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Happy Birthday Dylynn!!! 🎉
Ilysm Dyl! 💕 you are one of the best dancers I've ever ever met ❤️ you are the best your so beautiful and nice and the best dancer ever 😎 I can't believe you are already 13 a teenager omg 💥 I'm so happy for u and your amazing 💋 just the other day you were 10 years old on Make your mark 😱😱😱 you have grown up so fast like omg 😅 I hope you have an amazing Birthday and I hope you see this cause you don't know how much I love you and how much you mean to me! Your the reason I'm a dancer 🌸 your perfection and amazing
I wanna be like you Dylynn
Your amazing and hope you have the best day ever 💖 love you Dylynn!!! #dylynnjones
#aldc #agt #audc


christmas edit cause im in the mood:)) i stole teagans audio so no credits for her!! < @beauty.by.reagan
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first picture edit:)
im proud of this so tag dylynn for a spam i want her to see it, also does this loop??
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— lifetime in repeat💗
i felt like i should make an edit like this because why not.? it took up so much space so i really want someone to possible notice it😅
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— dylynn💖
dylynn through the years! i dont really love the ending put the rest is good.! im proud of it💜
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Jaycee and dylynn❤️ #jayceewaycee #dylynnator5678

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