The Annual Strides Against Violence 5K is less than a month away! Join us to run or walk to support local domestic violence prevention agencies and shelters in spreading #DVAwareness. Bring your friends, family, and even your pets! Register here: https://bit.ly/2wX4jnh

Wear purple for domestic violence awareness 💜
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"Donut let love hurt!"
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September 26: National Women’s Health and Fitness Day🗓

⠀ ⠀
Health and fitness had always been a battle for me. I was never the gym-rat, the skinny girl, or the girl who could eat anything and never gain a pound. ⠀ ⠀

Instead, I was the girl who has been fighting PCOS for over a decade. Who was told that because of that, I just had to get used to being overweight for the rest of my life, when I knew I had 70+ pounds to lose. The girl who had pretty much accepted that as my fate.
⠀ ⠀
I knew I needed a change. I had been sitting on the sidelines and making excuses for too long. So I took a risk. I took a leap. And I never fell. On the contrary, I’ve never flown so high. ⠀
⠀ ⠀

I was set up with everything I needed, even when I was on a budget. And even on that budget, I was still able to have EVERYTHING that I needed at my finger tips. Nutrition, workouts, equipment, tools/resources, and I never had to leave my house. But the most important thing that was provided to me: a support system. ⠀ ⠀

18 months later, I’m down 78 pounds. I’ve gone from a size 16/18, to a size 2/4. I understand food and how it works with my body. I’ve learned an incredible amount about workouts and my strength. I feel healthy and happy everyday. And I did that all without the doctors and medication. I did that as a part of this team. ⠀ ⠀

Seems like a pretty fitting/perfect day to take your leap and decide to make the change. We have a brand new group that starts in October. The same type of group that I joined the day I started. The same set up that changed my life. Let this change and this team help you the way it did me, and just watch what happens.. 💕

You ignore the bruises when you know it’s the only way to protect and be home with your baby girl. This was taken the night he left and three weeks before the kids were kidnapped by CPS for false accusations that I let him near the children or our home after we finally got a protection order for all of us and after we were finally safe and happy. I would give almost anything to be home and snuggling with my baby girl again, yet I doubt tomorrow’s mediation will result in any agreement or homecoming. But memories like these will keep me hopeful and fighting. I still live and breathe solely to love and protect them - that will never change. I look forward to a life where they are back home with me, where I don’t have to be a human shield, where the three of us can finally be safe, happy, and free. #doitforher
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It’s okay if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back, you rise as the whole damn fire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Mediation @ 9:30 tomorrow. My stomach turns knowing I’ll potentially be stuck in the same building as him and his evil mother all day. Please pray for me and the kids - I doubt we will come to an agreement, but we can learn a lot about where Advocates and His parties minds are at. We can get answers to questions that normally go ignored....ugh ugh ugh 💔 #cpscorruption #familycourtabuse #legallykidnapped #domesticviolence #keepfamiliestogether #momlife #help #austin #justinbiske #dvawareness #doitforthem

I feel good about my decision to become a Mary Kay consultant and start my business. To be there for my customer when she needed something that she liked and to get it from someone she knows makes it all worthwhile!

I want to help you find your Beautiful Blue! Connect with me today and lets get you beautiful!

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Getting closer and closer. Still a few loose ends. Swag bag sponsorship still available along with event sponsorship. @byashleystewart Mondawmin location will be putting on our close our fashion show. Don't miss this! Get your tickets today for the 4th Annual 50 Shades of Blue Awareness conference in Baltimore!

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We speak of terrorism and violence abroad but seem to forget the rampant violence in our own homes. All deaths are devastating, but lets not forget the deaths that we could avoid if we were to support women, men & children subjugated to this violence. #breakthecycle #stopdomesticviolence #dvawareness #woodbridgenj #colonianj

‪Michelle Linares, President of the Kaiser Permanente Latino Association #kPLA #BarrioAdvantage #SupernovaFoundation #DVAwareness #CommunityPartner

One of a kind, MENS, redesigned and hand sewn by: Soluz x Mossimo bleached denim vest with “do epic stuff” cut T-shirt patch. ——————
Size: SM (can also fit a womens large) ——————-!!!!FOR SALE!!!!————————-#thankyouforyoursupport
MODEL: Crystal @crystal_talmpree
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There are still spots available for this event on October 10th at 11am or 1pm. See the flyer for registration information!
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🚨 T/W: Sexual Assault
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk about it, because it revolves around politics for the most part, but I wanted to speak on the movement I see from it. As an advocate against domestic violence and abuse, it would be disappointing of me to not speak on it 😢
The hashtag #WhyIDidntReport is something I’ve been looking into and it honestly breaks my heart. But I also understand.
When I was 7, I was molested by a family friend. It happened almost everyday for about two years until I told my mom about it. I don’t remember why I didn’t tell her, we had such an amazing open door policy with her. But, all I remember was how worried I was of getting in trouble.
Unfortunately, that’s not the end to the story, but I share this bit of my life with you because it’s so much harder to blame a child for the heinous deeds of another.
Abuse is real, it’s everywhere, and it doesn’t discriminate. Please provide a safe space for anyone to come forward. Listen, ask them how you can help. Overall, just being there and providing moral support is more than most of us receive. Start talking about it. Educate anyone you can. Talk about consent. Talk about healthy relationships. Start talking.
My 9 year old self received justice for that wrong, but not many people get that.
If you’re a silent victim, or a victim that was silenced, I’m so sorry our society failed you. Your pain is valid. You’re valid. I believe you ❤️
Please, feel free to reach out to me for support. I love you so much, take care and be safe. 🌿🕊

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