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This is (sped up) Durvasasana with those (darn non-traditional) transitions I love so (darn) much☺️. This asana is named after the ancient sage, Durvasa, who is known for his quick temper and fierce anger😡. He also has a benevolent side though. He is, after all, a great rishi😇. There is a lot of anger in the US (and world) right now surrounding the new US administration. Historically, anger has often shown itself to be a beautiful catalyst for change and for what turned out to be justice and unity⚖️. Like Durvasa, we can be angry as well as benevolent. It's amazing to see so many people honoring their anger and channeling it in such a powerful, unifying, and moving way💓. Onward and upward💪🏽😍 #inspireandsupporteachother
#gratefulforthispractice #gratefultoknowwhatloveis #didntmeantowearsuchshortshorts #durvasasana

So much love for this lady, I have always thought of her as a big sister. Very thankful for our friendship. So much dedication, heart & practice. If you can believe this was taken right after a 24 hr flight....😜beautiful Les! I know you're not a fan of asana photos but the light... and you look so amazing. thank you for the practice. ✨🙏🏽✨#ashtanga #durvasasana

En el 2004, aproximadamente, Xavi fue elegido para una campaña de civismo del Ayuntamiento de Hospitalet...y este fue el resultado 👍
#durvasasana #piernapordetrásdelacabeza #yogastudiobcn #asanas #yogafun

You are the best 👍🏻 ,
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Daily practice takes you deeper into your body like nothing else can.
The consistent diving deep and discipline gives you a context of exploration, the exploration of subtlety in your body and mind; senses,feelings,patterns of the body and mind which could have been lying dormant within, come into the Light..the daily practice then becomes a mirror in which to look at yourself with clarity daily..
To wipe with a cloth,the dust that could have settled onto the being.
To cleanse,refresh,energise and still.☮🕉💟 #ashtangayogalove #ashtanga #durvasasana

"Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. ”- Bernard M. Baruch #durvasasana #yoga #yogakhlis

Here's that cray cray 😜 futuristic vinyasa again, this time into #durvasasana - one for the #goals list, followed by the real #vinyasa. This posture can be a real back breaker, both literally and metaphorically, and requires a lot of core strength to support the final position - unless you have incredibly open joints, then you can totally relax - but there's not too many people like this. You'll see that I wriggle a bit getting comfortable, and I'm in a sense giving a 'self-adjustment' in what would be described as an 'active-assisted adjustment' which is one of the best ways to increase your range of motion. Basically it's this, I reach my initial end range, then use my hands to press on my leg which lifts my chest, I then straighten my leg and use my glutes, spinal extensors and abdominal muscles to stabilise this new position, and release the hands. I'll repeat this one or two times and then my new end range is much higher than the initial starting position. This is one of the best techniques for advancing your practice, and whenever your teacher is adjusting you, you have the opportunity to either completely relax (which may be appropriate sometimes) or, as in this case, activate all the muscles, so that when they let go, you are able to maintain the position.
And that, my friends, is the end of the leg-behind-the-head series... phew 😅 it always feels like a relief to get to this point... and then the fun (and seriously hard work 😓) begins with the arm balancing series. 💪🏼

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak. This posture is called #durvasasana. It has 20 Vinyasas and Broomadhya dristi (Anja chakra- the 3rd eye) and is part of the third series of Ashtanga yoga also known as Sthira Bhagalpur Samapta "A"- divine stability, determined, steady, calm, complete). 🙏🏾🐘🌻🐶🐶. #davidg #lovinglife #frannyandzooey


#internationalyogaday pose. It's been a minute since practicing this one but thought I'd give it ago today. Durvasa was apparently fond of cursing people and I almost felt like that today. #durvasasana #ashtanga #yoga #practiceandalliscoming #movementculture #flexibility #bodyweighttraining #calisthenics ##sthirabhaga #SplitsAdventure #redditflexibility #redditbwf

"Everyday is a Fight,
Not against other ppl,
(The way most ppl think it is),
It's a Fight against yourself."
- @marksmellybell interviewed on the #totalhumanoptimizationpodcast @onnit

So much love for this lady, I have always thought of her as a big sister. Very thankful for our friendship. So much dedication, heart & practice. If you can believe this was taken right after a 24 hr flight....😜beautiful Les! I know you're not a fan of asana photos but the light... and you look so amazing. thank you for the practice. ✨🙏🏽✨#ashtanga #durvasasana

My cure for jet lag? Vigorous exercise and cold showers 🚿
Although I probably won't do this crazy-ass pose today, I'll do a bunch of sun salutes to knock out the sluggishness and follow with a cold shower for a total reset. Would you like to experiment with cold shower too? Start with warm water and gradually turn down the temp. Don't start cold, that's a rookie mistake! 😳

Trying #durvasasana and #ekapadakoundinyasana. Thanks I'm not falling down. More practice! Like more more and more 💪🏼
#happymonkeyteachingyoga #practicepracticepractice #routine #yogaeverday #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamday #ashtanga #vinyasa

"Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values." Ellen DeGeneres

"India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most artistic materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only."
Mark Twain
I first came to India almost 20 years ago and was overwhelmed with both love and hate, and actually after my first visit I vowed to never return. Destiny, however, had other plans, and India 🇮🇳 has now made me one of her sons. 🙏
Amazing moment captured by the one and only @sigismondiphotography 📿#yoga

Durvasāsana - Pose Dedicated to Sage Durvasa
This Sage has quite the reputation for having a hot temper 😡 and is known to throw out a lot of curses. The name itself means - "One who is difficult to live with", and looking at this posture you can see why they named it this 😱. The story is a little complicated, but essentially Durvasa is a son of Shiva and was born from Shiva's rage, which is where he got his fiery 🔥 temperament from.
Sometimes this pose is called Durvasana - but a durva is a type of sacred grass, so I think that is a mistake.
Tomorrow I'll post the video of how I got into this one. 🙏

The one and only John Smith in #durvasasana. Come check out one of his morning Mysore style Ashtanga classes. #mysorestyle #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #westsideyogastudio #sonomacounty #sebastopol

We may now consider what Yoga really is. Let us go for a moment into the nature of Conciousness with the tail of an eye on such sciences as mathematics, biology, and chemistry. In mathematics the expression 'a' plus 'b' plus 'c' is a triviality. Write 'a' plus 'b' plus 'c' equals 0, and you obtain an equation from which the most glorious truths may be developed. In biology the cell divides endlessly, but never becomes anything different; but if we unite cells of opposite qualities, male and female, we lay the foundations of a structure whose summit is unattainably fixed in the heavens of imagination. Similar facts occur in chemistry. The atom by itself has few constant qualities, none of them particularly significant; but as soon as an element combines with the object of its hunger we get not only the ecstatic production of light, heat, and so forth, but a more complex structure having few or none of the qualities of its elements, but capable of further combination into complexities of astonishing sublimity. All these combinations, these unions, are Yoga.
Yoga means Union.
How are we to apply this word to the phenomena of mind? What is the first characteristic of everything in thought? How did it come to be a thought at all? Only by making a distinction between it and the rest of the world. The first proposition, the type of all propositions, is S is P. There must be two things- different things- whose relation forms knowledge.
Yoga is first of all the union of the subject and the object of conciousness: of the seer with the thing seen. - The Equinox vol.III by #aleistercrowley

Сегодня Кармен @cyogalab в челлендже #wallcall предложила дурвасасану к выполнению))))) и я решила сделать, тк сама недавно стала ее выполнить . Эх надо было изобразить грозный вид подобно Дурвасе😬😬😬😤😤😤
#yoga #asana #yogapose #cuogalab #balance #durvasasana #instayoga #igyoga #yogagram #yogaholic #yogaphoto #yogaphotography #yogarussia #йогавброс #макакасаны🐒

챌린지 때문에 하다가 작년에 한거 생각나서 찾아봤다 ㅎ 전에 고개도 못 들었는데 신기하고만 ㅋㅋ 다음번에는 몸도 다 뻗고 위쪽도 볼 수 있으면 좋겠네 #요가 #durvasasana #yoga #before #after

골반 더 열려야 가슴 뻗을 수 있겠지 ㅎㅎㅎ #practice #yoga #challenge #durvasasana #요가 #day23 #wallcall @cyogalab @cyogalab.korean

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