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**gross picture alert**
8 months ago I noticed a lump on the back of my thigh and a doctors appointment confirmed I had varicose veins - something which usually occurs during pregnancy or later on in a persons life. Not a 19 year old. The probable cause was due to being on my feet for long periods of time, for days in a row, because of work. It took seeing 3 different GP’s until I was referred to the hospital for DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and had surgery to remove the vein that was supposedly causing the issues. This led to two weeks off work and scars on the back of my thigh and knee. A month and a half following my surgery the veins on my legs have spread further on the backs of my legs, the sides and fronts, I’ve had new veins come up and swelling in my calf and thigh cause me to rest solely on my other leg, causing pain in the leg I’m resting on. The worst part is that it’s so unlikely that I’ll ever be rid of these veins that stick out like a sore bloody thumb, god knows how long it’ll be until the pain in my legs gets to the point I won’t even be able to walk and there will never be a day where I don’t look at my legs and find them revolting. DVT deserves so much more acknowledgement than what it has.
#dvt #deepveinthrombosis #dvtawareness #deepveinthrombosisawareness

Hospital today, didn’t go quite as planned...there will be no more posts like this for at least another month, all being well 🤞🏽! Literally been praying they will give me the all clear but nope 😞! Another month i have stay clear of the gym and rest 😩😩! Now to wait and see if I have to see the consultant for a long term meds’ plan (praying not!) DVT’s really are this serious and since having one my self I realise how little knowledge people have on them but truth is, they can be life threatening!! #recovering #dvt #heartbroken #anothermonth #healingtakestime #impatient #cantwaittotrain #dvtawareness #knowthesymptoms #thissucks #dreamingoflegday

Dear God,
Thank you for another chance🙏🏾 #TBT to a lil over 6 months ago (wow 6 months ago I almost lost my life)...my boys would’ve been motherless and I can’t picture myself without them😔. I see and know what grief does and how it strips you bare and shows you all the things you don’t want to know...so God continue to guide me, if I start to give up, keep me going and lead the way. #DVTSurvivor #DVT #PESurvivor #PulmonaryEmbolism #PulmonaryEmbolismSurvivor #StopTheClot #KnowThrombosis #DVTAwareness #InvisibleIllness #ICU #StillRecovering😔 #MyLifeLine #KeepLifeFlowing #ImHereToGrowOldWithYou🙏🏾 #GuideYou #ILoveYou💙💙

Check out how big my left leg is compared to my right- how crazy. This pic is from March 2017. #DVT #BloodClot #IsurvivedtheClot #dvtawareness #Xarelto

If you're planning a trip to visit your loved ones this holiday season, come see us at Vein Specialists of the South and ask us about compression socks and hosiery and how they can protect your health. Call #linkinbio
Poor leg room and cramped seating without the ability to get up, walk, or stretch puts you at increased risk for blood clots. Your risk goes up if you're pregnant. But compression can help maintain healthy blood flow and help prevent blood clots.

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Planning at trip? You could be at risk for “Economy Class Syndrome.” Traveling long distances can put anyone’s health at risk, regardless of age, weight, or lifestyle... #dvt #compression #travel #compressionsocks #dvtawareness #traveltips

Thanksgiving means so many things to so many people these days. One year ago...my life was uncertain while being treated for DVT...living in fear of what might happen. Today I am simply thankful for the simple things and for God's grace and power to calm the raging seas. I am thankful for healing....for my family and friends and each memory that the good Lord lets me make with them. For those out there that have lost all hope and the desire to be thankful...there is hope and peace in Jesus Christ. I am most thankful for Gods forgiveness and salvation. Salvation erases the fears of the unknown and gives us strength and boldness to live life to its fullness without worry. Happy Thanksgiving! I may not know you in person....but my family and I love each and everyone of you. #memories #thankful #blessings #dvtawareness #2017

He wrote back. So thankful to this dr who tried to save my dad’s life. His heart stopped beating...And ours were never the same. 💔 Time now to make the most of this heart and this breath, and live a life full of adventure, and love, just like he did. 🌍 #grief #complicatedgrief #dad #fatherdaughter #misshim #trauma #dvt #dvtawareness #takeyouraspirin #stretch #stretchonlongflights #faceyourfears #faceyourdemons #truth #milarepa #buddhism #courage #warriorheart #feeltoheal #makethemostoflife #live #adventure #travel #lookaftereachother #beherenow #mindfulness #compassion #love

I've learned to roll with the punches through this process of recovery. And that means that when I have to go for a stress test and they tell me that I need a stress echo because my ekg has non-specific changes then so be it. That means when they tell me they need to start an iv to administer a drug because they can't see the apex of my heart then so be it. That means when they tell me that everything looked great when they did the post-exercise echo, but no pictures were saved to the system so be it. Technology sucks and not getting answers sucks, but the way you react to things has a huge effect on your everyday life. Be kind to those having to deal with technology because they're doing their best. Don't worry about the things you can't change. Understand the variables of situations and if you can be the variable that changes, be the one that changes. Life is too damn short.

Flash back to an old picture of me and my mommy.❤️ Yesterday made 12 years of my mom passing away and I ended up writing a letter to her of all the thoughts that have been swirling around in my head the last couple years. It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do being a motherless mother. I put the letter up on my blog today and I invite you to spend some time with it. If you can’t make it through the whole thing, I do ask you at least click on the two links at the bottom of the post to familiarize yourself with DVT so you can save yourself or maybe someone you know from leaving this world far too early.

Lincoln is an international pilot. He was experiencing restless legs while sitting in the cockpit during long flights. Skeptical about #compression as a solution to the problem, he eventually tried SIGVARIS compression socks after other pilots and flight attendants encouraged him to give it a try. He found "amazing" relief. If you have travel plans for the holidays, make your trip more comfortable by wearing compression by SIGVARIS. Take it from Lincoln. Watch his story: LINK IN PROFILE. #compression #holidaytravel #traveltips #compressionsocks #restlesslegs #dvt #dvtawareness

Warning!!!!! if you roll your eyes at fitness IG pics just keep scrolling... 😘😂 This past year was a very tough year for me (and my family) Already seeing results since my hematologist released me back to the gym. (I was able to walk and slightly jog a bit prior to the last appointment) picture for accountability. Feels good to be back! #longroadahead #goals #dvt and #pulmonaryembolism awareness #dvtawareness #bloodclot awareness #fitmom #strongisthenewskinny #healthiswealth

Pieces of the puzzle? The Dr’s name on dad’s death certificate has hovered at the back of my mind since I saw it a few years ago. I finally googled it, and sent an email on an impulse at 1am Saturday morning not really knowing what to expect. Not knowing if I had the right Dr or Medical Centre. I did. I got two replies before 8am this morning, both kind and efficient. ~
I won’t ever know the full story of what happened to my dad, or the answers to questions like - Did he know he was dying? Was he afraid? But if I can find out and face as much as I can, I will be able to embrace the ambiguity of his death with more compassion and love, knowing I did my best.❤️ #grief #complicatedgrief #loss #ambiguousloss #fatherdaughter #trauma #ptsd #anxiety #sadness #dvtawareness gettingunstuck #courage #truth #turntowards #feeltoheal #faceyourfears #mindfulness #meditation #compassion #heal

Are you -- or is someone you know -- expecting? Pregnancy plays a role in common leg health problems like DVT, varicose veins, swelling, and more. Compression wear can help in more ways than you might know. Read more about this and other ways to keep your legs healthy during and after pregnancy by following LINK IN PROFILE.
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Sometimes, when there is no one in the house I wander from room to room. I sit on your side of the bed and imagine you propped up, drinking tea. I pace the corridor past the African carvings to your study and sit in your chair. While I'm upstairs I imagine you downstairs boiling the kettle, and when I'm downstairs I imagine you upstairs, typing. I can almost hear the creak of your chair. I trace my hand along the back of the couch you used to chase us around as kids, and I even search the outbuildings. The wood you bought back from Malawi is still here, and bits of old fishing gear from when you were the captain of a boat you built, and named after me. We're going to live in these outbuildings one day. Me and a boyfriend you've never met but I know you'd like, because you're both too intelligent for your own good, and like building things. I look, and I look, but I never find you. 😔🖤 #grief #complicatedgried #loss #ambiguousloss #love #imissyou #fatherdaughter #dvtawareness #trauma #ptsd #addiction #depression #anxiety #write #journal #heal #mindfulness #allow #meditate #process #feel

Though left w/damaged blood vessel & related issues...1 yr clot free this month (Oct.10th)☺ #dvtawareness #stoptheclot

INTRODUCING SIGVARIS MIDSHEER Beautiful, semi-transparent hosiery that supports your legs all day with energizing 20–30mmHg graduated compression.
MIDSHEER hosiery glides on easily with a luxurious feel from the double-covered yarns, which prevent your skin from touching bare spandex.
Available in 4 fashionable colors in calf-length, thigh-high, and pantyhose styles, MIDSHEER gives you the confidence to wear sheer hosiery every day. To find a retailer near you, see LINK IN PROFILE. #compression #dvt #dvtawareness #sigvaris #compressionstockings

Was quite (pleasantly) surprised with how much easier walking is with a cane! Thank goodness for fancy #cane websites!

My dad died in an airport of all places. A place of transition, journeys, and goodbyes. It happened very suddenly, and in another country. I'm missing many pieces in the puzzle of what happened to him. I never saw his body but I know he came home, as did his briefcase which I had the grim task as a 19 year old fresher, of unpacking. His flannel was still damp. This happened many years ago, but it still effects my life as I've been swimming in the waters of "complicated", "traumatic" or "ambiguous" grief, and it's something I want to be more open about. I didn't have the emotional tools, or facts surrounding what happened to process this huge life event. Couple this with a lack of support, and living in a culture terrified of death and grief, I got totally lost. I want to share how this journey was for me, and how I am finding my way home. ☺️ #grief #loss #complicatedgrief #ptsd #ambiguousloss #dvt #dvtawareness #family #fatherdaughter #healing #mindfulness #allow #love

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