is actively involved with the REVIVER Rejuvenation Ranch for at-risk youth amongst other charities supporting teens, to make positive and proactive decisions to live healthier, safer and better lives.


Dynamo Show - Cybersecurity Interview | DailyCyber 097 ~ Watch Now https://youtu.be/BT5gfugYYGQ

In today’s DailyCyber 097, I take you on the journey of being interviewed by James Erdt on his show The Dynamo Show. James and I discuss life’s challenges, tips about being an entrepreneur and Cybersecurity


#DailyCyber097, #Cybersecurity, #CyberAware, #BrandonKrieger, #KNSSConsultingGroup, #CybersecuritySupport, #DynamoShow, #rogerstv

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