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Here's an interesting threesome - Gene, Dyan Cannon and Henri LANGLOIS backstage at the 46th Academy Awards on April 2, 1974. Dyan Cannon had performed "All the Love That Went to Waste" from A Touch of Class and Gene was on hand to help present the Honorary Award to LANGLOIS for his extraordinary work in film preservation with the Cinematheque Francaise. Gene had met with LANGLOIS in France and had shared Christmas parties with Cannon when she was married to Cary Grant.

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I won't apologize for loving this one #christmasinconnecticut directed by #arnoldschwarzenegger no less....plus did they photoshop #dyancannon head on a models body? #vhs #vhscu

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Feeling so grateful for Love. #family #dyancannon #davianadelegrantwood #cary #jennifergrant

She got a Golden Raspberry nom for #Deathtrap, but I thought she was fucking hilarious. #DyanCannon

It's a girl!

On February 26, 1966, Mommy Dyan Cannon (Cary's fourth wife) gave birth to their only child. And Daddy Cary proudly told his friends he was "sixty-two years, one month, and nine days old" when Jennifer was born.

(Photo from Dyan Cannon's book Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant)
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More reasons to worship the #1970s...
SammyDavisJr #CarolChanning and my gorgeous neighbor #DyanCannon at the #BistroGarden

Remembering James Coburn on his birthday. #jamescoburn #thelastofsheila #dyancannon #ianmcshane


The Sender is godawful Z-Grade SciFi with cloying, graying best intentions, a script with War Of The World’s type ambitions that was given an allowance of like ten bucks to come into fruition, and the result is a windows 98 screensaver with a fraction of a pulse. It’s a shame because they scored two dope actors in Michael Madsen and R. Lee Ermey, but as good as they are they’re both sheepishly notorious for appearing in bottom feeding diarrhea like this to put food on the table. Madsen strains his tear ducts as the sympathetic father whose adorable daughter has mysterious connections to extraterrestrial activity from years before. He’s on the run from all kinds of government folks including Ermey’s gonzo, overzealous military asshole, a one dimensional fire and brimstone go-getter who hunts them six ways to Sunday. That’s about all you’ll get, besides cameos from Dyan Cannon and golden oldie Robert Vaughn, as well as some Fisher Price worthy UFO effects and an all round lack of pride in the craft from everyone involved. Poo.

National Coffee Day. Celebrate accordingly, but remember to always take it black and to rock out with your Willie out. #NationalCoffeeDay #CoffeeAndARecord #WillieNelson #HoneysuckleRose #Vinyl #NowPlaying #MusicMatters #MusicHelps #DyanCannon #AmyIrving

Dyan Cannon
An American actress, director, screenwriter, editor, and producer #DyanCannon

About #carygrant 🎭:Cary Grant was born January 18, 1904, in Bristol, England. He ran away from home at 13 to perform as a juggler with a comedy troupe. They later toured the U.S., where he honed his acting skills. In the 1930s he signed with Paramount Pictures. He made films well into the 1960s, establishing a debonair persona that made him a screen icon. He having received an honorary Oscar in 1970.One biographer said Grant was alienated by the new realism in the film industry. In the 1950s and early 1960s, he had invented a man-of-the-world persona and a style - "high comedy with polished words". In #tocatchathief (1955), he and Grace Kelly were allowed to improvise some of the dialogue. They knew what the director, Alfred Hitchcock, wanted to do with a scene, they rehearsed it, put in some clever double entendres that got past the censors, and then the scene was filmed. His biggest box-office success was another Hitchcock 1950s film, #northbynorthwest (1959) made with Eva Marie Saint since Kelly was by that time Princess of Monaco.Although Grant retired from the screen, he remained active. He accepted a position on the board of directors at Faberge. By all accounts this position was not honorary, as some had assumed. Grant regularly attended meetings and traveled internationally to support them. The position also permitted use of a private plane, He later joined the boards of Hollywood Park, the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle - Hollywood, California), Western Airlines (acquired by Delta Airlines in 1987) and MGM.Grant expressed no interest in making a career comeback. He was in good health until almost the end of his life, when he suffered a mild stroke in October 1984. In his last years, he undertook tours of the United States in a one-man-show, "A Conversation with Cary Grant", in which he would show clips from his films and answer audience questions.In 1999, the American Film Institute named Grant the second male star of Hollywood.
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Death⚰️:November 29, 1986, Davenport,#intracerebralhemorrhage

#nowwatching patching my #sidneylumet holes. And why is there not a Blu-ray of Lumet's The Hill? That's is a great film, i think there weren't even a DVD release. ... Definitely not Lumet's strongest output. Trying to be too funny and when the flashforward scene happens there's the most annoying sound effect, a weird 70s sci-fi sound.

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Amazingly, this 30 second clip of #dyancannon from #8headsinaduffelbag predicted the future of #America 20 years later. #2017 #anxiety #drugs #drinking #alcohol #pills #bluray #comedy #orisit

I first met Dyan Cannon in New York when we were promoting the movie "Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice" for Columbia Pictures. •

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