Well, hello, beautiful handdyed dress by @dyetology! You arrived just in time! #hotday #waitingforthunderstorms #handmade #handdyed #dyetology #buyhandmade #mompreneur

Finally found the right backdrop to take a pic of this amazingly gorgeous hand dyed dress I won from @dyetology! This is the hi-lo dress in lilac storm. So perfect for summer!! #rochestervegan #dyetology #dresses #summerdresses #wildflowers #wildflowertattoo #fashion #whatveganslooklike #sunshine #veganbliss #veganlove #veganlifestyle #blonde

It's a wrap! Met some wonderful venders like #dyetology and our neighbor Joe Oliverio photography. #berkshireartsfestival2018 #berkshires #artfair #berkshiresartsfestival #jewelry #jewelrymaker

Did you know that your brain “believes” what you tell it? It doesn’t know what’s “real”.... so are you telling it that you are strong, beautiful, and capable? Or are you telling it that you have fat ankles? I was the QUEEN 👸🏼and I do mean Queen of negative self talk until I read enough about the power of thoughts and really what they do to us. It finally got through my thick skull that I was only hurting myself and if I was going to be telling myself something, I was much better off telling myself something nice or positive. And you know what? It works. Even if you can’t muster up something nice to say to yourself at first, at least stop the bad stuff....🙏🏻

Does this look familiar to you? 😂 What’s your biggest wardrobe challenge??

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Thanks to everyone who braved the heat came out to the @worthingtonartsfestival this weekend! Feeling so blessed to see so many current customers and met so many new, wonderful ladies! Ok so here’s the top styles from this weekend!
1️⃣ A-line Tunic Tank
2️⃣ Perfect Knit Dress (in all fairness she would have been in first place had we not sold out of them!)
3️⃣Knotted Tunic Tee
4️⃣Hi Low Dress
5️⃣Flounce Maxi Dress
You can tap images to shop (the knotted tunic tee is not on the site you can DM me if interested!)
Huge thanks @paigekovach for being my wingman again this weekend!! You rock 🤟🏼

Feeling the shades of blue 👗🐳🦋🌊 today to “trick” myself that I’m cool today in this 90 degree weather 😂 Loving my new bracelet @lilynoellejewelry and my @mybellastudio necklace 😍😍 We will be here at the @worthingtonartsfestival til 5pm! Stay cool my friends!

Great first day @worthingtonartsfestival today! 🌞🔥 and no 💦. Thanks so much to everyone who voted last week In our poll on the booth set up! We tried the 2nd option today and it was awesome!! Also a huge thank you to everyone who came out in the heat today and said hi! Now onto day 2 ....Sunday’s hours are 11am-5pm.

Had a cool moment today when I opened my email today and this was in my email- thanks so much @columbusmonthly !! Trying to make a difference one pair at a time! This weekend at the Columbus Arts Festival we sold 27 pairs of socks, so that means 27 pairs will be donated! Can we beat that # this weekend at the @worthingtonartsfestival ? Come on-let’s try! You can get a head start now by tapping image to shop our socks! 😊

This is Jackie from @dyetology. She’s selling the crap out of this dress! Seriously, it has sold out twice already and it’s finally available again. I am so excited and proud of her! Do you think this piece would pass my summer dress test of….can I roll it in a ball, stash it in my bag, and it will still look awesome?
#dyetology #thebraingang #tiedyedress #popularitem #soldouttwice #availablenow #shoponline #summermusthave

I always find it interesting what the best sellers are from show to show! The best sellers from the Columbus Arts Festival are as follows: 1️⃣ The Perfect Knit Rayon Dress (by a landslide) 2️⃣ Hi Low Rayon Dress 3️⃣ A-line Tunic Rayon Tank 4️⃣ Bamboo Rayon Footies 5️⃣ Bamboo Rayon Socks. Next Up: The Worthington Arts Festival in Worthington, Ohio this weekend!

In “recovery” mode today from the last 3 days at the Columbus Arts Festival. My feet are broken, back is collapsed and throat is raspy from talking so much. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier! I am humbled by the outpouring of support from all my friends, family - including the “Dyetology Family” that either stopped by, sent encouraging words, commented on the posts- all of it matters and means the world to me. I feel so blessed and appreciate all of it!😘😘😘 The biggest shout out goes to @paigekovach13 for being my wing lady this weekend. You’re amazing and made things go so smoothly!

Going into day 3 of the Columbus Arts Festival like.... Come on down for the last day of the Columbus Arts Festival. 10-5pm today, Booth 315W. Come say 👋🏼

I had to share this amazing photo from down under in Australia! @susangoddard_artist is rocking (no pun intended - she’s sitting on a rock 😂) her Desert Rose Easy shirt - #goals. @susangoddard_artist makes amazing hats, prints, and paintings- a real triple threat. Check out her feed!
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A splash of colour from Down Under for Jackie @dyetology Feel like I’m wearing a beautiful fluid watercolour painting in your hand dyed top. Love it🎨.

A splash of colour from Down Under for Jackie @dyetology Feel like I’m wearing a beautiful fluid watercolour painting in your hand dyed top. Love it🎨. #dyetology#handdyed#watercolour#colour#desertrose#fashion#wearableart

Hey at least they match 😂 I’m thankful for these hands as they allow me to do what I love! I am feverishly getting ready for the #columbusartsfestival this weekend and am pretty much covered in dye 🤷🏼‍♀️🌈 Beautiful necklace by @mybellastudio.

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