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Curious to see if your training is taking you to Super Saiyan levels? Ask the Front Desk to use our new Dynamometer and find out your grip strength #supersaiyannick #dynamometer #laboulders #touchstoneclimbing

Getting ready to put that new dyno to work! New update live at the link in our bio #M1 #dynamometer #electricskateboard

At exhibition Auto 2017. We proudly present our cooperation with DynoTest dynamometers. #DynoTest #dyno #dynamometer #karosschiptuning

See the power of the ABT engine control #AEC - in the #ABT #RS3 Individual with 450 HP on our #dynamometer.

Paciente de 63 años que ya descendió 20 kilos con una dinamométria de 32 kilogrametros. Es clave el trabajo con los profes para lograr cambios de calidad sin comprometer la fuerza ni la masa muscular #nutricion#dynamometer #strenght #sarcopenia #healthyaging


ITFC Academy were in the lab for some testing today. A number of our students were helping with the procedures, gaining valuable real world experience! #sport #science #testing #itfc #kistler #biodex #dynamometer #forceplate

Neil had the pleasure of tweaking on this '32 Ford yesterday at CHRA! Blown Hemi with Fast XFI fuel injection. Check out all the custom work on this bad boy!

Curious to see if your training is taking you to Super Saiyan levels? Ask the Front Desk to use our new Dynamometer and find out your grip strength #supersaiyannick #dynamometer #laboulders #touchstoneclimbing

PSA: This goo is what happens when you don't change your oil on time! This nastiness gets in the oiling systems and clogs stuff up. Engine noises, low or erratic oil pressure, and engine failures are the result! Maintenance is a good thing: it saves you money in the long run, and makes that ride keep on hummin'! Come see us for your next oil change, and keep this goop out of your vehicle's pipes!

Fatigue (whether neurological, metabolic or neuroendocrine) will inevitably occur with any type of physical training.
The key to athletic success is being able to manage the accumulation of fatigue whilst also receiving sufficient training stimulus to make progress.

So how do we manage fatigue?
Many weight training programs call for a deload after a specified time frame of training, however these typically fail to account for variation between individuals in regards to work capacity and they certainly fail to account for “life” variations such as increased stress, workloads, holidays etc.
Another commonly suggested form of fatigue management is taking a deload when you “feel” like you need one. There are a couple of flaws with this method. First and foremost, often what you “feel” doesn’t line up at all with objective physical performance (I’ve certainly had countless training sessions where I felt like shit but still managed a PB). Secondly, but perhaps most importantly, many of the symptoms of excessive fatigue lag behind the point where you should have taken that week off. That is, by the time these symptoms (desire to train, decreased appetite, mood changes, sleep disturbances, illness) get bad enough you notice them you’ve already been in an “excessively fatigued” state for a period of time.
The good news is that there are a number of objective fatigue measures which are usable with minimal equipment, and importantly will change either before or during periods of excessive fatigue accumulation.
A really easy way to gauge your current fatigue level is to track your sets/reps at a particular weight on a number of exercises* (using a number will allow for variation in localized muscular fatigue vs global fatigue). Whilst we all have “off days”, if your performances are significantly below what you would expect to achieve over a number of sessions then odds are you are in a state of excessive fatigue and should take a deload. This is going to be the easiest measure for most people to use as you don’t need to do anything different than what you normally would in your training program, nor any additional equipment.
*continued in comments*

Ryan from Advanced Fuel Dynamics (@advancedfueldynamics) testing his flex fuel system on a 2012 Mustang! Picked up over 25hp with no custom tuning, just adding e85 to the tank! Contact us for more info and referrals!

dte_systemsWith #PowerControl the #VW #Beetle 2.0 #TSI is getting ready to roar: 258 HP and 351 Nm meaning #more #power with #dyno #proven #values #available at www.chiptuning.com

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