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Beautiful houses of Archipel 🏠

Leany buildings in Utrecht. I wonder what would happen if you put a marble on the floor in one of these places

Living with water, something the Dutch have been doing for 100's of years. During the peak of the East Indies trade, Enkhuizen used to be one of the most important harbours in the Netherlands. Later the Dutch closed off the sea with a huge dike turning the water there into a massive lake. Today it's a huge sailing attraction 😍

Going Dutch today! Lekker stukje appeltaart met slagroom en een bakkie. Heerlijk weer en tuurlijk de Haarlemse sfeer was ook niet slecht. 😉

What I love about old cities is the variation in each piece of architecture. Nowadays most city planning creates uniform organization that for me, misses the mark in terms of visual interest. (Read: boring) But this! 😍

Haarlem rooftops. This morning we took a cycle to our favorite breakfast place, #frenchnapa then went onwards to Haarlem and finally Spaarndam. I love this area and I love our habit of exploring it 😊

Estoy desarrollando una obsesión enfermiza por las fachadas de este país 😍 #beauty #roses #door #haarlem #nederland #dutchfacades

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