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What do you think? This is not my confession!
‼️PLEASE READ‼️ — i am no longer gonna post dom confessions related to what happened at vidcon for a couple reasons.
1. ppl are DM'ing me complaining that they're annoyed by them
2. whenever i post those confessions it tends to start drama/fights in the comments which i dislike
3. i counted, and literally have 23 confessions of dom related to what happened at vidcon which is too much tbh.
Sooo, if you posted a dom confession about what happened at vidcon and you would still like one to be posted pls submit another through my DM's and I'll be sure to post it within the coming weeks. Thx for understanding :)
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Yes I am posting this again cuz I saw liza is just liking Insta post sry(PLEASE TAG THEM IT WAS SO MUCH WORK! even if it doesn't look like this. And yes on my pen is written" liza dobrik"(allowed to repost with credits I just want her to see it) @lizakoshy I wanna thank you for everything! U always bring a smile on my face. I love you so much❤@lizakoshy @lizzzak @daviddobrik
And would do everything just to meet u once! No but really these guys always put a smile on my face in every situation in my life! They both helped me so much with learning english! My life is so much more fun just bc of you!! and you two are definitely the cutest couple! MY BIGGEST DREAM OF MY LIFE IS STILL TO MEET YOU ONE DAY!!(live in germany so...) But my 2. BIGGEST DREAM IN MY WHOLE LIFE IS JUST A LIKE OR COMMENT OF U😭please let it come true😭😍and liza u are definitely the cutest/hottest/... human being and I literally would turn gay for u in a second😅😍 But this wouldnt last long cuz i would die the second I see u😂
I hope so much u win the #teenschoiceawards u would deserve it so much! You are always there for ur fans!
1. I know the painting isn't really art but I just wanted to draw the queen of YouTube and my life❤ Btw yes I drawed the "t" for Twitter like the Tesla "t" 😂

2. I don't want to make fun of u I just thought Its a nice idea😅 .

3. I had no idea how I should post my merch so I came up with this😅
. Every picture was so much work so it would be really awesome if u tag them I just want them to see it! .

And bc of the pen I don't even want then to change their name I made it just for fun😂 I love koshy and dobrik!
❌❌❌VOTE FOR LIZA! #teenschoiceawards 10 times a day!! 3 categorys!!❌❌❌LINK IN BIO
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— this song matches the aura around david and liza's 🌈 — i hate when instagram gives me the low and bad quality ever 💀

previously on david dobriks vlogs!
— tag them!! @daviddobrik
comment ur fav vlog moment!
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I'm honestly so happy for all Liza has done for herself she deserves it 💜💖
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Today a few of my artworks were going to be put on display at one of our many libraries and I wanted to be there for a bit today as it was the first day. I stepped to the side of the road and waved over a cab once one drove by. I kept my arms clutched to myself again as it was too cold not to. Once the rusty yellow car was in front of me, I invited myself inside to the backseat. "Spies library, please," I said up to the driver. I tucked my cold hands underneath my thighs in attempt to warm them up.
The loud engine of the cab roared to life as he stepped on the gas a bit quicker than I found comfortable. I looked up to find, in my dismay, his eyes glued to me. He was watching me through the rear view mirror. The doors of the car clicked as he locked them close.
Am I safe?

Sorry this last part is so short it just barely fit on the rest of the last one !! This chapter wasn't too eventful but I needed a part to explain asexuality for the people who didn't fully understand anyways. Since it's so early in the day I'll have a chapter three up later on for sure and possibly chapter four? I'm lowkey zipping through writing this but it's just such a fun thing for me and yeah ! Don't forget to let me know what you think either in the comments or feel free to dm me!

This one's bad but ALL WELL

He wanted them and was once sure that Liza did too, not now, obviously, but in the future. "What about like.. kids?" David started. "Is this something that will change over time? I thought we wanted a family, what about that?" He rambled on.
He listened as Elizabeth had given him options about surrogates or adopting, sex wasn't the only way they were going to be granted with a family, she'd be sure of it. David had always viewed intimacy as an important thing between two people who love each other, not that sex is all that matters, but it's a special moment you're supposed to share with someone you love. He wasn't going to ever get to feel that bond with Elizabeth, he wasn't mad. He understood, sort of. But it was something that he had always longed to feel with her.
(*Elizabeth's POV*)
As much as I wanted David to be fully aware of what I had meant, I don't think he understands completely. Not now anyways. I removed my hand from his once again to reach into the pocked of my coat to check the time on my phone. I had things to do today, artsy things. Not too important. I stuffed my phone back into my pocket and stood up. "I've got to go, David."
I watched as he stood up as well, slipping his coat back on. He towered over me by at least half of a foot and wrapped his long and lanky arms around me. A smile immediately plastered itself onto my face as I took him back in my much less powerful embrace. I tilted my head up to grant myself with one of his kisses, man I love those.
He walked my down the stairs and outside, giving me a farewell kiss once more. Neither of us had driven to meet at the café due to how busy the city was and how close we actually lived to it. I needed a cab to get to the library.

(*No Ones POV*)
Elizabeth kept her soft eyes locked onto David. He was confused. She could tell by the way his eyebrows were knitted together, they way his pink lips were pursed from, no longer a smile. She watched as his brown orbs darted between their hands, her and all around them. He didn't know what it meant, he didn't like it, she knew that.
"What.." David began before loosening his grip from her soft hands. Confusion. It's as if his entire future was on the line and more. It was a difficult concept to grasp as he wasn't entirely sure what she had meant by 'asexual.' What does it really mean? Did she not feel for him anymore? David sat still as he felt his chest tighten up at the thought. He couldn't be without Elizabeth. He loved her. His whole life was about and revolved around her. "What does that mean?" His voice squeaked out. He slipped his hand away from Elizabeth's and ran the palm of it over the rough wooden table. Everything seemed quieter and all he could hear was buzzing and the thoughts in his head about what he'd do without her. 'Asexual means you're attracted to no one, right?' He pondered in his head.
A smile crept onto Elizabeth's face. He was afraid, he was afraid she didn't want to be with him. She smiled because his idea of the term was going to make breaking the news that she never wanted to have sex with him a whole lot easier. "David, it just means that I'm not into the whole idea of being sexually active. It isn't something I'm attracted to and it's not something I want to be apart of," her small voice spoke. She reached across the beaten up table to take ahold of his hand once more, running her thumb over the bumps that were his knuckles. "I'm still with you, I just don't want to, you know," she finished, becoming suddenly shy at the word sex.
A big sigh of what seemed to be relied puffed from David's mouth as he fell back into his chair, looking up at the high ceilings. Thank whatever was good and or holy. He thought he'd just experienced heartbreak, and he wasn't pleased by the scare. His eyebrows raised once again, remembering the thought about children. What about children?

i have another dance audition today! no one cares bitch stfu.

Joe is literally so funny he deserves way more subs on YouTube. All of the skits he does are so funny and original

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gotta add some rant
— y'all need to chill smh before Scotty uploaded his 'Logang' vlog, y'all love David and now when he said 'I thought we're Jake Pauler?' that's the time you hate him. Tbh i sometime like and hate Jake. David helped the Team 10 van and then y'all saying now that 'i stan his girlfriend' 'why does David hang out with Team 10?' If a celebrity will hang out with Team 10, you're saying #DavidDobrikIsOverParty like wth is wrong it all these Team 10 haters 💀

Ouuu my first edit, im proud babyy. Look at my cutie 😍💓

guys @davids_liza is the woRSt peson make sure you dONt foLlow her bc sHe is a rUde dUdE

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