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Eliminate the target
↣ For @findingkatherine HAPPY BELATED BDAY!
↣ cc. @ceiestial .
↣ ac. @deadaudio .

Mitch (fuck me) Rapp
pg; svp14
song; Hollwood Undead - Another Way Out (edited)
cc scorchedstiles -

sweet baby

dt @wegotobrien
cc mine
ac @voidgold

dylan o'brien aka the best guy out there :") i got mad at people for saying bad stuff about him so i decided to post it now. also sORRY ABOUT ANY GLITCHES, I FIXED A CRAP TON OF THEM WITH SMALLER GLITCHES SO I HOPE NO ONE NOTICES
song: power (i forgot who it's by but it's popular)
coloring: mine
person featured/show: dylan o'brien
program: sony vegas pro 14 and after effects cc
dedicated to: @onlyobrien and @scorchedstiles aka my favorite editors who mostly edit my favorite person

— Dylan.💦
• dm your request.📩

colors part II - my main hubbie
ok but like actually the loml
this is 110% inspired by showmeeditz
cc ceiestial dt me & nina lol our hub
program svp 14 enjoy!! @xpurity

#dylanobrien #thomas #dylanobrienedits #themazerunner #tmredit


Happy Dylan 😊 -
Different style or editory ( idk if that's a word 😂 )
@idylan.obrien -
#dylanobrienedits #teenwolf #dylanobrien #stccall #obrosey

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